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I offer my horoscopes in the spirit of the gift economy.

The gift economy differs from the market economy in that gifts are given, rather than traded or sold, without an explicit agreement for immediate or future reward.

A gift always needs a willing recipient. If you are happy to receive these horoscopes every week, you are already supporting the work.

If you feel genuinely moved to give something in return, there are many types of valuable exchanges in a gift economy.

The gift exchange can be reciprocal: a voluntary monthly subscription in exchange for the gift of weekly horoscopes.

The gift exchange can be circular: you forward the horoscopes to a friend who could use some inspiration, or donate to support horoscope creation for those who cannot afford to financially support the work.

The gift exchange can ripple out: an insight from the horoscopes inspires you to do something kind for another person.

The gift exchange can spiral into a new circle of exchange: you book a consultation because you like the horoscopes.

You can read more of my thoughts on the gift economy in this blog post.


How many readers choose to exchange monetary support for the gift?

Approximately 10% of regular horoscope readers support my work financially as of 5/3/2019.

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The exchange doesn’t have to be monetary!

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