Week of August 19th

Any communication issues related to your career can be smoothed out now that Mercury has stationed direct in Leo. This is the last week of Mars retrograde, and things are looking up for you, so long as you can keep yourself from starting an argument. Use the insights gained so far this summer to move obstacles that were previously blocking your vocational path. Jupiter trine Neptune blesses you in the realms of romance, fun, creativity, and children. Follow inspiration where it leads. When the sun enters Virgo on Thursday, you begin a more social season, one where you’re connecting with others and feeling a sense of belonging. The grand earth trine towards the end of the week can help you create some radical stability in relationships. Friendships, partnerships, groups, and arrangements that look unusual to others may suit you perfectly in the coming era. Find your people and plan something fun for this weekend!

Week of August 12th

You’re still in the midst of changes around your career/life direction/vocation/family -- you know, the really big stuff. Mars retrograde moving into Capricorn shifts the focus from your frustrations in home/career to what you want to say about it. How will you communicate the changes you’re going through? What is the message you want to give to the world? It’s still Mars retrograde, so this is an internal process. Keep it a secret until you’re ready to communicate. In two weeks you can start taking action on some of the changes you’ve felt recently. Next Sunday, Jupiter in your sign will trine Neptune to support your creativity and self-expression. Think.

Aug. 5 - 11

You may feel a rumble in a significant partnership or friendship on Tuesday, when Uranus stations retrograde. If you’re partnered, you’ll both be revolutionizing yourselves and your lives in some way over the next seven years. If you’re single, you’re revolutionizing yourself and the way you behave in relationships. Either way you can expect some unexpected encounters. Venus in Libra brings inner insights about what you might want that revolution to look like. The Leo solar eclipse on Saturday marks an important realization about your vocation/direction/image.

July 29 - Aug. 4

Whatever happened this past weekend with the total lunar eclipse bears thinking about for the rest of this week. Continue tracing your steps backwards from your goals to create the path you need. Something big is shifting, along the lines of identity/home/relationships/career aka the four cardinal directions of your life. Bide your time with others, and remember that they are trying to weather the same astrological storm right now. How would Sun Tzu, author of The Art of War, prep for this battle?


“You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.”

— Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life

This is a time to think about taking ownership of the things that have happened for you. Consider how you want to tell your story. With twin retrogrades prompting a review of your career and home life, and Uranus throwing surprises into your relationship sector, you certainly have a lot to talk about. Mars retrograde decrescendos after the major eclipse moment of July 27th. The next phase of this cycle is about biding your time and defending your territory from people who underestimate you just because you’re being quiet. The eclipse on the 11th is a time to reset and potentially let go of something that’s no longer fun -- an outdated image, an old piece of art that doesn’t represent your style anymore, a career task ripe for delegation. Mars retrogrades into Capricorn on the 12th, taking some pressure off the home front, but making you feel perhaps that your speech is restricted. You may need to wait to say what you want to say, even though you’ve figured out what needs to change. Luckily, Jupiter in your sign trines Neptune on the 19th, the day that Mercury stations direct, and all of it bodes well for your self-expression. The last ten days of the month are a good time for you to have some fun and express your joy. Mars finally stations direct on the 27th, at which point you can start implementing strategy/ talking more openly about your super-secret plans.