Happy birthday, Leo! Your horoscope for July 22 - 28.


Happy birthday! Your season officially starts on Sunday evening. Usually, it’s all about sunshine and summertime barbecues, but I’m afraid it might be a little too hot even for you this week, astrologically speaking. Instead of taking your usual place as the life of the party, you’re sitting in the cool shade with Mercury retrograde, contemplating who you are. Get to know yourself better this Leo season. Get comfortable with your truth. If you have lost touch with your inner strength, now is the time to go inward and recover your courage and pride. Eclipse season promises changes in relationships, in yourself, and in your direction. We’re nearing the end of an era for you. Release something that can’t come along for the ride. A ritual that involves literally burning old emotional baggage, photos, or clothes could be cleansing this weekend. Oh, and a word about your precious mane? Avoid getting it cut or colored until after August 19th if you can. The internal search for yourself is enough for now. You’ll show off the results later.

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Happy birthday, Cancer! Your horoscope for June 24 - 30.


Cancer, where is your transformation taking you? Are the changes you’re making the ones you want? Mars retrograde starts a summer-long review of the deeper workings in your life: your unconscious, your financial mindset, your urges and drives, and the resources you share with a partner. Your private motivations are up for review. Go deeper than the surface to figure out what you want. The link between personal power and freedom is something for you to meditate on this week. What do these things mean to you? What does your life look like when you feel powerful and free? Wednesday’s full moon is, once again, about you and a significant partner or friend. It’s the climax to a month-long story of relationship growth. Saturn is testing the maturity and strength of your partnership. It will hold up if both of you can tackle challenges together. Approach this as a team.

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Bonus Summer Horoscopes for the Solstice Season!

This summer is all about having sun in the fun with friends and loving ourselves, even when things aren’t going exactly as planned. With Mars retrograde all summer long, we’ll all be figuring out what we want. Mercury will be retrograde in Leo from July 26th through August 19th, making August a time for major self-reflection. A series of eclipses, including a total lunar eclipse in Aquarius on July 27th, mark a cycle of change for everyone, and the lucky Jupiter-Neptune trine makes room for us to dream big. These are in-between months for envisioning the future, but not for taking action. So you might as well kick back, relax, and make the most of a summer intended for sitting back and riding the waves.

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