July 15 - 21

Mars on the south node this week brings up themes from mid-June, when the planet of inverted action stalled your work or aggravated your health. This is a second pass to review what you learned from that moment. It’s a chance to slow down, pay more attention to your wellbeing, and perhaps learn to let go of some control when unexpected things happen. This whole Mars retrograde cycle for you is about how you spend your time. Small chores carry great meaning now. When obstacles stand in the way of your grand plans, you can still accomplish small things to move forward, little by little. Look to Mars to see what else can be removed or revised. Edit. When the action begins again after August 27th, you’ll have the path cleared.

July 8 - 14

Venus’ entry into your sign on Monday suggests a time ripe for self-care and more self-love.Venus is traditionally in her fall here, owing to the more critical, discerning approach of your sign. The love goddess prefers to be rather indiscriminate with her love and earthly abundance. But like all challenging placements, Venus in Virgo has a superpower: a detailed attention to craftsmanship that results in elegant simplicity in any area where aesthetics are concerned. This week, experiment with wildly natural body and skincare potions, perhaps even making them yourself. Explorations in the realm of nature could result in a genius new philosophy of living that centers your wellbeing. Artistic craftspersonship is well supported, especially towards the end of the week. This is part of a longer cycle of getting serious about your fun, which has a lot to do with your self-love. Thursday’s partial solar eclipse is a time to go inward and figure out some goals for this cycle. Who do you feel at home with? Who do you want to connect with, and where will you find those people? What are your hopes for the creations you are crafting? Express yourself with wild abandon in your first attempts, knowing that there is always time for revision. Subdue your inner critic and elevate the inner artist.

July 4th

Take a well-deserved rest this July 4th. You may feel more like being alone than going to a party, so indulge yourself with some solitude. Immersing yourself in the world of the imagination will get you far this week. Your health may require you to slow down and take it easy in any case. Keep up with your current routine for mind, body, and spirit, even if you’re on vacation. You’re in a more Neptunian merging-with-the-collective space right now than you usually are. Music is more soothing than ever.


“If you desire healing,
let yourself fall ill
let yourself fall ill.”

— Rumi

You’ve been so busy healing others. You ought to do a service to yourself (and to them) by getting some rest this July. If you really want some healing, you have to admit to yourself that you need it and let go of some control. Venus’ move into your sign on the 9th can help you indulge yourself a bit more than usual, as Mercury in Leo has already been beckoning you to escape the “real world” a bit and enter the realm of dreams. It’s such a beautiful path, being of service. You find true joy in it. So when I say that you must focus on yourself for a while, I don’t mean to suggest that the act of healing others can’t be fulfilling. Of course it is. It is just that the tides ebb and flow, and this is a time to ebb. The partial solar eclipse on July 12th starts a mini-cycle of new goals, as you use this Mars-retrograde summer to figure out how you want to spend your days. Get away somewhere quiet if you can. Sleep, meditate, take long walks and dips in the lake. It’s vitally restorative for you to be on hiatus. If you can’t get the time off, find pockets of your day where you can just rest without purpose. Having the time to think will help you to make adjustments for your health and happiness by the end of August. Mercury’s next retrograde, starting July 26th, is about moving inward and accessing a deep sense of your unique purpose. It’s also about necessary endings for you. When combined with the lunar eclipse on the 27th, this retrograde is clearly a time for you to reassess your health: mind, body, and spirit. Take it easy so that you can prevent yourself from getting sick later. Anything that is sapping your energy without reward must end, so that you can heal and begin a new cycle come September.