This Week’s Major Aspects

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Mercury at 14 Capricorn sextile Neptune at 14 Pisces: Jan. 14

Venus at 12 Sagittarius trine Mars at 12 Aries: Jan. 18

Mercury conjunct Pluto at 21 Capricorn: Jan. 18

Sun at 29 Capricorn square Uranus at 29 Aries: Jan. 18

Sun enters Aquarius: Jan. 20

Venus at 14 Sagittarius square Neptune at 14 Pisces: Jan. 20

Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) at 0.52 Leo: Jan. 21 at 12:16 am

Weekly Moon


First Quarter Moon in Taurus: Jan. 14

VOC Moon in Taurus: Jan. 16 from 1:33 pm – 8:00 pm

Waxing Gibbous Moon enters Gemini: Jan. 16 at 8:00 pm

VOC Moon in Gemini: Jan. 18 from 8:32 – 10:43 pm

Moon enters Cancer: Jan. 18 at 10:43 pm

VOC Moon in Cancer: Jan. 20 from 8:49 – 10:54 pm

Moon enters Leo: Jan. 20 at 10:54 pm

Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) at 0.52 Leo: Jan. 21 at 12:16 am

Horoscopes are not a substitute for a full chart reading, but they are like markers along the path. My horoscopes are meant to provide some insight and inspiration. If you know your rising sign and sun sign, please read both.

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Aries, inspiration comes to you this week. You may be inspired to travel, to learn or teach, or to expand your vision for the future. Certainly, you are in the process of transforming your career. Take the time to mourn what has ended for you—the public image that needed to evolve, or the job that wasn’t quite fitting your purpose. This eclipse highlights the most creative, generative part of your chart. It’s the last in a cycle that has taught you to be more authentic, and helped you find the courage to share your gifts with others.


Taurus, this week is full of possibility for you, with hidden shifts and more visible changes in the works. Some passion behind the scenes livens things up. Meanwhile, your vision for the future continues to transform. You may not have envisioned this path for yourself before. Take the time to mourn lost visions—the places you didn’t go, the things you didn’t learn, the projects you didn’t complete. It doesn’t mean that you won’t ever do these things, but there is something else calling you right now. This eclipse is the last in a cycle of home and vocation, memory and purpose. It falls very close to home, moving you along in your journey.


Gemini, relationships hold the potential for fun and passion this week, while the undercurrent of Capricorn adds some seriousness. There is room for true intimacy here. All intimacy is a process of transformation, as two people close the space between each other and form a single relationship. Consider going deeper if your heart is calling you. This eclipse is the last in a cycle of changing perceptions and expanding your vision. It may have something important to teach you, so open your mind to new possibilities.


Cancer, we’re still in between eclipses, so pay attention to that feeling of being pulled along in the current. What’s coming up for you? What will your decision be? This week brings potential progress in your work and vocation. Partnerships are still important at the same time, with all of this Capricorn. A significant friend or partner may be undergoing a transformation, and your relationship could develop this week as a result. This eclipse is the last in a series that was about values and security for you. Consider how you have lived your values, and how your attitude to security may have changed since February 2017. Money could come in or go out now—decide what you want.


Leo, this can be an inspiring week for you. Creative insights and visions can come out of nowhere, and one of them may spark your passion. Through this journey of daily discipline, you are transforming yourself. Take a moment to mourn what you have left behind—perhaps an easier schedule, a different relationship to your body, or a job that didn’t quite fit. This eclipse is in your sign, and it’s the last in a cycle that was all about your self-image and relationships to others. The changes you have been making are helping you to be more authentic. Shine your light.


Virgo, private insights abound this week, as you pull creative insights from the transformative fires of the unconscious. You are becoming more serious about your creative work, however it is that you conceive of that. What you’re here to generate is important. Take a moment to mourn what you have had to let go of—maybe old creative projects, or maybe your life before you had children. Maybe an old romance. You are creating something new to take its place. This eclipse is the last in a cycle of rest and adjustment for you, impacting your health and perhaps your daily schedule. Make some time for retreat as we end this cycle.


Libra, relationships are the keys to this week. Fun with friends and/or your significant other is in order. A family member or partner may surprise you as well. You’re going through quite the growth cycle right now, so in a private moment, take some time to mourn the identity you have left behind. You might have moved house, changed careers, or changed yourself so much that you are just not the same person anymore. It was a necessary shift. This eclipse is the last in a cycle that was about being more authentic and finding your community. Surround yourself with your people. Celebrate your sense of belonging with this one.


Scorpio, this week there are more opportunities to use your talents, and perhaps to gain income through that work. You have something serious and transformative to communicate now. As you focus on using your voice, you may be surprised at the depth of the ideas that come through you. You speak the truth—though you may find that it can hurt if you’re not careful. Write down what you want to say before you say it. This eclipse is the last in a cycle that has changed your direction, shifting your identity, your home, and/or your vocation. Your public image is illuminated on Sunday night. Use your visibility wisely.


Sagittarius, romantic passion is likely this week. Have some fun! You’ve been so serious about figuring out your values and creating security for yourself lately that you may not have had enough time to play. Certainly, you are transforming the way you think about money. If you need to, take some time to mourn and let go of any regrets you have about the ways you’ve earned or spent money in the past. What’s done is done. If it was problematic before, you are changing it now. Embrace your carefree side and have an adventure with the eclipse this weekend. It’s the last in a cycle that expanded your perception, taking you to new places, teaching you new ways of being. Explore.


Capricorn, you may feel the pull of home, family, and the past this week. The tension for you is the transformation that you’re currently undergoing. We are always changing and evolving, and sometimes its hardest on those who are closest to us. This week, no matter what anyone else has to say, acknowledge what is being broken down and accept that it is ending. It’s making room for something new. The eclipse illuminates some mystery for you, some deep inheritance that endures even if you have to go digging for it. There is gold in that shadow.


Aquarius, relationships are the primary theme this week. Your friendships sustain you, even as you are going through a hidden transformation. Acknowledge what has ended and what is ending for you, and surround yourself with people who help you carry on. The eclipse illuminates something about who you are now in relation to your most significant friend or partner. The other person has been part of this shifting cycle of relationship too, and may have some important insight to share with you.


Pisces, your career is progressing and your community continues to transform. You may be called on to exhibit a talent or genius for something this week. Accept the call when it feels right. This eclipse is the last in a cycle of adaptation, rest, and awakening. Something related to your health, your work, or your approach to ritual will reach a turning point Sunday night. You have been preparing for the next cycle, which is about creative expression and sharing your gifts with the world. Clear any dead weight from your daily schedule to make room for more fun.