Your Saturn Return Report

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Your Saturn Return Report


This report is on hold until I am able to create an automated version for more effective pricing. I can still tell you all about your Saturn Return when you book a reading with me!

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There's a reason turning 30 is such a big deal. It's the time when Saturn returns to his position in your birth chart and checks up on how responsible you've been. It can be a rewarding transit, but it's also often challenging. And it's infinitely easier to navigate when you know what to expect.

This custom written report discusses Saturn's role in your natal chart and the themes of your Saturn return. You'll learn about the challenges and potential rewards of this transit as they relate specifically to you. Get some pro tips on how to handle this critical period of your life.

Download a sample to see what you can expect.

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Recommended for clients age 26-30, and clients on the second Saturn return, ages 56-60. Currently relevant for clients with Saturn in Capricorn.

To find out if you have Saturn in Capricorn, look for your date of birth below.

Saturn in Capricorn

January 5, 1959 (8:33 AM) - January 3, 1962 (2:00 PM)

February 13, 1988 (6:51 PM) - June 10, 1988 (1:21 AM)

November 12, 1988 (4:26 AM) - February 6, 1991 (1:50 PM)


You will need to know your time of birth before ordering this reading. I can help you find the time when you order a Chart Rectification.

This is a report written just for you, not something automatically generated from astrological software. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery after completing your order. Delivered to your inbox as a PDF.