Week of September 16th

How you express yourself becomes a part of the way people remember you. What you say, what you do, how you spend your time: it all becomes a part of your larger reputation. This week, consider where you feel restricted from expressing yourself freely as you wish to. You have something important to communicate; you will need to be unfettered to accomplish this. This doesn’t mean that you should fly off the handle! But consider placing yourself in a room with people who share your values and desires, and who are open to what you want to say. As you reinvent the concept of “work” into more of a daily ritual or a space of play, you will find a place of belonging.

Week of September 9th

Sunday’s new moon asks you to discern the shape of your legacy. All those who live well plant a legacy, a tree that lives on for hundreds of years after their passing. It might just be a sapling in your lifetime, but it can provide shade for the next generation. What kind of tree are you planting now? What kind of soil have your ancestors cared for and fertilized for you to plant in? You are in a longer process of transforming your relationship to value. In the next seven years, you will radically reinvent your particular form of work: a service. So it is important to peer into the darkness that lies before you and make out the lines of a shape that is yet to come. What is it you want to grow from this soil that you’ve tended? Knowing this brings you closer to home.

Week of September 2nd

Mercury has been focusing your thoughts on school, spirituality, philosophy, or travel. This week, on Wednesday, Mercury moves into your sector of vocation and career. He’ll help you communicate with the public, as well as anyone related to your vocational aspirations. Several aspects are now supporting you in work and career. Saturn’s direct station on Thursday continues the cycle of a lesson about old-fashioned morality and earned rewards. Think values of your grandparents: discipline, bootstraps, early to bed and early to rise, etc. The more realistic you are about getting what you want, the better your results will be over the next three years. At the end of this week, you may have opportunities to make a change in your work life, health, or daily routine that helps you reach your larger goals. Challenges inspire you to action. If things feel uncertain at home, you may start to swim in a new direction soon. Yours is the sign of the wanderer; the world is your home and always has been. Take any surprises that come and look at them as potential opportunities for a much-needed change. Jupiter continues to protect and guide you from unseen places.

September Overview

The last half of 2018 has been full of inner planet retrogrades, but September is our one month that features all inner planets in direct motion. Mercury exits his shadow period on September 2nd. Technically, Venus begins her shadow period on the 2nd, and Mars will still be in shadow until October 8th. But as I wrote in this post, it’s not an exact extension of the retrograde. Just a time to integrate the lessons of this summer’s Mars retrograde and preview the themes that may come up when Venus stations retrograde on October 5th.

Meanwhile, September brings some aspects that help us steady ourselves and start moving forward a bit. Mercury enters Virgo on the 5th. Mercury is the planetary ruler of Virgo, sign of thinking, writing, organization, health, and service. With Mercury direct in this sign, communication requires less effort and technology runs more smoothly than it did in July and August. Saturn stations direct on the 6th, so once again he will be moving back over the degrees (to 9 Capricorn) that he has been transiting since December of last year. Where Capricorn is in your natal chart, and where you have natal planets being aspected by Saturn, you are still in Saturn’s classroom. Values of discipline, sweat equity, and moderation are your best tools for this transit.

Just as the sun in Virgo made a grand earth trine with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus last month, Mercury will repeat this aspect on September 7th. This is supportive earth energy. We can use it to stabilize some of the Uranus in Taurus surprises with Saturn’s longevity, and start bringing some of our Uranian innovations into reality.

Venus and Mars square each other this month, continuing to reflect tension in relationships. This is an invitation to take action and resolve disagreements. First, Venus in Libra squares Mars in Capricorn on September 8th. The next exact square will be October 10th, with Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius, but the aspect will be in effect all September long. Venus will enter Scorpio, the sign of depth, power, sex, mystery, history, taboo, and the occult, on September 9th. Venus here loves the beauty of the darkness. Where Venus transits this sign in your chart, you can go deeper into your true values and the more intimate side of your relationships.

The next lunar cycle begins with a new moon at 17 Virgo on the same day (September 9th). This new moon is opposite Neptune in Pisces and trine Pluto in Capricorn. This speaks of spiritual experiences and artistic endeavors, as well as glimpses into power (your own or someone else’s). Deception and manipulation are the negative sides of this lunation. On the positive side, personal empowerment and spiritual understanding are also possible. Use your powers of discernment. Get in touch with nature, as Virgo is an earth sign. Animals (the nature spirits) are especially dear to Virgo.

Mars enters Aquarius on September 11th, continuing his path through the shadow of this summer’s retrograde. Aquarius is the sign of freedom, community, invention, individuality, and revolution. Mars here is a revolutionary, a classic rebel, so many will feel their energy moving in the direction of resistance. The square to Venus in Scorpio will be applying all month; therefore, one of the challenges is for people to navigate themes of intimacy and freedom in their relationships.

Both Mercury and the sun are traveling through Virgo this month, so they make the same aspects within days of each other: an opposition to Neptune on September 7th and 13th, and a trine to Pluto on the 11th and 15th. These are previews and echoes of the Virgo new moon on the 9th, which highlights all those themes of spirituality, artistry, and power. The sun and Mercury, always close to each other, travel together for most of the month and meet exactly on the 20th.

Once Venus gets into Scorpio and Mars into Aquarius, they start making some intense aspects to other planets. Venus immediately opposes Uranus in Taurus (exact September 12th), and squares the nodes exactly on September 14th, creating a fixed cross pattern that challenges us to change in areas where we’d rather stay consistent. Themes of radical reinvention, money, power, individuality, and relationships with our communities are all brought to the forefront in mid-September. Mars squares Uranus again on September 18th. This aspect was exact on May 16th and August 1st. It will, by this time, feel familiar to you: disruption, revolution, frustration, fast innovation in categories that were once fixed. The good news is that Mars is direct this time, so taking action will be easier. This is a hot aspect, though, so it’s wise to be careful. Themes that have been playing out since mid-May are still very much in play.

Libra season begins with the fall equinox on September 22nd. Libra is the sign of balance, justice, beauty, and peace. With Chiron in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn, though, aspects from this sign are bringing the other cardinal signs into play, so the challenge is to create that peace and equilibrium. Mercury moves into Libra the day before the sun, on September 21st, and both immediately begin an opposition to Chiron. Chiron in Aries is calling on us to heal the wounds of toxic masculinity, including the wounds of war and environmental destruction, to acknowledge womens’ anger, and on a personal level, to practice authenticity. Those themes of women’s fury and sucking the patriarchal poison out of masculinity will be very present at the end of September.

On September 22nd, Mars will also make an exact conjunction with the south node. This aspect occurred on June 13th and July 18th. Since the south node sucks us back into old patterns, the shadow side of revolution will show itself: anger, destruction, and uncompromising ideology. Mercury and the sun in Libra will square Saturn in Capricorn around this time (September 23rd and 25th), bringing up themes of creating equilibrium in hardship, through hard work. They will also trine Mars in Aquarius (September 23rd and 27th), perhaps tempering some of that rigid ideology to move a rebellion in the direction of peace.

On September 24th, we have a full moon in Aries conjunct Chiron, sextile Mars in Aquarius, square Saturn in Capricorn, and trine the north node in Leo. This is a thorny lunation. It will push us to face the wounds of anger, to heal, and to make lemonade out of some Saturnine lemons. Saturn in Capricorn is essentially winter: a shortage of resources rather than an abundance, and the hard work of survival. So when a full moon on Chiron squares Saturn, we can expect to have a challenge that will test us. You are called to be authentic and to make the most of your instincts with this one. Mars in Aquarius, the ruler of this full moon, is still conjunct the south node and square Uranus. Arm yourself as the divine warrior: strategic, courageous, and honorable; never volatile or unpredictably violent. These are wounds that we are being asked to heal, after all. On the 25th, Chiron moves back into Pisces for the next six months. The themes of Chiron in Pisces from 2010 - 2017 are up for review: healing collective suffering and spiritual wounds. Chiron will move back into Aries for a longer-term transit on February 18, 2019.

The last major aspect of September is Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn on the 30th. Outer planet retrogrades are less personal than inner planet retrogrades, so this is not something we will feel on an individual level. If Pluto is transiting a natal planet between 18-21 degrees of a cardinal sign or earth sign right now, that long-term cycle of transformation and empowerment continues.

All in all, it’s a very active month, with many of the themes we’ve seen since May 2018 continuing to play out. The good news is that we have no inner planet retrogrades, and we also get Saturn and Pluto stationing direct, which means that we have more opportunities to do stuff in the midst of an otherwise retrograde-y fall. If you have a project that you must launch in 2018, this is the month to do it. Otherwise, wait until 2019 to start something big. The squares and oppositions of September challenge us to act. Without that tension, we get comfortable where we are and things get stale. Some ideas that have been brewing since this spring could be catapulted forward this month. Surf the challenges to your advantage. Onward.

Week of August 26th

Sunday’s full moon is lovely for rest and renewal at home and/or with family. Things are lining up for you at work, so changes are in progress for the earthy, material part of your life. This weekend is more about the emotional, imaginative part of your life. Some introspective time will refresh your soul. Mars stations direct on Monday, making it easier to remove obstacles where money and communication are concerned. Frustrations this summer may have revealed something to you about your philosophy of life, what you want to learn, and/or what you want to say. Now, with Mars direct, you can start to act on those desires.

Week of August 19th

Mercury direct in your fellow fire sign of Leo makes it easier to continue on a path of learning or travel. Communication issues and tech complications are less likely now. We just have to get through one more week of Mars retrograde, and then you have a smoother month ahead in September. Jupiter trine Neptune aids you on an introspective level, guiding you spiritually. Not sure what to do with that? Go outside, look at the sky, and ask for what you want at the beginning of this week. Look for the answer in synchronicity. When the sun enters Virgo on Thursday, you begin a season of focus on your career/vocational path. The grand earth trine towards the end of this week is here to help you manifest a genius work/money/career move. Uranus in Taurus is here to help you come up with the daily routine that suits your wild soul -- the more eccentric, the better. Get ready to be radically employed over the next 7-8 years.

Week of August 12th

Mars’ move into Capricorn this week may coincide with some realizations about what you value. All of that learning this summer may have awakened some new desires within you. The message of Saturday’s solar eclipse sinks in this week. Jupiter, your protective ruler, is uncovering some very big secrets, perhaps hidden wisdom about what you really want, family secrets, or knowledge of a spiritual nature. Guard the wisdom you receive. In two weeks, things begin to shift so that you can move forward more easily. Believe.

Week of August 5th

A teacher or guru has a message for you this week. Listen for some of the secret knowledge of this Jupiter in Scorpio period to finally rise to the surface. You may be going over some very old personal history that is slowly reshaping your philosophy of life. Shifts in your approach to health/work/daily rituals may become apparent as Uranus stations retrograde on Tuesday. Saturday’s solar eclipse brings insights through or about a journey. Get your yoga clothes on and make friends with your spiritual side.

Week of July 29th

What seems like a frustrating delay could actually work in your favor, as it opens a new direction on your path. You are being supported by hidden blessings and unseen guardian angels right now. Shift your thinking and/or your approach to health this week to better align with the retrograde energy. Going back over old notes from beloved classes, re-reading mind-opening books, and returning to sites of past travel are all supported now. Mercury retrograde will guide you to see something you didn’t see before.


“We need the tonic of wildness...At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us because unfathomable. We can never have enough of nature.”

— Henry David Thoreau, Walden: Or, Life in the Woods

Mercury retrograde this month is calling you to find renewal through nature. Wildness, travel, and leaving life open to the spontaneous are true joys right now. If you have some time off, head to the woods and see if your time there reframes your philosophy. The partial solar eclipse in Leo on the 11th is a good time to escape urban/over-teched environments and let go of outdated modes of thought. Listen for spiritual messages. Jupiter trine Neptune all month (exact on the 19th) is a big deal for you because Jupiter is your ruling planet. He’s currently removing hidden obstacles for you and expanding your spiritual life. Things have probably seemed foggy lately, but this aspect is very lucky for you. Meditate on the dream and it may start to come true later this year. Mars retrograding into Capricorn on the 12th will shift your focus to money a bit - stalling it, maybe, but not for long, since Mars stations direct on the 27th. At the end of the month, a grand earth trine gives you a boost of luck in your career and money houses, and a beautiful full moon in Pisces on the 26th softens any hard edges from the Mars Rx summer. All in all this is a good month for chilling outside and grokking the wild insights, with a little road opening at the end for your sense of direction. It wouldn’t be any fun if every corner of your life was already explored. Patiently await the realization about where you want to go.