Week of May 20th

Limitations on your wallet may frustrate you this week. You seek freedom, always, so any kind of limitation feels scary. However, you don’t need to fight this. Investigate what is really going on. Take stock of your resources, including all of the non-monetary ones, like emotional resources, relationships, knowledge, and magic. Consider ways of feeling freedom that don’t require immediate cash flow. Consider any limiting beliefs or values that may be keeping you from getting what you want. Sometimes dealing with the reality of money gives you the peace of mind you need, so don’t avoid this reckoning. Mercury cazimi in Gemini could send you an interesting message through a friend or partner. You could always ask for and accept help.

Week of May 13th

Venus’ move into Taurus invites you to engage in radical self-care. What would feel revolutionary? Find the most luxurious thing you can do for yourself, the most beautiful gift you can give yourself, the most extravagantly confident words you can say to yourself. Allow yourself to have what you want, without guilt trips. You don’t need to mix your pleasure with shame; you can experience shameless pleasure. Try it. You don’t need to spend money to do this. You could just give yourself the time you’ve been craving. Skip work on a Wednesday, sleep in late, or get your nature fix. Saturday’s full moon in Scorpio asks you to address the needs you’ve been hiding.

Week of May 6th

Do you know what you’re fabulous at? Having fun. Joy is your natural gift, your divinely granted talent, and a big reason why you attract so many admirers. It’s hard to resist the aura of someone who knows how to enjoy themselves thoroughly. This week, concentrate on what feels fun! Plan a good party, do something wonderful for yourself, make art without expectations, or throw yourself into an adventurous fling with one of the aforementioned admirers. An unexpected change in your daily routine could bring the wild opportunity you were looking for.

Week of April 29th

Conversations with a friend or partner will be dynamic this week, to say the least. Your life and your sense of self is expanding, and a significant other may have a lot to say about it. It might be a good exchange, full of enthusiasm! It also might not, so if someone else says they don’t like how you’ve grown, resist the impulse to contract and make yourself smaller. Sometimes when you start to expand and shine your light, other people feel threatened. Try not to take it too personally; it’s just their reaction to change. On Saturday, the new moon in Taurus opens an opportunity to renew a daily routine, perhaps related to your work or your health. Do what makes sense to you.

Week of April 22nd

Do you feel the awakening in your body? Do you feel how your inner child is healing? Seek experiences that put you “in flow” this week. That means doing things that bring you joy, so that once you are fully focused, you lose track of time. To be in flow is to no longer be aware of the fears and desires of your ego, and no longer distracted by mundane interruptions--only aware of the joy that you’re feeling. What puts you in flow? It might be a creative activity, a night out dancing, or a morning swim. Step into it, even if it’s only for a moment at a time, and trust what comes to you.

Week of April 15th

This week is about healing an old wound around self-expression. You are called to express yourself authentically. This might mean being honest in a romantic relationship, making time for creative play without expectations, or being adventurous with your style. However you choose to interpret self-expression, it will be right for you. Friday’s full moon in Libra highlights the sense of belonging that you feel when you are true to yourself. Connect with your tribe. Take a risk and be yourself. Consider the possibility that you already belong. Remind yourself of last week’s exercise: you are worthy of this.

Week of April 8th

You may hit a turning point for your luck or ambition this week, with Jupiter stationing retrograde. At this point in the cycle, consider what you want to use your good fortune for. The opportunities are easier to get with Jupiter in your sign, but you still have to know what you want and take action to get it. Self-worth is key. Tell yourself that you deserve what you want this week. You don’t need to justify your goals. You’re alive on this Earth for a reason, and however big your dreams are, you don’t need to apologize for them. Right now you’re in the process of transforming your whole relationship to worth. Just as an exercise, explore the possibility that you deserve what you want and you can have it. What is it like to feel worthy?

Week of April 1st

Mercury conjunct Neptune continues to obfuscate something about home or the past this week. However, this is a beautiful transit for envisioning the home of your dreams. Spend some time thinking about what home means to you this week. What kind of place makes you feel comfortable? Where do you want to return to rest in between adventures? And who with? On Friday, the Aries new moon represents the beginning of a new cycle for self-expression, fun, or romance. Examine any fears of unworthiness that may be holding you back. You’re absolutely worth it.

Week of March 25th

Venus into Pisces suggests some beautiful, glamorous décor for your home. You begin to see how home, or at least the space in which you sleep, can be a healing place. Mercury is still retrograde conjunct Neptune in Pisces this week, so the confusion continues this week. Even though Mercury stations direct on Thursday morning, it will take a couple of weeks for the fog to gradually lift. Memories, reflections, dreams, family stories, and ideas about home all float through your mind making little sense now. Don’t try to make too much sense of it; just be with it. Mars into Gemini on Sunday sharpens your interest in a relationship. Talking with a dear friend or partner may begin to clarify some things this weekend.

Week of March 18th

The Spring Equinox full moon brings your goals into perspective. Your hopes feel close to fruition now. Something you’ve wished for could come true, as long as you’re willing to open up and give of your natural gifts. This means you must be vulnerable. Tell other people what it is you want. Join the community of people you admire. What if you could be one of them? Face any fears of rejection and express yourself. There will be people who appreciate your talents.

Week of March 11th

Chances are good that you’ve never really had trouble leaving home. Even when you were little, your bags were packed for adventures. This week, you’re either returning home or leaving again, and the transition comes with more feelings than usual. Mercury retrograde shows you that memories are more valuable than things. Pack light, remembering that your home can be anywhere you choose to go. Time spent talking with family members helps to keep everything in perspective.

Week of March 4th

Mercury stations retrograde in your root sector on Tuesday. The urge to uproot yourself once more may flow through you. This transit is good for considering the past, communicating with your ancestors, and returning to your power places. Wednesday’s new moon invites you to connect with the larger consciousness. Consider how many things had to happen, how many people had to love each other, how many people had to survive, just to bring you into being. There is a reason that the whole world is your home.

On Wednesday, Uranus in Taurus returns to shake up your daily routine in big ways. There is no time at all for monotony in your life. You need freedom and wildness on a daily basis while Uranus is here. The Great Awakener will prompt you to reinvent your rituals. Your work life is likely to change, especially if you’re bored in your day job. You need the flexibility to do inventive, innovative work when inspiration strikes. Your energy levels may become more erratic, with hyperfocus on projects one day and disinterest the next. Techniques for centering mind and body, like meditation, reiki, or yoga, will help you manage this transit. You quite literally need to ground your own electricity while Uranus is here. You have always been attracted to the wilderness; you’re a natural explorer of the unknown. Now you are creating a daily life that gives you both freedom and stability.

Week of February 25th

It’s all about money for you at the moment. Are you transforming your understanding of wealth? Spending or saving like a champ? Venus is teaching you something important about your relationship to money and other things you value. Maybe you’ve been doing the Kondo clean (it doesn’t get more minimalist than living out of a backpack), or maybe you’ve surprised yourself with an unexpected longing for a bourgeois lifestyle. You value honesty, so be candid with yourself. There’s nothing wrong with what you really want.

Week of February 18th

On Monday, when Chiron enters Aries, you’re beginning a lengthy cycle of healing self-doubt and learning how to express yourself without fear. You have a unique voice and the right to use it. You can receive love in abundance just for being yourself. You can find an audience who appreciates your work. You can make play into a lifestyle, fulfilling your deepest wishes. All of it is possible as long as you cultivate the strong belief that you are the star of your own life. Chiron may wound here first, putting you in situations where you have to be vulnerable. Ultimately, though, you’ll be healing your inner child. The rest of the astrology this week indicates that you will need to overcome fear in order to accomplish something in your career, or possibly with family. That self-doubting voice feels cold and all too real right now. Don’t you believe it. Defeat the inner critic and flourish.

Week of February 11th

You need an outlet for your energy this week, so make sure to do something fun. Creative inspiration is likely. So are romantic fireworks—both the good kind and the bad kind. If you have children, be aware that a sudden challenge may crop up with one of them, too. By the time you get to Valentine’s Day, you may feel like you just want to keep your head down and work. You’re pretty busy taking charge of your money so you can fuel your dreams. After a busy week, some time at home this weekend will be restorative—you may even be able to use your talents to enhance your space.

Week of February 4th

This new moon is abuzz with fresh ideas. Clear your mind, follow your curiosity, talk with a friend, and see if you can gain a new perspective. Notice which thought patterns aren’t serving you well—self-criticism is probably high on the list—and try a little forgiveness. A shift to the positive will open up some doors. Towards the end of the week, your creative drive sends you hurtling towards the unknown. Don’t play it safe. Go deeper into the mystery, trusting your gut that what you find will matter.

Week of January 28th

Success right now is all about knowing what you value and aligning your life to that. It might mean getting your money in order, accessing a greater sense of self-worth, and using some latent talents. You have a dream self and a dream life that you can make possible, as long as you structure your life around what matters to you. You might get some good ideas about how to do this on Tuesday. Creativity can transform your bank account. Don’t concern yourself with what you “should” be doing according to the values of others. What’s most valuable to you?

Week of January 21st

In the midst of a lucky year, you have an especially good day on Tuesday of this week. Venus and Jupiter meet in your sign, offering you blessings and opportunities. Get clarity about what you want and take advantage of the energy. The biggest challenge to your ability to express yourself in the way that you want is your own confidence. You’re entering a season of curiosity, communication, and learning, so jump in and explore something new.

Week of January 14th

Romantic passion is likely this week. Have some fun! You’ve been so serious about figuring out your values and creating security for yourself lately that you may not have had enough time to play. Certainly, you are transforming the way you think about money. If you need to, take some time to mourn and let go of any regrets you have about the ways you’ve earned or spent money in the past. What’s done is done. If it was problematic before, you are changing it now. Embrace your carefree side and have an adventure with the eclipse this weekend. It’s the last in a cycle that expanded your perception, taking you to new places, teaching you new ways of being. Explore.

Week of January 7th

Venus in your sign is another blessing for the first month of this year. You’re looking good and hopefully feeling good. This week, concentrate on the dream of home. What do you want home to look like for you? Where is it, who is there with you, and how do you plan to do this? It’s OK not to know everything right now. You just need to begin creating a blueprint for the place you will call your own.

Week of December 31st

You are called to develop self-reliance this week. You have good luck on your side in 2019, but it is up to you to use it. You are responsible for living according to your values, for utilizing the talents you’ve been given, and for harvesting your own income. The more effort you put into supporting yourself, the more luck you’ll find on your side. Make a worthy plan for the year to come.