This Week’s Major Aspects

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Mars conjunct south node at 6 Aquarius (exact): July 18

Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces (applying): July 9 - 31

Exact July 24

Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (applying): July 7 - Aug. 13

Exact Aug. 1

Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (applying): Apr. 5 - Oct. 1

Exact Aug. 19


This Week’s Minor Aspects

Saturn at 4 Capricorn quintile Neptune at 16 Pisces (exact): July 20


Weekly Moon

First Quarter

VOC Moon in Leo: July 14 at 7:11 pm to 1:30 pm July 15

Waxing Crescent Moon enters Virgo: July 15 at 1:30 pm

VOC Moon in Virgo: July 17 at 6:49 am - 3:42 pm

Moon enters Libra: July 17 at 3:42 pm

First Quarter Moon in Libra: July 19

VOC Moon in Libra: July 19 from 3:52 - 9:12 pm

Moon enters Scorpio: July 19 at 9:12 pm


Aries, your ruling planet and currently retrograde rebel Mars meets the south node again on Wednesday, bringing up themes from mid-June. This is another opportunity to reconnect with community members from your past, work out old issues with your current community, and figure out where you belong. Activist feelings are being renewed, as Mars in Aquarius is the archetypal revolutionary. There is the possibility of going berserk with the current placement, letting your values lead you on a rampage against the forces threatening yourself and others. As you know, this isn’t wise or sustainable. Share your passion with others and do what you can. Strategy and alliances are everything right now.


Taurus, it’s another week for figuring out what you want (and don’t want) in your career. Mars meets the south node again, one month later, taking you back to themes of mid-June. Vocation is such a personal thing, an expression of your deepest self and often connected to your family and history. This summer is teaching you what you want to fight for. It’s not time to reinvent yet, so your trademark patience and obstinance will help you out here. Keep your cool. Make a list of what you need to feel free and you will have the beginnings of a strategy for your reinvention.


Gemini, who were you in a past life? These kinds of spiritual questions keep you up at night this week as Mars meets the south node again, bringing up themes from mid-June. Explore the metaphysical while Mars is here. Suspend any disbelief and just test out some theories. Mars retrograde could be the key to a whole new philosophy, and it’s going to take you places. But first you have to unlearn what you learned before. You have to drop old desires and figure out what you want now. Explore the foreign ideas of the ancients this week. Who knows, you may dig up an old map that points you in the direction of future desires.


Cancer, you’ve made it past the eclipse this month that matters most for you. Now you just have to keep yourself steady through the rest of this stormy space weather. Mars meeting the south node on Wednesday is a reprise of mid-June, when you were forced to look at something that needed to change. Old patterns around power, sex, money, or investments of your time and other resources. Something that has been restricting your freedom needs to go. Have you figured out what needs to change yet? Another pass over the south node will give you an opportunity to start making that shift. Maybe you need to remove something of false value to make room for what is truly valuable. Let go and allow the transformation to do its work.


Leo, don’t forget, the ex is your ex for a reason. If someone you left in the past slid into your DMs a month ago when Mars was on the south node, did you regress with them or put your energy into the Now? This week, Mars hits the same aspect again, and the situation develops further. You are too busy realizing your destiny and reinventing the whole idea of self-expression to spend time on any low-vibing vampires or dead drama. If a past-life friend is meant to be in your present, they’ll still be around in September. Until then, stay high above any rage baiting or jealousy that may come up. Patience, forgiveness, and a fabulously regal attitude are your best tools this week.


Virgo, Mars on the south node this week brings up themes from mid-June, when the planet of inverted action stalled your work or aggravated your health. This is a second pass to review what you learned from that moment. It’s a chance to slow down, pay more attention to your wellbeing, and perhaps learn to let go of some control when unexpected things happen. This whole Mars retrograde cycle for you is about how you spend your time. Small chores carry great meaning now. When obstacles stand in the way of your grand plans, you can still accomplish small things to move forward, little by little. Look to Mars to see what else can be removed or revised. Edit. When the action begins again after August 27th, you’ll have the path cleared.


Libra, an old issue around romance, creativity, or childhood may crop up for you again this week, with Mars meeting the south node on Wednesday. Themes of mid-June repeat in mid-July. Frustrations push you to make decisions during this retrograde. There is only room for so many things in your life, and they should all be bringing you joy. This week, notice what is not fun. Maybe it used to be fun and it isn’t anymore; maybe it’s fun for someone else but not for you. You don’t need to justify any decision you make for yourself. Identify what is weighing you down and make a plan to get free. This is the pleasure revolution. If the fun-vacuum is a necessary activity (working, doing the dishes, getting out of bed to rock the baby) make a list of positive aspects and a list of ways to lighten your load.


Scorpio, you are reviewing some very old family patterns and history all summer long. The past is never really past, especially this week, when Mars meets the south node again on Wednesday. You had a taste of this mid-June. Ancestor stories, family drama over what happened back then, and unconscious patterns that have you enacting the generational story. This could be your chance to break a cycle. Figure out what could be restricting your freedom to be yourself and go where you want to go. Use the power of generations past to fuel you, too, because no matter what kind of background you come from, there are always nutrients to draw on in those roots.


Sagittarius, the Mars retrograde cycle is the most important thing going on this week. About one month ago, past habits, karmic messages, and old friends or issues with siblings came back to haunt your thoughts. They’re not gone yet. This is a second chance to revisit the past, particularly your reactions to frustration and your relationship to anger. Of all the signs, even more than Aquarius, you can’t stand having your freedom restricted. This kind of restriction is more likely to come from within you than from an external force, though. Regroove the thought patterns. Develop a strategy for expressing and releasing anger. Make way for new possibilities in this liminal time.


Capricorn, if you must let go of something, restrict yourself, or battle self-doubt this week, your reactions will tell you something about your values. Mars retrograde is asking you to identify what you care about most and put your energy into those things. Old money patterns come back again, just like they did in mid-June. It’s never actually about the money. What did other people teach you about money in the past, and about the link between money and self-worth? Some of those teachings are useful and some need to be revised. Unpacking these old patterns will enlighten you, quite literally lightening your load once you move forward with a value-based plan in September.


Aquarius, karmic friends and lovers who arrived mid-June have more to say this week. Practice listening, as Mars hits the south node. You are most likely to be drawn into old patterns of isolation, stubbornness, and frustration with others. This is an opportunity to release those. Mars retrograde could be sapping some of your energy, so it’s fine to slow down, too. With such big changes happening at the very foundations of your life, sudden movements are not advisable. Remove old, rusty structures that are no longer holding anything up for you. Make blueprints for an updated, futuristic foundation. Where it comes to your partners and friends -- just allow them to be and think as they are, as long as it’s not hurting anyone. Just watching you upgrade will be enough inspiration for them.


Pisces, this week is another one for solitude, reflection, and internal shifts of a spiritual nature. Mars’ meeting with the south node mid-June may have brought unusual gifts and inspirations from deep in the past. There is also the possibility of fear, anxiety, and an overabundance of solitude here. Reach out to someone grounded in the here and now if you feel like you’re being sucked out of yourself and into some dangerous dimension. The divine warrior archetype is one to meditate on as you battle your hidden dragons: inner strength, cunning, honor, and survival. You’re learning to be in control of your own psychic defenses. Walls that are too thick keep the insights out, while having no barriers leaves you too vulnerable. Practice putting your shields up and taking them down at will.