July 15 - 21

The Mars retrograde cycle is the most important thing going on this week. About one month ago, past habits, karmic messages, and old friends or issues with siblings came back to haunt your thoughts. They’re not gone yet. This is a second chance to revisit the past, particularly your reactions to frustration and your relationship to anger. Of all the signs, even more than Aquarius, you can’t stand having your freedom restricted. This kind of restriction is more likely to come from within you than from an external force, though. Regroove the thought patterns. Develop a strategy for expressing and releasing anger. Make way for new possibilities in this liminal time.

July 8 - 14

This week is all about private exploration and secret insights. Keeping it to yourself is a good idea for now. Monday brings knowledge through foreign sources, and it’s likely to be of a spiritual or confidential nature. Listen for news. At the same time, Venus reaches the very top of your chart, showing others the beauty of your skill and craftsmanship in your career. Other people are seeing how valuable you are, though since you’re currently in the midst of an inward cycle of change, you may not yet see it yourself. Trust them if they tell you that your work is beautiful. Your ruler Jupiter stations direct in Scorpio on Tuesday. He will continue to lead you on a deep diving expedition of introspection for the next four months, if you’ll let him. Expansion often means the dissolution of the old to make way for the new, which is the process you are living until November, when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius. Let it happen. Thursday’s partial solar eclipse in Cancer may bring changes in your resources, requiring you to open yourself to the mysterious vagaries of life and trust your inner guidance. You have been transforming your values for a long time. Release some control, allow others to share in what you have, and you may find that you have more. The molting crab is your guide for the week.

July 4th

July 4th may involve travel and new ideas, with Mercury conjunct the north node in Leo. Move towards exploring something new, even if you can’t commit to it quite yet. You might be hesitant to speak, with Mars retrograde in Aquarius this week and Chiron stationing retrograde in your house of self-expression. Remember the lessons you’ve had from Chiron about authentic, creative expression since April. You’re internalizing what you’ve learned so far.


“There’s something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination. I will never lose the love for the arriving, but I’m born to leave.”

— Charlotte Eriksson

You’re developing a new strategy for your explorations this month. You may be wandering, staying, or leaving, but whichever it is, you’re thinking about where you want to arrive next. Venus climbs to the top of your chart on the 9th, signifying a renewed attention to the beauty and craft of your vocation. Your ruler, Jupiter, stations direct on the 10th and begins to move towards another lovely trine with Neptune (exact August 19th). The dream of home that is taking shape in your imagination could start to be realized when Jupiter finally shifts into your sign in November. Let the old things dissolve so something new can take their place. The partial solar eclipse in Cancer on the 12th reminds you of this dissolution, as you begin a mini-cycle of embracing the mysterious. You don’t necessarily have to plan where you’re going or when you’re leaving. As long as you maintain a deep connection with your intuition, you’ll always know the right time. Mars continues to move towards the south node in Aquarius, bringing you back to everything you want to say, or everything you’re not saying. While things in your life are dissolving, see if you can let go of some negative thought patterns that aren’t helping you to move forward. You can use this retrograde time until September to clear your mind. Planning projects that involve communication can also work, as long as you wait until after August 27th to launch. Leo season, beginning July 22nd, always calls you to share inspiring, creative ideas and learn from others. This year we have Mercury retrograde in Leo during the season, starting on the 26th. When combined with the total lunar eclipse on Mars the next day, this signifies big shifts in your perspective. Open your mind to new possibilities. You don’t necessarily have to come to a conclusion yet. The world is about to split open, giving you many more roads to travel than you may have thought possible before.