July 15 - 21

You are reviewing some very old family patterns and history all summer long. The past is never really past, especially this week, when Mars meets the south node again on Wednesday. You had a taste of this mid-June. Ancestor stories, family drama over what happened back then, and unconscious patterns that have you enacting the generational story. This could be your chance to break a cycle. Figure out what could be restricting your freedom to be yourself and go where you want to go. Use the power of generations past to fuel you, too, because no matter what kind of background you come from, there are always nutrients to draw on in those roots.

July 8 - 14

This week may bring artistic muses, spiritual insights, career developments, and/or beautiful connections with community. You are reviewing past desires and seeing which ones still hold up, and though you may want to take action in situations involving home and family, it’s wise to wait. Meanwhile, your community can be a source of support for you as you birth creative projects and find ever-more mature ways of expressing yourself. Jupiter stations direct on Tuesday, continuing to bring you luck and expand your sense of self for the next four months. Use Jupiter’s blessings to enhance your life. If risk is involved, strategize through Mars retrograde and act in September. The partial solar eclipse in Cancer on Thursday opens a new path of exploration for you in the realm of religion, knowledge, and travel. Whisper your dreams to the moon. Your voice is more powerful than you realize, and this eclipse season may give you an opportunity to use it. Your project as a Scorpio is to become comfortable with transformation, so this eclipse season is a chance to practice. Ride the waves of change. Surrender to a lack of control, and you will begin to see even more of Jupiter’s gifts. All of this activity is happening under the surface right now, which suits you perfectly fine. Trust the churning waters to bring something forth.

July 4th

Eyes are on you this July 4th, with Mercury on the north node at the top of your chart. Something is pulling you forward, towards the future, especially where your vocation or career is concerned. It may feel a little like gravity is holding you down, keeping you from flying to new heights, as Mars retrograde demands that you go back over the past before you look to the future. Patience and strategy are your best weapons right now.


“None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

You are good at staying still and keeping your own counsel in turbulent times. July is one of those times. A lot can get done when you take a beat to listen to that whisper that comes from deep within you, from the depths of your heart. The Mars retrograde through Aquarius is forcing you to pay attention to where you come from and where you want to go. You may feel like home is tying you down when you’d like to roam free. On the 10th, Jupiter stations direct in your sign, moving towards another trine with Neptune (exact August 19th). The partial solar eclipse on the 12th is in your fellow water sign of Cancer, directly opposite your modern ruler Pluto in Capricorn. This begins a mini-cycle of new ideas for you to share with your powerfully growing voice. That whisper inside of you will eventually become a shout. Tension arises from the changes in yourself, your partner, and/or your relationship to each other. You could also be encountering challenges in a friendship or business partnership, or meeting intriguing new people who inspire you. Practice patience; avoid impulsive actions even if it does feel like someone else is being unreasonable. Leo season, starting July 22nd, puts the emphasis on your vocational path. You are changing direction now, even if the shifts are subtle. Mercury’s next retrograde starts in Leo July 26th, followed by a blood moon eclipse in Aquarius on the 27th. The end of the month brings a big moment. Changes arise in your family, your home, or the mark you leave on the world. Pay attention to how you feel about what’s happening. Anger, especially, is one of the emotions that shows us what we want most. Track everything and create your strategy this month. A well-planned attack can be timed for September or early 2019.