Horoscopes: Week of September 16, 2019

Aries, this week brings another push for you to work hard on manifesting a legacy. But you are also deeply invested in your relationship with a close friend or partner, and in nurturing a sense of home and family. Where do you see yourself in all of this? Move toward what nourishes you. That is how the rest of the Work will be rebuilt, eventually. You are going places now—an inner voice guides you forward.

Taurus, balance is a daily practice. How do you want to bring beauty and ease, work and love, to each of your days? You’re serious about a project of long-term growth. You’re slowly rebuilding a belief system or body of knowledge, and it takes sweat. That’s why you need a day-by-day plan for incremental progress. Your goals may change along the way. Find the community that nourishes your curiosity and your spirit.

Gemini, where do you hold uncertainty in your body? How about self-doubt? You’re in a project of rebuilding your security, and much of what you’re feeling now has to do with the past. Give your inner child what they need this week. Look to a friend or partner for support with uncovering the truth in your history. Security comes from within. Build yourself a solid foundation.

Cancer, intuition speaks clearly to you this week. Find harmony at home. Something is slowly being rebuilt in the realm of long-term partnerships and close friendships, and it requires your patience. Most of all, this project requires that you know yourself. Speak words of peace to resolve difficulties in relationships. This weekend, your daily explorations in the realm of the mind, body, and/or spirit move you closer to the numinous.

Leo, it’s another week that asks you to make space for your interior life. Externally, you may find that you’re lifting some heavy weights at work—or maybe even literally, for your health. Internally, the project is about nurturing and healing the parts of yourself that you’ve locked away. Sometimes it’s been so long since we accessed a part of ourselves that we forget what we’re missing. Recall what you enjoyed in childhood. How could you make that a bigger part of your life?

Virgo, if you learn to listen to your body, it will tell you all of the truth you need to know. This week, notice when you’re holding your breath and when you’re breathing easy. The breath is spirit. When does it flow for you? You’re getting serious lately—about love, children, or maybe creativity—and you have places you want to go with this. Do you have a friend or significant other who is ready to take you there? Do you trust that person to help you on this healing journey? If you don’t know already, your body will tell you. Growth is calling.

Libra, with Venus in your sign, you’re glowing. Difficulties at home can’t even stop your shine this week. Practice harmony. Facilitating understanding is the spell you’re known for—bring it to relationships with family members and ancestors, as much as possible. You are a part of shaping this legacy. Your words matter a great deal. They are a source of magic, too. Find the truth and tell it. This is a healing project.

Scorpio, you’re driven this week, either to share your knowledge or to ask a million questions. Connect with others. On Wednesday, you’re reminded that you’re on a serious quest of curiosity, with something important to say. You won’t grow by staying stuck in familiar surroundings. Look outward, then inward, for expansion. Significant growth comes through healing the inner child.

Sagittarius, your friends are the ones who will pull you through times of self-doubt. Ask for their help if you need it. You can lean on them if things are tough this week. You’re still on this diving exploration into the ocean of your memory and unconscious, and what you pull up might be difficult to deal with. Better dealt with, though, then left under the spell of illusion or secrecy. Find the community who will help you navigate deep waters.

Capricorn, your ruling planet Saturn stations direct on Wednesday, reminding you of how much you’ve grown in the last couple of years. Your hard work shows, especially in your career. Look to partners and friends who support you in this growth. Where do you still feel stuck? How can you rebuild stronger? The challenge is yours to tackle together. On an inner level, you are finding beautiful language with which to heal.

Aquarius, sometimes knowledge is the path to healing. Art, science, or literature may help you come to terms with your own wounds. The inner work is a challenge. Something is breaking down and being rebuilt, and it’s been taking so many years that it may feel like your new normal. Continue to practice deep, nurturing self-care. A trip with good friends may be exactly what you need. Look for people and places that make you well.

Pisces, it can be a bit of a challenge receiving opportunities to expand your career during a time when you often feel like you don’t even know yourself. Swim through the confusion this week. Peer into the well of your dreams, your unconscious thoughts, and make something of what you see. You are more than just the parts of you known to the public. Nurture your creativity first. You will meet yourself there.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Mercury at 4.07 Libra opposite Chiron Rx at 4.07 Aries: Sept. 16 at 12:54 pm

Venus at 4.04 Libra opposite Chiron Rx at 4.04 Aries: Sept. 17 at 4:21 pm

Saturn stations direct at 13.54 Capricorn: Sept. 18 at 4:46 am

Mars at 20.40 Virgo trine Pluto Rx at 20.40 Capricorn: Sept. 19 at 11:53 am

Jupiter at 16.59 Sagittarius square Neptune Rx at 16.59 Pisces: Sept. 21 at 12:44 pm

Mercury at 13.55 Libra square Saturn at 13.55 Capricorn: Sept. 22 at 12:18 pm

Mercury at 14.24 Libra square nodes at 14.24 Cancer/Capricorn: Sept. 22 at 7:42 pm


Weekly Moon

Third Quarter

Waning Gibbous Moon enters Aries: Sept. 14 at 6:32 pm

VOC Moon in Aries: Sept. 16 at 12:02 pm – 6:30 am Sept. 17

Moon enters Taurus: Sept. 17 at 6:30 am

VOC Moon in Taurus: Sept. 19 from 9:56 am – 4:57 pm

Moon enters Gemini: Sept. 19 at 4:57 pm

VOC Moon in Gemini: Sept. 21 at 10:40 pm – 12:49 am Sept. 22

Moon enters Cancer: Sept. 22 at 12:49 am

Third Quarter Moon in Cancer: Sept. 22

What does VOC Moon mean?

Horoscopes: Week of September 9, 2019

Aries, dreams and journeys hold the right kind of knowledge for you this week. The Pisces full moon bids you to rest and contemplate the larger questions in life. Virgo season has no doubt been busy for you, but it has also required you to adapt and shift what you know. In order to truly learn, you have to make time to sit with the lessons, letting them sink in and become a part of you. Doing more is overrated. Sleep on it.

Taurus, dreams don’t work unless you do. You have so many ideas to create right now. Choose at least one and do something with it this week. Behind the scenes, you’ve got luck at your disposal, even if it’s not looking as good as you would like. Periods of transformation rarely seem like blessings, but after the fact, they often are. Have fun with the process of manifesting your wish. Piece by piece, it begins to come together.

Gemini, Friday’s full moon highlights your legacy. Your dreamy creativity, acts of deep service, mystical gifts, and expansive vocational explorations are all in the spotlight right now. You have a great deal of support from partners and friends as well. Make sure your big dreams have a few milestones to celebrate along the way. You want a series of achievable goals, not pipe dreams. Knowing what you can accomplish helps to heal something about your sense of deserving. Some hard-earned abundance is on its way.

Cancer, words are magic. You could speak a powerful spell this week, with Friday’s full moon in Pisces adding her lunar gravity to the work. Seek to know, and to say what is right. There is a singular service you are doing here, for yourself and for others, as you make room for the life of the spirit. You’re exploring realms you may never have thought you’d find. Record the journey.

Leo, get quiet this week and make some space to access the deep waters of the unconscious. There may be some pollution to cleanse from the waters this week, so that you can drink the nourishment of dreams without hindrance. You want to clear what is not healthy, so that you can take advantage of this time, because you are bursting with creativity. With only 2 ½ months left of Jupiter in Sagittarius, what do you want to make? Draw from that well of images floating through your mind. You are as worthy of this project as anyone.

Virgo, it’s still your season to shine, so long as you don’t get too overwhelmed in the pursuit of perfection. This week, be aware of who is supporting you and who is holding you back when it comes to your dreams. You are a helper by nature. This can be a fabulous service to humanity when you give to others in appropriate ways, with boundaries. Without boundaries, your sensitivity leads you to find people who need fixing and drain your resources on them until you’re the one who needs help. Be the High Vibe Virgo: a self-care role model who uses her skills to better others’ lives after she’s filled her own cup.

Libra, this is a season of adaptation for you—a few changes are in order, and maybe some rest and healing. Try to go with the flow, as much as you might like to put “productivity” at the top of the list. The communication going on behind the scenes is more important at the moment. Inspiration, dreams, and imagination are highly active right now. Consider what big things you want to say before the year is over. What kind of communication do you want to put in place? What rituals will serve you in achieving this? Make your personal magic an everyday affair.

Scorpio, this week, like last week, is about giving and receiving. You have many gifts to offer. You may also receive something with this full moon. Don’t discount the smaller packages—in fairy tales it’s always the tiny or unassuming gifts that turn out to be the most valuable ones in the long run. Confidence is crucial to recognizing the worth of your own gifts and being able to receive from others. Do you feel worthy now? Enjoy the abundance that is already here.

Sagittarius, you are being called home this week. The deeper waters of your self, your unconscious, and your history beg to be explored. Modern people have thrown so much of the past away, discarding it and allowing it to sink. But the treasure is not as far below the surface as you might think. It’s waiting to be discovered. Look into the truth of what happened. Find out more about the ancestors and the old ways. Dispel illusions to get a stronger understanding of who you are. This is how you will expand the opportunities.

Capricorn, you try as much as possible to make sense, but what you’re learning now requires imagination and intuition more than it requires logic. Consider other ways of understanding what you know. Make some peace with not knowing, as well. This is a process of discovery, one that you have primarily been encountering in secret. What poetry do you want to explore? What spiritual experiences do you long for? Feel your way into unknown territory.

Aquarius, as you reach a new understanding of your interior landscape, you must come to terms with your belief in yourself. The time is ripe for you to move closer to your goals. Luck is on your side. What doubts and fears get in the way? Where do you get overwhelmed, and more importantly, why? Look deeper this week, to find the real reason for any self-sabotage that’s been holding you back. You have the resources you need to make the dream happen.

Pisces, Friday night’s full moon is in your sign, shining the spotlight on you. What do you wish to be known for? Which career dreams have you not yet finished exploring? Embrace the expansion and abundance that comes with this moon. Notice who in your life is available to help you, and who supports you. An observant critic can be helpful as you’re crafting an important project, but too much criticism deflates your self-esteem. Look for those who can assist you in positive ways. Play big.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Mars at 13.58 Virgo trine Saturn Rx at 13.58 Capricorn: Sept. 9 at 12:13 am

Sun at 17.18 Virgo opposite Neptune Rx at 17.18 Pisces: Sept.10 at 3:23 am

Mars at 16.01 Virgo square Jupiter at 16.01 Sagittarius: Sept. 12 at 5:05 am

Mercury conjunct Venus at 28.50 Virgo: Sept. 13 at 11:10 am

Sun at 20.43 Virgo trine Pluto Rx at 20.43 Capricorn: Sept. 13 at 3:42 pm

Full Moon at 21.05 Pisces: Sept. 14 at 12:33 am

Mars at 17.12 Virgo opposite Neptune Rx at 17.12 Pisces: Sept. 14 at 1:25 am

Mercury enters Libra: Sept. 14 at 3:14 am

Venus enters Libra: Sept. 14 at 9:43 am

Weekly Moon


VOC Moon in Capricorn: Sept. 9 from 4:30 am – 5:23 pm

Waxing Gibbous Moon enters Aquarius: Sept. 9 at 5:23 pm

VOC Moon in Aquarius: Sept. 11 at 1:22 am – 5:51 am Sept. 12

Moon enters Pisces: Sept. 12 at 5:51 am

Full Moon at 21.05 Pisces: Sept. 14 at 12:33 am

VOC Moon in Pisces: Sept. 14 from 12:33 am – 6:32 pm

Waning Gibbous Moon enters Aries: Sept. 14 at 6:32 pm

What does VOC Moon mean?

Horoscopes: Week of September 2, 2019

Aries, what you labor in service of is what you will be remembered for. Those who try to ensure their legacy out of a desire for importance get trapped in their own ego. Other people are the ones who will remember us for our deeds, and the only way to be remembered well is to live well. Do good deeds, because they are worth doing. You’re taking several steps down the path of a journey this week—go where you are called. Perhaps other people will remember what you did, but isn’t the pleasure really in the doing?

Taurus, you’re in a long-term process of educating yourself and restructuring your beliefs. It’s a creative process, and one that will still be in play for years to come. This week brings more of that creative energy you felt last week. Develop your self-confidence, so that you can allow yourself to express what it is that you want to say. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good here. The key is just to do a little bit. Once you get in the zone, you can lose yourself in the enjoyment of it.

Gemini, you’re in a long-term cycle of redesigning your inner landscape. You’re gaining access to mysteries you didn’t even know were there before, getting serious about money, defining intimacy...this is heavy stuff. This week brings the potential for some healing, especially where family and memory intersect with your sense of self. Call on the ancestors for help. You may be able to call on living family members for their assistance, too. Little by little, your inner world is shifting.

Cancer, you have a lot to say this week. Conversations with other people keep your mind and your mouth busy! Enjoy the time you spend in relationship. That is such an important part of what makes life worth living. When you are truly seen, and when you hold space for others and see them as they are, that is healing work. What you are doing seems so simple, but it is far too rare. Continue to practice deep caring.

Leo, this week is for werk. You are restructuring so much about your daily routine, your health, or your concept of service. Don’t let self-doubt keep you from moving forward. You may want to prioritize this week, so choose what you value most and start there. But remember to access your sign’s trademark confidence. You are not perfect. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re doing something. Just taking action at all puts you ahead of most people.

Virgo, you are on fire this week. There is an abundance of energy to support you in meeting your goals, as long as you can pace yourself. Follow passion without allowing it to tip over into stress. You will not achieve perfection in one week. You need to accept what can and can’t be changed. Choose something that you can influence, and break it down into a few things you can do right now. The key to creating an enduring legacy is consistent service to an important idea, day by day, hour by hour.

Libra, sometimes your big plans need a few tweaks before they can come to fruition. Adapt to the way things really are, not the way you wish they were. This doesn’t mean you have to give up. Meditate on your big ideas this week. Use your imagination to find creative ways around the obstacles. You are reconstructing a sense of self, a home, a family, a vocation, a memory. Such projects are full of surprises. Weave your way through.

Scorpio, everyone has gifts to offer. Whether large or small, they’re all valuable. What are yours? What would you like to offer to your community? Who is ready to receive it? This is a week for recognizing your own worth and sharing your value with others. Take some time to acknowledge and cultivate your natural gifts, little by little.

Sagittarius, you are in the middle of a long-term project that involves restructuring your values, and finding out what is really worthwhile to you. As you discard some outdated ideas about yourself, and begin to restructure around a new sense of worthiness, you are influencing your legacy. Other people see you this week. They see your value. Move towards people who will help you to build something lasting, a service that feeds your soul and the souls of others.

Capricorn, you take another few steps on the journey this week. You’ve been restructuring your whole sense of self; in some ways, your whole life. That means you’ve had a lot to learn. Throw yourself into the search for knowledge now. You have the right kind of appetite for it at the moment; your questions will bring you somewhere. The destination may be unknown as of yet. Continue down the path.

Aquarius, you have been restructuring something important behind the scenes. This is a week for exploring that invisible something. Mysteries beckon. Ask good questions and seek the right answers, and your inner landscape may begin to change. Perhaps intimacy with a partner is the comfort zone that needs to be pushed, or perhaps it’s an emotional and somatic understanding of your relationship to mammon, the spirit of money, or perhaps you’re seeking a different kind of magic. Look underneath the surface.

Pisces, your relationships require your attention this week. How can you show someone you love them? How do you want them to show you the same thing? You’re in a long-term project of restructuring your higher goals, and with them, your community. Individual members of your “tribe” might be your focus this week. Consider how the give-and-take in these relationships is working for you. Adapt as needed. There is a bigger goal in play here; something to do with your legacy.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Sun conjunct Mars at 9.41 Virgo: Sept. 2 at 6:42 am

Venus at 15.14 Virgo square Jupiter at 15.14 Sagittarius: Sept. 2 at 12:26 pm

Mercury conjunct Mars at 10.27 Virgo: Sept. 3 at 11:39 am

Sun conjunct Mercury at 11.15 Virgo: Sept. 3 at 9:40 pm

Venus at 17.28 Virgo opposite Neptune Rx at 17.28 Pisces: Sept. 4 at 7:26 am

Mercury at 14.02 Virgo trine Saturn Rx at 14.02 Capricorn: Sept. 5 at 8:37 am

Mercury at 15.30 Virgo square Jupiter at 15.30 Sagittarius: Sept. 6 at 3:11 am

Sun at 14 Virgo trine Saturn Rx at 14 Capricorn: Sept. 6 at 5:55 pm

Venus at 20.47 Virgo trine Pluto Rx at 20.47 Capricorn: Sept. 6 at 11:45 pm

Mercury at 17.23 Virgo opposite Neptune Rx at 17.23 Pisces: Sept. 7 at 3:18 am

Sun at 15.41 Virgo square Jupiter at 15.41 Sagittarius: Sept. 8 at 11:26 am

Mercury at 20.46 Virgo trine Pluto Rx at 20.46 Capricorn: Sept. 8 at 11:08 pm

Weekly Moon

First Quarter

VOC Moon in Libra: Sept. 2 from 4:33 am – 7:34 pm

Waxing Crescent Moon enters Scorpio: Sept. 2 at 7:34 pm

VOC Moon in Scorpio: Sept. 4 from 6:58 am – 11:07 pm

Moon enters Sagittarius: Sept. 4 at 11:07 pm

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius: Sept. 6

VOC Moon in Sagittarius: Sept. 6 from 12:03 pm – 6:37 am

Moon enters Capricorn: Sept. 6 at 6:37 am

What does VOC Moon mean?