Week of June 24th

Developments at home and/or with a significant partner still present a challenge: to use your voice. Do you see the many options available to you? Which of them do you want most? How will you speak up? Assert yourself to achieve what you want. You may need an outside perspective to help you cut through confusion where a partnership is concerned. Through efforts in your vocation, you may be able to say something beautiful. On Wednesday, your ruling planet Mercury moves into Leo, enhancing your imaginative capabilities. If you have not been able to see a way forward, perhaps Mercury will help you dream up a new solution.

Week of June 17th

This full moon brings blessings to you at home. Family and ancestry, live-in partners, and/or your housing situation could use some good luck. Bring some expansion to this area of your life. It’s good to have a sanctuary to which you can retreat right now, because your community is still asking a lot of you. Though it might be tempting to stay home and attend to self-care, the growth lies in pushing yourself to be social. Take up the mantle of leadership, perform for an audience, or move outside of your comfort zone to meet new people. People want what you have to give. You just need to believe that too.

Week of June 10th

As you expand your home, your family, or your understanding of self, other people in your life have to adapt with you. This week, check in with a friend or partner to make sure that you’re on the same page. If this is about a live-in partner or roommate, you might need to work together to adjust your visions of home renovation. Meanwhile, outside of the home, your community could use your gifts this week. Pour energy into your creative outlet of choice; offer your talents. Even if you’re having a rocky time right now, there is a way to feel into pain, to learn from it. Share the wisdom you’ve won so far.

Week of June 3rd

This new moon invites you to set intentions for your vocation. You can have multiple callings, and you don’t have to keep the same job forever. What variety of vocational options is calling to you at the moment? Stay curious about where you might end up. Consider as many big, imaginative possibilities as you can dream. Mercury’s move into Cancer on Tuesday brings some empathetic energy to your community, indicating that you could receive help from friends. On Saturday, Venus’ ingress into Gemini could coincide with some beautiful possibilities for your next steps on your path.

Week of May 27th

Forget everyone else for a moment. What is it you want to share with the world? What lights you up, what makes you curious, what do you want to write about, or speak about, or teach? Draw on your abundant resources and do it. Call on healing, supportive partnerships for this endeavor. Ask trusted friends and family members to support you with encouragement if you think they can do that. Start by imagining better partners if you need to. The important thing is the spark of joy that moves through you and shines outward. So often, it takes a while for other people to recognize the value of an idea. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, there is at least one person who gets it right away. Brave the way forward.

Week of May 20th

What do you believe about joy in your life? Do you believe that you deserve it? Do you think it’s being blocked by someone or something else? Does it seem like that ‘block’ just can’t be helped? This is a week to take a good look at the locks on your joy, and find the key that fits. Sometimes suffering cannot be helped; it is a part of life. However, it’s also often true that we cause our own suffering through limiting our access to joy, or believing for whatever reason that we cannot have it. Break through limiting beliefs this week. Mercury cazimi in Gemini makes your brilliance apparent to all. You’ve worked hard to get to this point of sharing your wisdom with others! It’s important for you to enjoy this moment in the spotlight.

Week of May 13th

Your audience begins to arrive this week. Are you ready to share what you’ve created with them? Ready to teach all of the fascinating knowledge you’ve collected over the years? Are you ready to take them on a journey? Abundance comes to you when you pass on your wisdom this week. Your sign is associated with the Hermit card in the tarot: the wise elder who goes within to seek the mysteries so they can share knowledge with others. This week, embody that wisdom. Saturday’s full moon invites you to get curious about the deep questions.

Week of May 6th

All of your reading will come in handy this week, when you’re teaching others some of the wild knowledge you’ve collected over the years. You might be speaking, publishing, or performing for an audience. However you choose to communicate what you know, it’s bound to be innovative and interesting. Get busy thinking about what you have to say, and who you want to hear it. You are in a longer process of attracting and nurturing a community or audience that cares about this too.

Week of April 29th

What’s blocking your joy lately? It’s human nature to immediately think “I could be happy if so-and-so would just stop doing this or that!” It’s normal to look to our external circumstances and think that if they would just improve, then we would be happy. But instead of looking outside of yourself to see what’s in the way of joy this week, look within. There’s a story that you’re telling yourself, probably unconsciously. If you can figure out what your inner critic is telling you and name it, you can start to change the story. This is a long, slow process that you’re working on: sculpting your own version of joy. Saturday’s new moon begins a cycle of teaching, learning, and possibly journeys of some kind. Make them fun!

Week of April 22nd

It takes a lot longer than one week to dig into your unconscious, understand your shadow side, integrate it, and develop self-worth. And so we continue. It’s a lifelong journey. This week, Uranus in Taurus may shed some light on the path forward, prompting a sudden realization that changes your direction. Share your process with someone you trust deeply. Intimacy is the key for moving forward.

Week of April 15th

We continue with the theme of vulnerability and embracing self-worth this week. Mercury moving into Aries prompts you to feel and heal old wounds about authenticity. Something about yourself that you feel is “too much,” “not enough,” or “taboo” is coming to the surface. As impossible as it might seem, you can address this. It’s ok to ask for help with it. Take another step in the process to integrate your shadow side. Accept the “other” parts of yourself so that you can be your fully imperfect self. Friday’s full moon in Libra is about recognizing your worth and transforming your self-expression. You are worthy. You have powerful things to say. So say them.

Week of April 8th

Romantic transformations open you up this week. Practice being vulnerable. Practice trust. Something beautiful is available in a relationship, but it requires hard work. It requires an openness to change, and a rock-solid understanding of the values you won’t compromise. At the heart of all love and relationship questions is self-worth. Do you feel worthy of what you want? Do you feel that it’s worth the risk to show your true self to someone else? When you determine that someone is worthy of your trust, allow them to see you.

Week of April 1st

Even though Mercury is direct now, he’s still conjunct Neptune in Pisces, so it feels like a never ending retrograde. It will end though—Mercury will be further away from Neptune next week, and moves into Aries on the 17th. Meanwhile, communications with a significant friend or partner gradually get easier. Practice acceptance for anothers’ imperfections. Not everyone can be as detail-oriented and precise as you. On Friday, the Aries new moon presents an opportunity for a small beginning in this cycle of spring. You can set intentions for intimacy with that same friend or partner, for personal transformation, or for amassing resources for your next big win. Examine any fears of expressing yourself that may hinder you on your next adventure. This kind of deep change is messy. Allow yourself to make a mess.

Week of March 25th

Venus moves into Pisces on Tuesday to clean up after the mess that Mercury has been making in a significant friendship or partnership. She’ll help to smooth over communication difficulties. The relationship seems more enchanting, after a few weeks of feeling far away from each other. However, Mercury is still retrograde and conjunct Neptune in Pisces for most of this week, so be careful not to get drawn back in to old patterns, especially when it comes to deception. Wait. Listen to your hunches. On Thursday morning, Mercury stations direct and gradually the fog begins to lift. It will be a few weeks before all is clear. Meanwhile, someone makes a peace offering. On Sunday, Mars moves into Gemini and sparks some movement in your vocation.

Week of March 18th

This Spring Equinox full moon brings a lesson about worth. Where you have the old trauma, the ancestral pain, the wound of taboo or difference: this is what you are called to heal. This is a new beginning for your sense of worthiness. How do you view your own worth when you have nothing of value in your possession? How do you see your worth when you make a mistake? How about when you’ve done well for yourself? As the sign with the highest standards, you rarely give yourself a break from the inner critic. Consider at this time that you are whole, without need for improvement.

Week of March 11th

Cue the relationship angst. Communication, always so crucial to you, is waterlogged and backwards and full of misunderstandings this week. Be patient with partners and friends. Listen in other ways: to their body language, tone, images, facial expressions, and mid-sleep murmurs. No, it will not be clear, sorry. Clarity is not on the table this week, but empathy surely is. You’re expanding your life with the help of a significant partner or friend. That will be an uncomfortable process, but it results in more freedom for both of you.

Week of March 4th

Mercury stations retrograde in your relationship sector on Tuesday. You find yourself returning to conversations about the past with a significant other. Old friends or exes may re-appear in your life. Wednesday’s new moon may coincide with some additional confusion. Use the wisdom of memory to pierce the fog. On a positive note, you and a partner could use these transits to re-imagine a beautiful home together.

Your awakening continues on Wednesday, when Uranus into Taurus calls you on some wild adventures. Uranus in this sign is the wilderness, and when he’s in your house of exploration, wildness becomes a necessity. Because Taurus is an earth sign too, this is a supportive eight-year cycle of expansion. You will be growing in unexpected ways, traveling to places where you may never have thought you’d go, and learning the most unusual things. You may even be the voice of Uranus in Taurus, teaching others about eco-feminism, new forms of currency, innovative farming techniques, and re-wilding the land. If you’re not really a nature type or much of a traveler, you could be doing some wild investing. Or, who knows, you may surprise yourself. This is a long-term cycle, and even with Uranus involved, Taurus doesn’t move that fast. You’ve got time to see this unfold.

Week of February 25th

It’s all about relationships for you right now. Whether you’re currently in love or looking, or enjoying fun times with your best friend, your bond with someone else is the focal point. That rarely means the transits feel easy. More likely, you’re negotiating your role with someone else in your life, and figuring out how much you’re willing to give. How much is the other person giving in return? When Mercury stations retrograde next week, you’ll be in a kind of relationship review. Your intuition will help you understand what you want.

Week of February 18th

Chiron in Pisces helped you heal some difficult relationship patterns. You are no longer the savior or martyr in your relationships, nor do you need to be hypercritical of yourself and others. Neptune is still teaching you to look past your delusions and release expectations of perfection when it comes to other people. Now, Chiron is moving to a more intimate place. Having healed some of the wounds in your relationships, you begin a path of radical self-love. All the parts of your identity that you have hidden because you thought they were taboo will be brought up by Chiron in the next seven years. A full moon in your sign on Tuesday lets you test this out with a trusted friend or partner. How much of your deeper self can you reveal to another person? How vulnerable can you be? Venus in Capricorn urges you to express yourself to the fullest.

Week of February 11th

A therapeutic breakthrough of some kind is likely now. Dive bravely into the unconscious and release what you find. Putting your emotions into your creative work or sharing them with a group of people you trust could be helpful ways of dealing with this energy. Valentine’s Day has romantic potential for you, so perhaps your feelings are best shared with a significant other. On the positive side of these transits, you could also feel sexually liberated this week. Go somewhere and have fun even if you’re not dating. A romantic glow lingers throughout the weekend.

Week of February 4th

The new moon gives you an opportunity to refresh your health. Take some time out to take care of yourself, preferably in the comfort of your home. You may have some fresh ideas for daily routines that will break you out of a rut. Towards the end of the week, you might start to get cabin fever. Time to socialize with other people! If a personal challenge makes you feel like spiraling out, don’t give in to the drama. Open up to your community. Take care of others and you’ll find that they want to take care of you, too.

Week of January 28th

You have some extra energy this week. Fresh ideas may reinvigorate a daily ritual, perhaps one that you share with a significant other. This year, the partnership that you want could be available to you, but you’ll have to consider first what brings you joy and then actively work to receive these gifts into your life. It sounds paradoxical: why would receiving require work? It’s hard to receive at first because it requires you to shift your attention away from all that you think needs improvement and towards everything that is going right. Set boundaries so that you have more energy for the gifts.

Week of January 21st

Blessings and opportunities come into your home this week, especially on Tuesday. They may come through family members. You may have to make some peace with the past in order to accept the blessings. In the aftermath of an eclipse cycle that was all about retreat and adaptation, you are now creating room for more good things in your life. Let go of old resentments. Practice gratitude.

Week of January 14th

Private insights abound this week, as you pull creative insights from the transformative fires of the unconscious. You are becoming more serious about your creative work, however it is that you conceive of that. What you’re here to generate is important. Take a moment to mourn what you have had to let go of—maybe old creative projects, or maybe your life before you had children. Maybe an old romance. You are creating something new to take its place. This eclipse is the last in a cycle of rest and adjustment for you, impacting your health and perhaps your daily schedule. Make some time for retreat as we end this cycle.

Week of January 7th

The expansion and beautification of your home continues this week. If you share your home, get on the same page with a partner or roommate about your vision. Communication is key to creating this dream. Keep the dream big, but make a practical plan for how you’ll go about it. If you’re considering a big move, someone may be able to help you out. Make space for more people in your life.

Week of December 31st

You are called to place serious attention on your gifts this week. 2019 brings opportunities and challenges for self-expression. You may be able to accomplish much in your creative work, make room for more joy, have a child, grow as a parent, or get serious about romance. However this theme expresses itself in your life, the tests will transform you. Consider what you want to create this year.