Venus Retrograde 2018

  Venus of Aries,  photograph by Marie-Lan Nguyen

Venus of Aries, photograph by Marie-Lan Nguyen

Venus will station retrograde at 10.50 Scorpio on October 5, 2018

Venus will station direct at 25.15 Libra on November 16, 2018

Venus stations retrograde every 18 months, prompting a review of our values and relationships. This particular retrograde, in Scorpio and Libra, will have us reviewing:

  • Partnership: marriage, romance, sex, friendship, business, enemies

  • Love, sex, other forms of intimacy (secrets and shared bank accounts)

  • Equality

  • Money

  • Beauty, art, creativity

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Come find out what this Venus Rx means for you.


The Enchantment of Jupiter trine Neptune


Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces is the biggest outer planet aspect of 2018. This has been in effect since November 2017, and will remain in effect through September 2018. We are in the middle of a three-part cycle of enchantment. The aspect was exact on December 2, 2017. It will be exact again on May 25th and August 19th.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, generosity, luck, optimism, learning and knowledge. Neptune is the planet of spirituality, religion, dreams, higher ideals, and all that is ethereal. When Jupiter in the rather witchy sign of Scorpio aspects Neptune in sensitive, psychic Pisces, they create the potential for big magic.

What kind of spell will you cast with this kind of magic in the air? It could be a time to commune with the spirits through a seance or a create an artistic work of great depth and beauty. This aspect brings to mind fairy tale films, mermaid queens, fairy godmothers, castles in the clouds and kingdoms under the sea. There is an element of fantastical illusion to Jupiter trine Neptune that can work in your favor as you enchant your own life. Water spells, divination, creative visualization, and dream boarding are all perfect for this aspect.

Trines are lovely and often make things feel easy, but the luck doesn’t always just fall in your lap. You have to do a little fishing with this one. Take some time on Friday to cast your magic net and see if you can pull in your dream.

To find out what you should cast for, look at the themes of the Jupiter-Neptune trine for your rising sign and sun sign in the horoscopes.

Scorpio Full Moon: X-Ray Vision

The moon was full at 9.39 Scorpio on April 29th at 8:58 pm ET


This moon, at its peak fullness, squared the north and south node, creating a cross pattern among all of the fixed signs: Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. Both the traditional and the modern ruler of this moon, Mars and Pluto, were conjunct in Capricorn. The moon made a quintile aspect to these two, and a sextile to Saturn in Capricorn. These are not light, fluffy influences. It’s a moon that gives you x-ray vision. You can see through things, right down to the bones of the situation.

Scorpio doesn’t do half-hearted. This is an all-or-nothing sign. Scorpios are known for seeing beyond pretense and image, to people’s motivations. They’re also known for making people uncomfortable. It’s because they can really see you. They Know. At this full moon, whether you have a lot of Scorpio in your chart already or not, you’re gifted with this kind of vision. If there is a problem, you see it. If there’s a solution that’s been hiding from you, you can see that too. It’s a moon with a lot of powerful, Mars-driven energy, one that can speed up your transformation. But only if you’re 100% honest with yourself.

I feel Saturn in Capricorn behind this one, in a Scorpio-style Power Behind the Throne kind of way. Maybe because Mars and Pluto are both in Capricorn as well, there is a sense of determination, of pushing through with fixed perseverance. Scorpio is another sign, much like Taurus and Capricorn, who doesn’t give up. The Scorpio may go underground to finish a project, keep it secret for years, or manipulate the situation in a different way to get what she wants. But as long as she’s passionate about it, the one thing she won’t do is abandon it.

That thing you’re not looking at: take a hard look at it now. See all the way through it, down to the very bones that hold it together. You can use that knowledge to your advantage. Every bit of information you have is a form of power. Use it to help yourself with a project that requires your determination. Scorpio would.


Image credit: Jason Leinwand