July 15 - 21

It’s another week for figuring out what you want (and don’t want) in your career. Mars meets the south node again, one month later, taking you back to themes of mid-June. Vocation is such a personal thing, an expression of your deepest self and often connected to your family and history. This summer is teaching you what you want to fight for. It’s not time to reinvent yet, so your trademark patience and obstinance will help you out here. Keep your cool. Make a list of what you need to feel free and you will have the beginnings of a strategy for your reinvention.

July 8 - 14

Venus into your sister sign of Virgo on Monday is lovely for your romantic and creative life. Fun is simple when Venus is here: do what you enjoy. Prioritize your pleasure. Venus’ contacts to both Uranus in your sign and Saturn in Capricorn this week ensure that it’s a harmonious one for expressing yourself. You’re reinventing yourself, but have you put your ideas into words yet? Now is a good time to try. Jupiter stations direct in your complementary sign of Scorpio on Tuesday, continuing to expand your realm of partnership and friendship over the next four months. Jupiter here helps you expand your sense of self, protects positive relationships, and creates opportunities for good relationships in the future. You may be talking with a significant other around the partial solar eclipse on Thursday. Because this eclipse is in Cancer, the conversation will be emotional. Get in touch with your feelings as we lead up to this new moon. You may find that you express them best through music, painting, or another medium that is more fluid than language. Though you’re a creature of habit, Uranus in your sign is bringing changes. If you want a different outcome, do this differently than you did it in the past. Experiment with what you want to say, and how. Partnership opportunities are available for the taking.

July 4th

Home is where you want to be this Independence Day. Find the place that feels safe to you and cozy up. The past few months have been anything but boring. As the sign of stability, you’re overwhelmed by too much change. Conversations with family members and friends could help you to figure out what you want and don’t want for your future. Remembering your roots helps to reassure you that although your life is transforming, you’ll always have memories to share with the people you love.


“Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where you find light when all grows dark.”

— Pierce Brown, Golden Son

Seeking the light of home is your theme for this July. Mars retrograde has you feeling trapped in some way regarding your vocation or family. It may feel dark now, but a review of your desires this summer will help you light the way come September. Venus enters your sister sign of Virgo on the 9th, giving you some hope for fun and romance while you figure it out. Take some time off for play and creativity. Don’t put pressure on yourself to get ahead at work or make a big career decision this summer, while so much is still changing. The partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12th begins a mini-cycle of change in your thinking, writing, and/or communication. Any creative work involving words will be powerful right now. Spiritual shifts and developments with siblings are likely. Play around with what your Uranus-in-Taurus reinvention might look like, trying on every outfit and committing to nothing. Leo season, starting on the 22nd, is always about home and family for you. This Leo season in particular will be memorable, because Mercury stations retrograde in that sign on the 26th, and we have a total lunar eclipse on Mars retrograde in Aquarius one day later. You may feel like the astrology of the moment is uprooting you. Think of it as making space for a new phase of your life. The end of July is a great time for you to literally clean house, letting go of anything that is no longer meaningful. You may find yourself renewing old conversations with family members, or going back over old territory at work. Keep your stubborn heart. It’s a month full of tension, but if you wait it out, you will see the road starting to open this fall. Look for the joy and release any frustration through play.