Week of May 20th

Words have the power to limit a person or instill confidence. Somewhere along the line, someone said a thing to you that is still rattling around inside of your skull, taunting you with its implications. Try to tease out what that person may have been feeling and what they may have actually wanted: the fear or desire they failed to adequately communicate. When we can empathize with the person behind the words, we have the key to unlock whatever prison those words have made. Don’t allow yourself to be limited by these historic thoughts. Mercury cazimi in Gemini gives you access to some deep insight, some clue to the mystery that is far more interesting than what so-and-so said at summer camp years ago. Reconnect with your power so you can move on.

Week of May 13th

Venus’ move into Taurus this week lightens relationships, allowing the love to flow more easily. In fact, the love that flows to you this week could rush in suddenly, and in shocking ways! Do something new and fun to electrify partnerships. Your ruler Mars is moving into Cancer, inspiring you to grow, learn, and maybe travel somewhere new. Perhaps a partner takes you on an exciting journey. Saturday’s full moon is in your sign, inviting you to stand fully in your power, in partnership with powerful equals. Follow your heart in relationships without forgetting your head.

Week of May 6th

You might make unexpected connections with other people this week. Partnerships and friendships are unpredictable now, and in some ways that can be a wild, fun ride. The best way to handle a long-term transit of unpredictability in relationships is to stay steadfastly committed to yourself. No matter what happens, you know who you are and what you want, and you take care of yourself first. When you have this attitude, your strong self-confidence will attract the people who bring the right kind of wildness into your life: the ones who electrify you with inspiration. Look for that.

Week of April 29th

We’re all our own worst enemies sometimes. Watch your thoughts for excessive self-criticism. Allowing your brain to run a negative commentary on your actions all day is a bad habit for many...but this week, not for you. This week, the new moon gives you an opportunity to refresh a primary relationship. If you want to find love, this is a good new moon for manifestation, so you could call in the type of person you’re looking to meet. If you have the partnership you want, spend some quality time together. The way you relate to others hinges on your self-worth, so I return to point A: a confidence boost is in order. Be your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy.

Week of April 22nd

Changes in your primary relationships are highlighted this week, as the sun meets Uranus in Taurus. You’re rewilding a friendship or partnership as you rewild yourself. The way that you approach others is changing, as is the way you expect others to treat you. Self-love is key. First, care for yourself the way you would like others to care for you. They will learn how to treat you from the way you treat yourself. Share your healing insights with your partner. Remember that somewhere in their own lives, they are wrestling with the same themes of healing and rewilding.

Week of April 15th

This week is about healing for you. You might be in the process of overcoming an illness of the body, or healing on a mental or spiritual level. You’re learning how to adapt to what life throws at you, and you’re getting stronger every day. Put words to your experience and, if you feel comfortable, share it with someone close to you. Friday’s full moon in Libra speaks of a private experience that transforms your ideas. Your thoughts work magic.

Week of April 8th

You’re in the middle of a long-term project that is transforming how you use your voice. You might be writing, speaking out more, making art of some kind. However you’re approaching this, it’s changing your ideas, and consequently, how you sound. How confident are you in what you have to say? Do something this week to boost your own confidence. Take at least one small step towards what you fear. Get curious about what might happen if you experimented a bit more. You might be inspired by the stories of those who have overcome fears of their own and gone on to do something similar.

Week of April 1st

Mercury conjunct Neptune plays creative harmonies in your fun sector this week. Of all the placements for this transit, yours is not too bad. You can play with this aspect for enhanced imagination, envisioning entire fantasy worlds. Allow the fuzzy, illogical feeling of this transit to work for you, as you write poetry, make music, or connect emotionally with a romantic partner. This is not the time for big decisions, just for fun. Clarity continues to dawn gradually over the next couple of weeks. Friday’s new moon in Aries presents an opportunity for you to release old habits and begin new routines. Welcome spring with new vigor.

Week of March 25th

Venus into Pisces on Tuesday brings beautiful, healing energy into your creativity sector, to help you make something out of all those memories and forgotten art projects you’ve been dredging up from the depths this Mercury retrograde season. The trip down memory lane continues this week, but you begin to see how it could be dressed up and transformed into something new. This is a gradual process, as Mercury stations direct conjunct Neptune on Thursday. It’s all pretty muddled still, and yet these are the perfect conditions for poetry. Mars moving into Gemini on Sunday increases your desire to push your own boundaries and move deeper into the mystery.

Week of March 18th

This week’s Spring Equinox full moon has hidden effects for you. You’re relating more to the spirit world, the inner reaches of the imagination, or the landscape of dreams than to other humans in “real life.” Consider that some attention to what’s going on with you mentally, emotionally, or spiritually could help to create a secret shift in your body’s healing. Do this in service to yourself. The mundane world and the unseen world are interconnected in ways you are only beginning to understand now.

Week of March 11th

Look to the past for inspiration this week. Clear out an old games cabinet and play something from your childhood or dance to your favorite nostalgic music. Mercury is retrograde in your creativity sector, taking you on a deep dive through layers and layers of ideas. Use this transit to amplify that powerful voice you’ve been developing. Whether you consider yourself a creative person or not, you have big talent for something. Perhaps you need a reminder of your own potential—look at what you’ve done so far.

Week of March 4th

Mercury stations retrograde in your sector of generative power. You may find yourself recalling memories that spark inspiration, become interested in old art projects, or return to the activities that you find joyful. The new moon adds a large dose of imagination to your week. Make time to play. There is the potential for relapse into “fun” that isn’t actually healthy for you, or romantic relationships that repeat old patterns. Focus on the positive things you could generate with this creative energy.

On Wednesday, Uranus moves back into Taurus to shake up your partnerships and friendships. Over the course of the next seven years, you will encounter big changes in this area of your life. You will feel the need to end old, stale, or boring relationships. In some cases, that ending will come abruptly. It might not even be about you--a close friend or partner’s erratic behavior could keep you pretty busy at this time. You’ll be forming alliances with some wildly interesting people, people who light a wild spark in you. The Great Awakener, as he is sometimes called, will oppose your sun, calling you to free yourself from inhibitions. There is a point to all of this: when you are truly free in relationships, others see you for who you are and love you anyway. Uranus’ earth-shattering changes often turn out to be miracles once the dust has cleared. Get ready to re-wild your connections with others.

Week of February 25th

Mars in Taurus means relationships are center stage right now. You may need to let someone else have their way for once. Taurus likes things to stay the same, and you feel restless if you’re not in the middle of a deep, dramatic transformation. Trust--once Uranus gets into Taurus next week, stagnation will be a thing of the past, even for your most stubborn friend. For now, focus what you can control: your mindset, your words, and your actions. When Venus moves into Aquarius on Friday, you may be inspired to express yourself at home.

Week of February 18th

Chiron in Aries is healing your relationship to magic, to spiritual ritual, and to that most mundane of experiences: taking care of your body. The easiest way to think about this seven-year transit is this: your body is your temple. That’s the merging of the everyday and the spiritual that Chiron will be teaching you about. We all have wounds around self-love regarding our bodies, as we all have been told in some way that they are imperfect. Even those of us who have a healthy sense of self-love live in this world of fast food, overwork, and sleep deprivation. Let Chiron teach you how to take care of yourself. As you heal even the smallest wounds, you begin to transform your whole life. You may even be teaching others how to see their health in a different way. The rest of the astrology this week indicates that you’ll be spending a lot of time with others, perhaps socializing with friends or performing for an audience. You’re developing a powerful voice. Use it.

Week of February 11th

A sudden challenge in your work or health may require you to adapt yet again this week. If you’ve been pushing yourself too hard or ignoring a health issue, try to prevent a flare-up ahead of time by taking good care of yourself. A conversation regarding power dynamics in your workplace is also a possibility. Take some time out with a good friend or significant other to enjoy Valentine’s Day this year. A good meal and lively conversation will be just what you need. This weekend, there is an opportunity to say, sing, or create something beautiful.

Week of February 4th

Monday’s new moon gives you an opportunity to refresh a home or family situation. This could be the perfect time to take stock of what you really value and clean any other old junk out of the house, update a decoration scheme, or have conversations that renew relationships with family members. Or perhaps it’s just a nice week to take some time out for yourself in the privacy of your home. Towards the end of this week, a challenge will require you to adapt. Choose the path that calls you. It will be the one that looks less safe—the bigger risk, the longer journey, but the one that nurtures your soul.

Week of January 28th

You have some imaginative ideas, but ideas are everywhere. Discipline matters much more than talent or inspiration. This week, create some structure so that you can communicate your ideas effectively. Take the time to work on it regularly, and the dream becomes a reality. Discipline and drive will open you to the power of your voice. Structure will also be the key to gliding through any upsets in your health or work this weekend. When you’re prepared for the unexpected, it’s easier to deal with. Venus moves into Capricorn on Sunday, giving you a month of support for beautiful thoughts and artistic communication.

Week of January 21st

The blessings this week come into your house of income. There are more opportunities to increase the size of your purse, use your talents, and gain confidence in yourself this week. Tuesday is an especially good day for some money magic. If someone else has a hard time with your success and creates tension, do your best to rise above it. You have another opportunity to shine at work on Friday anyway. Focus on what you can control.

Week of January 14th

This week there are more opportunities to use your talents, and perhaps to gain income through that work. You have something serious and transformative to communicate now. As you focus on using your voice, you may be surprised at the depth of the ideas that come through you. You speak the truth—though you may find that it can hurt if you’re not careful. Write down what you want to say before you say it. This eclipse is the last in a cycle that has changed your direction, shifting your identity, your home, and/or your vocation. Your public image is illuminated on Sunday night. Use your visibility wisely.

Week of January 7th

Your talents are in demand this week. You may be paid well for them, too. Practice confidence and express yourself, especially if you’re involved in any artistic endeavors. Scorpio-rising artists would do well this year to go after the creative dream and raise income expectations beyond “starving.” If you’re not an artist, you are still raising your expectations about getting paid to do something fun. Play around with work that might not feel so much like work. Use this boost in confidence to push off on a creative journey.

Week of December 31st

You are called to speak on serious matters this week. You are developing a voice of wisdom. You are taking responsibility for what you think and what you say. You are becoming wise enough to be curious about what you do not know, and skilled enough to pass your knowledge on to others. Work to satisfy your curiosity now. Acknowledge the gaps in your understanding, and seek out the answers you need.