Week of April 15th

This is a week of inner healing and spiritual growth for you. Mercury and Venus move into Aries and spark a secret monologue about healing the wound of authenticity. You could find hidden reserves of rage that prompt you to act. Anger can be useful when it tells you how boundaries have been crossed. It can be the energy you need to create change, especially with the sun moving into your sign. Use the anger; don’t let it use you. Friday’s full moon speaks of transforming your path forward, one day at a time. Listen to your secret self to find out what this means.

Week of April 8th

It’s important to listen to your intuition this week. Even if other people are telling you that everything is fine. Even if the situation you’re encountering seems OK on the surface. Even if the “right” decision seems obvious. If that twinge in your stomach or the goosebumps on your skin tell you otherwise, listen to the wisdom of your body. This week you may find that you make powerful progress on your path. You may be able to use your resources to advance your goals. Just be aware that before you make a decision, it is wise to look for information on the emotional, physical, and spiritual levels as well as the intellectual.

Week of April 1st

Though Venus in Pisces offers blessings of friendship, Mercury conjunct Neptune continues to hold the potential for confusion. Something unknown waits to be understood, communication seems illogical, and goal-oriented work feels less appealing than sleep. If you are involved in any kind of spiritual or artistic network, these transits can actually be good for creating beautiful dreams together. Otherwise, lay low and rest easy with ride-or-die friends this week. Friday’s new moon offers another small beginning in this cycle of spring. For you, it presents another opportunity to let go of something so that you can welcome in the new. End what isn’t working. Set some intentions for the next leg of your journey.

Week of March 25th

Venus’ move into Pisces on Tuesday is a gift for you. A blessing arrives in the form of friendship or a wish fulfilled. Treasure this beauty. Mercury is still retrograde for most of the week, stationing direct on Thursday morning—but conjunct Neptune, so some fog still lingers. Questions of belonging and communication issues with friends may linger, too. It might be wise to wait a week or so for more clarity. When Mars moves into Gemini on Sunday, you are driven to spend money on all of the shiny things you want, but you can also use that drive to earn a little extra. Practice receiving gifts openly and displaying confidence in your natural talents.

Week of March 18th

There are no new beginnings without endings. A rebirth requires a death. Healing often hurts. This is the lesson of Chiron at the Spring Equinox full moon, which brings you the kind of bittersweet ending-beginning that requires you to adapt. The healing of mind, body, and spirit can be done in relationship. Someone may offer you a service, or you may help them out of a sense of serving a higher good. You might reveal hidden aspects of yourself that you rarely show to others, emboldened by the mutual trust that is the foundation of all healing work. Let go of resistance to the changes you want.

Week of March 11th

It’s not always easy to trust that everything will work out, especially with Uranus pushing you to reinvent yourself in unforeseen ways. You may feel unsettled. Trust anyway. You have luck on your side. This week, you could find a way to move around something that was blocking your path. Your usual method of removing blocks is to bulldoze through them. Take your lessons from water this week: a river does not pass through a boulder placed in its midst; it moves around the boulder and continues its course. Is there a way for you to flow around the problem?

Week of March 4th

Mercury stations retrograde in your sector of community on Tuesday. Old friends could reappear in your life unexpectedly, bearing unusual information. Spiritual circles access the collective consciousness almost without trying, and come back with pearls of wisdom. The new moon on Wednesday enhances this #mood, offering you deeper access to the unconscious. Out-of-body experiences could lead to stunning insights this week; sharing with the group helps you understand your infinite connection to all that is.

Most importantly, when Uranus moves into your sign on Wednesday, your reinvention of self continues. Uranus and Taurus are an interesting pair: the planet of sudden, lightening-bolt style changes and the sign of slow, steady growth. Even with Uranus here, you will not allow your reinvention to be rushed. The gift is that you’ll have the electric motivation of the changemaker in your sign, giving you that bodily goosebump kind of intuition. You know who you are now. The creative project of remaking yourself in this cycle lasts for seven more years. You’ve got time to do it right.

Week of February 25th

Your ruling planet Venus has been dishing out tough lessons from Capricorn over the past week. You’re learning how to do transformation the hard way. Whether it’s about money, love, travel, or art right now, there are some barriers you’ll need to overcome, and some things you’ll need to let go of. Pay attention to these teachings. On Friday, when Venus moves into Aquarius, she forms a soft glow around your reputation. You can make creative career moves while she’s here.

Week of February 18th

On Monday, when Chiron enters Aries, you’re in a whole new era of healing. Mega, deep, soul-level healing for the next seven years. Chiron will start to organize all of those fast-moving, surprising thoughts you’ve had with Uranus in Aries since 2011. You’ll have a chance to make sense of these changes, and that’s good, because putting things in order and making sense is important to you. I do have to tell you, though, that Chiron opens the wound before he heals it. So your private fears, the shadows that haunt you in the dark, the secret anger burning just beneath the surface: he’s bringing it all up for you. Notice what you feel this week. You’re in an era of long-awaited changes. The sun’s move into Pisces and the full moon in Virgo make this a creative week as well, especially since you’re learning so much lately. Express yourself. Roads once blocked may begin to open.

Week of February 11th

Sudden inspiration strikes this week. Making yourself available for your muse through some scheduled creative time or lucid dreaming is the best way to anticipate the transits of the moment. Otherwise, you may end up dealing with a hidden frustration that manifests in your health. Investigate what your unconscious wants to tell you. Valentine’s Day coincides with Mars’ entry into your sign, which fills you with the energy and drive to do something fun. A soul connection is possible. On Sunday, you may learn something that you can take back to your community and implement in a creative way.

Week of February 4th

You have an opportunity to hit refresh in your career with this new moon. Access your personal power. Not only do you have the resources that you need to accomplish what you want, but by now you probably have a careful plan laid out for your path forward. Hidden desires that come to the surface on Monday are burning for an outlet by the end of the week. Give a voice to what you want. Use your private inspiration to communicate. Follow your curiosity. Others can’t know what passionate, original ideas you have until you explore them yourself. On Sunday, when Mercury enters Pisces, you begin a two-month cycle of connecting with your community.

Week of January 28th

Conversations about your career should go well this week. You have a team behind you, supporting you on your journey. Plan out each step with your trademark practicality. Some inner strength will help you remove blocks. This weekend, you may encounter some bizarre synchronicity, as Venus moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn. There may also be an opportunity for deep healing with a group of your choice. Once Venus is in Capricorn, on Sunday, you have a month of additional support for your growth. Art, performance, travel, education, and/or the divine feminine are calling you now.

Week of January 21st

This week begins a season that is all about your vocation, direction, and public image. Your Work in the world is more than just your job. It’s the gift you give to others; the legacy you leave behind. It’s what people remember you for. Follow the calling of your Work and not just your work. Blessings come to you in mysterious and hidden ways—keep an eye out for synchronicity on Tuesday. In the aftermath of the eclipse, your path continues to shift to accommodate what you’ve left behind.

Week of January 14th

This week is full of possibility for you, with hidden shifts and more visible changes in the works. Some passion behind the scenes livens things up. Meanwhile, your vision for the future continues to transform. You may not have envisioned this path for yourself before. Take the time to mourn lost visions—the places you didn’t go, the things you didn’t learn, the projects you didn’t complete. It doesn’t mean that you won’t ever do these things, but there is something else calling you right now. This eclipse is the last in a cycle of home and vocation, memory and purpose. It falls very close to home, moving you along in your journey.

Week of January 7th

You have the luck and the resources on your side to make the dream happen. Allow yourself some wild hopes this week. Your hard work in school, communications, or performance will pay off. What’s most important now is making room for grace, that mysterious force that can move you along in unexpected ways. Call on ancestors and those closest to you for support. Believe in your own magic.

Week of December 31st

A long journey beckons you now. It’s not going to be an easy journey by any means. It may involve some hardship and some loss, but you have more than ample resources to handle the challenge. Other people will be there to support you through this. If you undertake the adventure bravely and well, you will be rewarded with wisdom. Go where you are called in 2019.