This Week’s Major Aspects

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Venus at 1 Cancer square Chiron at 1 Aries (exact): May 20

Mars at 1 Aquarius sextile Chiron at 1 Aries (exact): May 20

Sun enters Gemini: May 20

Sun at 2 Gemini sextile Chiron at 2 Aries (exact): May 22

Mercury at 16 Taurus sextile Neptune at 16 Pisces (exact): May 22

Mercury at 16 Taurus opposite Jupiter at 16 Scorpio (exact): May 23

Sun at 3 Gemini trine Mars at 3 Aquarius (exact): May 23

Jupiter at 16 Scorpio trine Neptune at 16 Pisces (exact): May 25

Mercury at 21 Taurus trine Pluto at 21 Capricorn (exact): May 25

Venus at 8 Cancer opposite Saturn at 8 Capricorn (exact): May 26


This Week’s Minor Aspects

Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn (separating): Dec. 16, 2017 - May 28, 2018

Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (separating): May 16 - June 15

Venus at 2 Cancer quincunx Mars at 2 Aquarius: May 20

Venus at 2 Cancer sesquisquare Jupiter at 17 Scorpio: May 20

Pallas Athene enters Cancer: May 21

Jupiter at 17 Scorpio sesquisquare Chiron at 2 Aries: May 22

Mercury at 24 Taurus semisquare Venus at 9 Cancer: May 26


Weekly Moon

First Quarter

VOC moon in Leo: May 20 at 11:29 pm - May 21 at 10:02 pm

Waxing crescent moon enters Virgo: May 21 at 10:02 pm

First Quarter Moon in Virgo: May 22

VOC Moon in Virgo: May 23 at 10:54 am - May 24 at 2:51 am

Waxing gibbous moon enters Libra: May 24 at 2:51 am

VOC Moon in Libra: May 25 at 5:03 pm - May 26 at 9:39 am

Moon enters Scorpio: May 26 at 9:39 am


Aries, the tension between Mars and Uranus continues this week, so whatever happened last week when Uranus entered Taurus continues to develop. While you do want to watch yourself for impulsive moves, this can provide you with a lot of energy for radical organizing and leadership within your community. The sun’s ingress into Gemini on Sunday night provides you with more ideas than you know what to do with. The aspects have been unrelenting lately, and you are still getting used to having Chiron in your sign. Allow yourself some time to be vulnerable and retreat inward this week. Jupiter trine Neptune promotes deep healing, imaginative dreaming, and big intuition this week. Slow down a bit. Your Rome doesn’t need to be built in a day. Replenishing yourself periodically will help you get through the week.

On Wednesday, you may have a revelation about something previously hidden. Your research is paying off. The treasure could be literal (money), emotional, or come in the form of occult knowledge. After you dream and think on your own, you’re apt to share your ideas with others. By the end of the week, you’ll be using recent insights as fodder for your career. If you are having difficulty finding time for self-care right now, you’ll feel the tension between home and work again on Saturday. Responsibilities in your career could be at odds with your need for nurturing and/or your family relationships. Do your best to find balance in these challenging times. The next era of reinvention holds great potential for you.


Taurus, you’re still riding out these sudden changes one week after Uranus entered your sign. You may be in the process of reinventing your self-image and changing your whole direction, and others notice This electric energy is likely to be uncomfortable for you, so you will probably need some time to take it slow this week. Luckily, Jupiter trine Neptune has your back. You could meet someone dreamy this week. Friends, partners, and communities who support your dearest wishes could appear to materialize out of thin air now. If you don’t already have plans, reach out to people or make a date -- plan to be in the right place at the right time. Yes, you need to process these changes, but resist the urge to spend the whole week on the couch! You’ll be happy you did.

The whole week is about relationships and conversation for you, but Wednesday is an especially good day to open up to a friend or significant other. Allow yourself to be buoyed by a trusted ally. You’re finding the groups you belong in now; the people you feel most comfortable with. Friday is a really lovely day for you, as Jupiter trine Neptune will be exact. Going out on Friday night is a must. The people you meet are changing your path. Saturday may challenge you to express yourself despite some fear of change. Just remember that you don’t have to be alone on this journey. Choose companions who nurture your spirit.


Gemini, this week is about maneuvering around obstacles and regaining emotional equilibrium. Uranus’ move into Taurus and Mars into Aquarius last week was a cosmic jolt. If you feel like you’ve been thrown into chaos, you’re not alone! It’s the beginning of some major inner change for you. At the beginning of the week you may feel some hurt around your sense of belonging and receiving love. It’s hard to open up sometimes. Luckily, on Sunday night, the sun moves into your sign, officially beginning your birthday season! The airy energy helps you feel more confident and free. And we have Jupiter trine Neptune this week, acting like a pair of guardian angels who will assist you in reaching your career dreams.

You’re more supported than you may have felt last week, but it’s still a bit of a rollercoaster. By Friday, you may receive a transformative opportunity that could alter your image. Work with the energy by visualizing what you would like that to be and taking some action to make it happen. Do the visualizing part on Monday, as you’re not likely to feel too active then. It’s a good day to practice going easy on yourself. The rest of the week is about doing the dream. On Tuesday especially, you may feel inspired and spiritually awakened, and on Wednesday the sun trine Mars has you racing off to find out the answers to some burning questions. On Saturday, you may find your sense of worthiness tested. Difficulties in an intimate relationship or shared financial situation could make you feel emotional next weekend, so take that time for self-care. Your inner life and dreams are slowly and surely manifesting in the outside world.


Cancer, last week probably threw you into some unexpected situations. That theme continues, albeit with more support from Jupiter trine Neptune. This week is all about making the most of your generative force: your creativity, what you put out in the world, your you-ness. Jupiter and Neptune support you in expressing your emotions, in larger-than-life, poetic ways. On Sunday, you may feel genuinely wounded and long to hide in your shell. Chiron’s lessons require you to heal that wound of insecurity and bravely carry on with your authentic self. You are not that 2011 version of yourself anymore. What would you tell that person if you could go back and have a heart-to-heart?

You don’t always have to be publicly, visibly authentic to be brave, though. The sun moves into Gemini on Sunday night, beginning a season of imaginative dreaming in your secret inner world. Balance your alone time with all of the giving you’re doing lately. Your creative energy really is at an all-time high, especially with Pallas Athene moving into your sign on Monday to enhance your intuitive powers. On Wednesday, the muse could easily gift you some of your best ideas yet, and people line up to hear them towards the end of the week. Next weekend, on the 26th, the Venus-Saturn opposition suggests you’ll have another serious moment in a primary relationship. Whether it’s with a friend or significant other, you’re assessing where you are and moving to the next stage. It could be a time of seeing reality, breaking a contract with someone and walking away, or renewing your commitment to someone dear to your heart. You’re growing up together. No more hiding.


Leo, the ground is shifting beneath your feet, and I hope it’s exhilarating for you. Passions in your relationships and career run even higher than usual right now. On Sunday night, the sun enters Gemini, inviting you to connect with others. Have fun with people you enjoy, and relish the feeling of belonging there! This is a time to make new friends and explore new communities too. The beginning of the week is full of aftershocks from last week, sorting out feelings with a close friend or partner and meditating on your next move. Wednesday may bring big conversations and potentially opportunities to make that move. Talk through the possibilities with people in your life. Your work has been transforming for a while, and now the process is speeding up. You may not be surprised by it, but other people might not have seen it coming.

The Jupiter-Neptune trine this week supports you in that process of transformation and expansion. Intimate relationships could be quite romantic. As you expand, dream, and grow, so do the other people in your life. Perhaps there will be some growing and dreaming together this week. Friday is a beautiful day to manifest dreams at home or at work. On Saturday, the Venus-Saturn opposition could dampen some of your imaginative ideals with a dose of mundane reality. Recognize how the material and the spiritual work together to create your perception of the world. If you must do more of the mundane (and you are doing so much, Leo, with Saturn in Capricorn), remember that chopping wood and carrying water brings you closer to enlightenment. Your daily regimen is preparing you for great things.


Virgo, you are still supported by Mercury in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn at the beginning of this week, despite all of the rude Uranian interruptions. This stability, combined with the support of Jupiter trine Neptune, may just be able to get your frayed nerves back under control. Your curiosity brings you closer to a friend this week, or maybe a romantic partner. Risk conversations with strangers and go on dates, and/or spend time with the one you already love. Neptune opposing your sun or ascendant can be confusing, but it’s also a very spiritual transit. You have to feel your way through life. Don’t overthink it. You’ll know when it feels right and when it doesn’t, and you have to trust that inner guidance. Your own guidance system won’t ever fail you, but if you ignore it and put your faith in people who want to mislead you -- that’s when a Neptune opposition gets you in trouble. This week is the lighter side of Neptune, the fairy godmother. Jupiter expands the romantic possibilities.

On Sunday night, the sun enters Gemini, beginning a season of public recognition for your achievements. Others notice you now. You may be getting attention for your career or for another milestone in your life. By the middle of this week, you might be telling other people about some of your big ideas. You’re full of energy for work now that Mars is in Aquarius, and Mercury’s opposition with Jupiter on Wednesday has you seeking answers to some big questions. You could really impress someone. On Saturday, the Venus-Saturn opposition gives you some momentary jitters about expressing yourself. Others want to receive what you have to say. Push through the fear to create. Connecting with others is the whole entire point.


Libra, this is a week of action for you at work. Jupiter has been boosting your self-worth for a while, and with the trine to Neptune now, you’re starting to see some results. You’re making the dream into an everyday reality. Venus in Cancer is helping you to present a beautiful image to the world. At the beginning of the week, you may need to express yourself clearly to business partner, friend, or significant other. You are healing that fear of displeasing others. Say no to things that don’t excite you so that you can say yes to the things that do.

The sun in Gemini on Sunday night signifies the beginning of a season of exploration for you. You may be drawn to travel, learn, or teach what you know. This week you’re stepping into your own worth and expressing your unique ideas. Practice that confidence and sense of inherent worthiness that you see in others you admire. It’s a week for playing big. Let yourself stretch; embrace expansion. Pallas Athene (Athena) joins Venus in Cancer on Monday, helping you to use your intuition in your career, as you recognize and make sense of emotional patterns. Others will recognize your wisdom too. The sun trine Mars sparks some exciting creative inspiration this week. On Saturday, the Venus-Saturn opposition will require you to balance career with family. Serious decisions may need to be made. Stand in your place of power--you own these lovely gifts that others are seeing in you. Compromise to balance emotional needs with responsibilities, but don’t compromise who you are.


Scorpio, it’s still all about Mars square Uranus for you this week. You’re navigating through some big changes and possible tension with a friend or significant other. The electric shocks may have thrown you off course for the moment. You’re also changing at a rapid rate, so you may have been the one to deliver the surprise. Luckily, Jupiter trine Neptune supports you all week, beckoning you to give birth to big creative projects, imagine, dream, and play. You may be juggling this impulse to have fun with the erratic demands of Uranus in Taurus. On Sunday night, the sun enters Gemini, beginning a season of deep introspection and research. Intimate conversations with a partner are likely.

Those important discussions are likely to happen around Wednesday. If you live with a partner, you may gain some insight about your changing home and family. Transformative talks continue through the end of this week. Perhaps you’re collaborating with someone on the creative projects of Jupiter-Neptune. Certainly, for those who co-parent, this will be a busy time. By Saturday you may feel talked out and desire an escape. Retreat into a good book or explore somewhere you haven’t been before. This is a radical new era of relationships for you.


Sagittarius, Jupiter in Scorpio has been mining the depths of your soul, and it’s intense emotional work. You’re still recovering from having Saturn in your sign over the past three years. Having your lucky ruling planet in hiding can make you feel less optimistic than usual. But what’s happening is that you’re preparing for a rebirth of sorts in November of this year. This week, Jupiter trine Neptune could wash away some confusion about your sense of identity, and even help you get closer to the home you dream of. Emotional insights about family and childhood are likely this week. You may be confiding in a friend or partner about this, especially since the sun enters Gemini on Sunday night, continuing your current season of love and putting an emphasis on significant others.

Chiron in Aries is helping you to heal any wounds around self-expression that may go back as far as childhood, so the ability to open up and confide in someone you trust is key. You may feel especially communicative on Wednesday. With all of the emotional labor this week, you require rest and attention to your health, so take things one day at a time. Spiritual insights are another possibility with all of this introspection. By the end of the week, you may have another battle with your own self-doubt. Remind yourself of your inherent worth. Carry your home inside of you wherever you go, knowing that you belong everywhere.


Capricorn, Jupiter in Scorpio has been diving deep and coming up with all kinds of golden opportunities for you. This week, with Jupiter trine Neptune, you may have the opportunity to share your dreams and ideals with an appreciative audience. Writing, speaking, performing, and showing art are all wonderful ways to use this aspect. If you don’t have anything planned already, reach out to your friends and wider network. This is true all week, but Wednesday and Friday are especially good days for expressing yourself. Uranus in Taurus has you inspired and ready to share. The sun moves into Gemini on Sunday night, setting you up to make a regular habit out of play.

In terms of your more serious one-on-one partnerships and friendships, changes are still afoot. Venus square Chiron puts pressure on you to be honest and maintain a healthy degree of self-interest in relationships. Wounds from your past, and in particular from childhood or family relationships, are likely to come up in your interactions with a significant other this week. Your partner or friend may be tenderly helping you heal. By Saturday, though, you may have to make a serious commitment and/or have a heart-to-heart. Saturn in your sign has you stepping into your wisdom, and now with Venus in Cancer, you are using that wisdom to grow in your relationships. You could be strengthening a bond or stepping away from someone, but either way, make your choices based on your joy. Those who share in your joy will love watching you thrive in this new era of fertile creativity.


Aquarius, the conditions are unpredictable, and you’re springing up like a gorgeous, uncontrollable weed, destined for growth. The sun enters your fellow air sign of Gemini on Sunday night, beginning a season of fun and self-expression. Especially with Mars in your sign, you’re full of powerful ideas and others can see your strength. Mars square Uranus is still strong, causing you to feel restless and impulsive. Channel that urge to move into your work, which is getting a boost this week with Jupiter trine Neptune. Imagine casting a net and pulling in your dream income. You could make such a fantasy catch now. A career that utilizes your highest ideals will thrive under this aspect.

Wednesday will be a day of putting your creative energy into action at work, as you present your ideas in a more public way. People are noticing you with Jupiter in Scorpio this year. Share your careful research and well-reasoned thoughts with them this week. Friday is a very lucky day for your career and income. After such an intense focus on work this week, you’ll want some self-care over the weekend. Saturday’s Venus-Saturn opposition challenges you to be kind to yourself and soothe your own fears. You have been practicing a new story for yourself. Take a much-deserved rest in the midst of all this change.


Pisces, the Jupiter-Neptune trine makes this a surreal week for you. A door to a dream could open now. You’re drawn to explore new knowledge, seek spiritual insight, or travel to far-off lands. Venus square Chiron on Sunday may make you hesitate. You are challenged to heal the wound of self-worth so you can get on with your amazing self and expand your life. Heed Venus in Cancer’s call to create. The sun enters Gemini on Sunday night, heralding a season of family fun and good times at home. You may choose to be a bit of a homebody now, so that you can have more time to make something out of your brilliant ideas.

The end of the week is bound to be lovely for you. Wednesday’s aspects support you as you voice your ideas, perhaps with the help of a partner. On Friday, when the trine between your two ruling planets is exact, you have the potential for a beautiful day. You may be spending your time with friends or family this weekend. Saturday does bring potential challenges to your self-expression, though. Fear of rejection could hold you back, so take a gamble on sharing what you’ve made. You are in an era of rapid learning and exponential growth. The people in your life are just trying to keep up! Share the blessings you have with those you love. More good things are coming.