Week of August 19th

Mercury direct means fewer communication issues with family members or roommates. Something at home is clarified this week, even with Mars still retrograde until the 27th. Jupiter trine Neptune offers blessings in your social life. You may link up with wonderful friends and enjoy some much-needed social time now. Partnerships of the romantic or business varieties are also supported now. Romance looks especially good: the sun’s move into Virgo on Thursday begins a season of fun, pleasure, and creativity that could certainly include dating for some Taurus readers. The grand earth trine later this week supports your transformation in the direction of joy. How do you want to express yourself? Your unique essence needs some kind of creative outlet. You’ve worked hard enough lately. This week is about beginning a season of play!

Week of August 12th

Mars retrograde moving into Capricorn takes some of the pressure off a career situation. You are facing some thwarted desires regarding your path; perhaps recognizing that you need further schooling or certification to reach your ultimate goal. Frustration doesn’t feel great, but it does tell you in no uncertain terms exactly what you want. Meanwhile, Venus in Libra is just beautiful for you, helping you to brighten up a work / health situation that needed your attention. Other people are ready to support and celebrate you this week, as Jupiter trine Neptune grows in strength. Learn.

Aug. 5 - 11

Since Uranus entered your sign in May, you’ve been feeling the energy of regeneration. Uranus stations retrograde on the 7th, traveling slowly back over the first two degrees of Taurus until November 6th, which means that you will continue to feel the effects of this cycle for the next three months. Then you get a mini hiatus of sorts until Uranus moves back into your sign for the long-term in March 2019. It’s definitely not break time yet, though: this week is all about the regeneration. Venus in Libra helps you beautify a work / health situation. You uncover a bolder, secret self who was waiting in the wings to make this transition. Saturday’s solar eclipse brings messages from the past: ancestors or family members speak.

July 29 - Aug. 4

People who haven’t been paying attention are likely to be shocked when they see the changes that are taking place in you. Total, genius reinvention is imminent. You’re just about ready to leave old scenes in your home and career. As the sign known for your amazing tenacity, you’re about to surprise a whole lot of people, including yourself, when you embrace big changes with this Uranus transit. Use Mars square Uranus to generate wild ideas about where you might go next. Clearing out stale energy to freshen up a space helps you see everything differently this week.


“Real magic can never be made by offering someone else’s liver. You must tear out your own, and not expect to get it back.”

— Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn

Your ruling planet Venus enters Libra on the 6th, making herself at home in your house of ritual. Libra is a harmonious sign, but that harmony is reached through reciprocity: a gift for a gift. Paving the way for change in your life will require commitment and sacrifice this month. Look to spiritual sources for insights about what it will take. Mercury retrograde through August 19th has you reflecting on something at home, perhaps cycling back through old family issues and having the same conversations again. A message about your past helps you to reset at the Leo solar eclipse on the 11th. When Mars retrogrades into Capricorn on the 12th, you begin using the retrograde breakthroughs to find your way again. Jupiter trine Neptune all month (exact on the 19th) has the potential to bring wishes to life, especially where love and friendship are concerned. At the end of the month, you finally get a breather from all of the challenges you’ve faced lately. Your self-expression is supported and grounded in loving energy through the grand earth trine on the 25th, and on the 26th a Pisces full moon brings your community together in celebration. Once Mars stations direct on the 27th, you face fewer obstacles, having already analyzed some inner conflict that was holding you back from your real desires.