Horoscopes: Week of August 26, 2019

Aries, the best service is always based on your truly held values. What do you care about most? And how much time do you devote to that in your daily schedule? So many of us have values that are barely reflected in our calendars because they get squeezed out by other demands on our time. If you value creativity, are you making time for unscheduled play? If you value health, are you attending to your body’s needs for nourishing food and recreation? If you value the environment, are you getting your hands dirty? Analyze and align this week.

Taurus, your very selfhood and self-image is an act of creation right now. You’re remaking you; that is the main project. Use your wild inspiration to play this week. Get your hands dirty, full of paint or clay or cloth, or food that you’re whipping up in the kitchen. If you feel pulled in all kinds of different directions, Virgo season is the time for analyzing what you want and determining some priorities. You may not be able to do all the things right now, but if you start somewhere, you will be engaged in this life-giving game of becoming.

Gemini, inspiration comes out of nowhere and shakes the foundations. Timing is everything. Use what you’ve got. Whether it’s your home and family that requires your attention now, or something about your legacy and vocation, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty details. Analyze to discern what is important, prioritize, and take action. There is some healing in order here, potentially.

Cancer, focus on your wildest dreams this week. What feels so out of reach that you’re afraid to even say you want it? Speak that dream to yourself. Write it down. Nothing is off-limits here—envision. You are in the midst of a long-term project that includes re-wilding the collective, and finding belonging in strange yet comforting places, and the time is right for your unconventional goals. Having conversations is one of the most important things you could do this week.

Leo, in this project of re-wilding your vocation, wyrding your public image, and leaving a genius legacy—it is crucial that your actions be aligned with your values. This week is ripe for analyzing your true values and determining what is most worthwhile. Resist the impulses that direct you to make less valuable decisions for short-term satisfaction. This is an exciting project, but it’s a long-term project. What measured steps can you take on your highly strange, wonderful path to your version of success?

Virgo, that pull towards wildness that you’ve been feeling is incredibly strong this week. There is some unusual freedom that beckons you. A crazy idea to explore, or perhaps a place that is like a magnet for you, somewhere you must visit, whether it’s halfway across the world or just a few hours away. Sometimes you just need to know. The answers you get may be surprising, but knowledge is often the greatest medicine. So pack your bags and go on the quest to which you’ve been called.

Libra, this week is about healing for you, and like much of healing work, this happens on a private, inner level. Revelations make their way to the surface of your consciousness, and once you become aware of them, the landscape is forever changed. In order to heal, sometimes you can’t be “nice.” Sometimes withdrawal is necessary. Certainly, you will not do everything perfectly in the process of healing, and that’s fine. The mistakes are part of the medicine. Give yourself space.

Scorpio, this week continues the Virgo season theme of your relationships with others. Where can you engage with the collective, with your community, by cultivating strong, wild partnerships with individuals? Who is your Wild Woman role model--the person you would love to be friends with because they inspire you? Try to connect with that person this week. This is about re-wilding your interpersonal landscape, to include deep, unexpected relationships through time with others, in person.

Sagittarius, continue to focus on your legacy this week, and ask yourself this: how could the lasting impression you leave on the world be, at least in part, an act of service? Of all the problems on this earth that need solving, all the illness that requires healing, where would you start? Virgo season is about looking at all of the small parts that make up the whole. You can’t save the world this week. Just find one place, person, or issue that matters enough, and then use your particular genius to serve them.

Capricorn, something you’ve created needs to be put out into the world. It might be wyrd, in the sense that it’s part of your unique destiny. It might still be coming together now. Put time into this; find other people who can help you get the word out. Explore possibilities for engaging with creativity, and note that even if you don’t identify as an artist, creativity is human. It shows up in many different ways for different people: how you solve a problem, how you wrap a gift, how you invent a game to play with your kid on the fly—all are expressions of the creative impulse. Find your expression.

Aquarius, the rumblings of change are happening again at home. Take care to notice what is revealed to you on an inner level this week. Mysteries are being revealed. Knowledge approaches. Memories spread and grow like weeds in your consciousness, unbidden. Make time for this process of revelation, and you will learn more about who you really are, where you come from, and what you want.

Pisces, strange ideas and words pop out when you’re with a certain other person. Does this person inspire you? Is there something you need to say to them? We all have psychic potential, but yours is often stronger than most. Let your intuition guide you, and say what comes to mind, even if it seems weird. It’s often exactly the message that was needed. Continue to analyze and improve your relationships, and nurture what is of value.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Venus at 6.31 Virgo trine Uranus Rx at 6.31 Taurus: Aug. 26 at 11:38 am

Mars at 6.30 Virgo trine Uranus Rx at 6.30 Taurus: Aug. 28 at 6:52 am

Mercury enters Virgo: Aug. 29 at 3:47 am

Sun at 6.28 Virgo trine Uranus Rx at 6.28 Taurus: Aug.29 at 11:14 pm

Dark Moon at 6.46 Virgo: Aug. 30 at 6:37 am

Mercury at 6.26 Virgo trine Uranus Rx at 6.26 Taurus: Sept. 1 at 10:10 am

Venus at 14.07 Virgo trine Saturn Rx at 14.07 Capricorn: Sept. 1 at 2:48 pm

Weekly Moon


Waning Crescent Moon enters Cancer: Aug. 25 at 5:05 pm

VOC Moon in Cancer: Aug. 27 from 4:55 – 7:53 am

Moon enters Leo: Aug. 27 at 7:53 am

VOC Moon in Leo: Aug. 28 at 8:06 pm – 7:57 pm Aug. 29

Moon enters Virgo: Aug. 29 at 7:57 pm

Dark Moon at 6.46 Virgo: Aug. 30 at 6:37 am

VOC New Moon in Virgo: Aug. 31 from 4:45 am – 7:07 pm

New Moon enters Libra: Aug. 31 at 7:07 pm

What does VOC Moon mean?

Horoscopes: Week of August 19, 2019

Aries, this week your attention shifts from fun and play to acts of service. Hopefully you’ve had some summer fun. What can you do for other people now? Who, or what, are you meant to serve? Devote yourself to helping with something. This could be an opportunity to learn from the leadership of others, and give them a chance to shine.

Taurus, you’ve been very focused on matters of home or career. This week, your focus shifts into fun, play, and creativity. There is fertile ground for you here. Creation, the act of giving, requires devotion. What do you want to make? Put loving attention into every detail. Do this as much for your own enjoyment as for the other people who will take pleasure in it. Slowly, something lasting is taking form.

Gemini, you’ve been exploring and learning, and hopefully it’s been a lot of fun. This week, your home and family call your attention. What details can you attend to at home? Perhaps décor could use an update – just a few small changes can make a big difference. Or perhaps relationships with family members would benefit from loving attention. Be gentle in your quest for improvement.

Cancer, you’ve been in a period of financial focus, but some of the pressure is released this week. Now you’re moving into a season of learning, reading, writing, and communication. What do you desire to learn? Devote yourself to the pursuit. Perhaps there is something you want to say, and you need to find exactly the right words to say it. Now is the time.

Leo, you’ve had quite the season, and now it’s time to harvest what you’ve accomplished. This shift into Virgo highlights your values, as well as your income and spending, your health, and your body. We reap what we sow—and what are you reaping, now? This is not about perfectionism. Consider what is valuable along with what could use improvement. Enjoy what you’ve created.

Virgo, you’re feeling yourself this week. Your season is beginning now—you’re in your element. What new self-improvement kick are you on lately? Is it working for you, or is it time to switch things up? Devotion is the keyword now. What project of yours (not someone else’s) deserves or needs your devotion? Ponder this. Plan it out. Get down into the details. You may receive some inspiration this week that helps you find the drive you need.

Libra, you’ve had quite the social season. This week marks the beginning of a month of more private contemplation. What’s happening beneath the surface is most important now. Devote yourself to dreaming, thinking, resting, solitude, or spiritual pursuits. Some of those ideas that floated in on the air around the full moon in Aquarius need time to grow. Plant them well, and tend to them carefully. It’s not time to share yet.

Scorpio, this week marks a transition from focus on the Work to a season of focus on friendship. People are everywhere now. Make time for them; devote yourself to the project of creating community. Your singular intensity can actually make you wonderful with people, because you’re more attentive and perceptive than most. And when those talents are combined with a sensitivity for other peoples’ feelings, you create strong, grounded connections with others.

Sagittarius, you’re moving from a season of travel, freedom, or learning, to one that is more focused on your legacy. What lasting Work do you want to create? This week, you may feel driven to improve upon that legacy, perfecting a project that you hope will grow and flourish. A significant partner may help you with this. Sometimes having to choose feels limiting, but in reality the limitation comes from refusing to choose, which leaves you with nothing. Making a decision frees you up to focus on what’s important.

Capricorn, we’re moving from a fiery season to an earthy one, which may feel like a relief for you. The inner transformation never ends, but you are moving into a more open territory, which frees you up to explore the outer world as well as the inner. A higher pursuit calls you now. Are you devoting yourself to knowledge this season, or to performance and media, or travel? You know how to prioritize and get things done. Explore the details of something worthwhile.

Aquarius, you have been focused on relationships lately, and what you want from them. Now it’s time to move deeper. How can you get closer to understanding the other? How do you feel about truly connecting with other human beings? About vulnerability? The details speak volumes this week. Take a close-up look at your approach to intimacy. Determine what feels right.

Pisces, this week the energy shifts from your busy schedule to your relationships. Who do you want to devote your time to? Is there anything about certain friendships that isn’t worth the effort you’re putting in? Think about how you can show up in service of the relationship, or in service of the other, without losing yourself in the process. Both of you need to be committed to the details so that you can flourish together.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Venus enters Virgo: Aug. 21 at 6:02 am 

Mercury at 14.39 Leo trine Jupiter at 14.39 Sagittarius: Aug. 21 at 6:04 am

Sun enters Virgo: Aug. 23 at 6:02 am 

Venus conjunct Mars at 4.07 Virgo: Aug. 24 at 1:04 pm


Weekly Moon

Last Quarter

Waning Gibbous Moon enters Aries: Aug. 18 at 12:32 pm

VOC Moon in Aries: Aug. 21 from 12:06 – 12:36 am

Moon enters Taurus: Aug. 21 at 12:36 am

VOC Moon in Taurus: Aug. 22 from 5:32 pm – 10:33 am Aug. 23

Moon enters Gemini: Aug. 23 at 10:33 am

Last Quarter Moon in Gemini: Aug. 23

VOC Moon in Gemini: Aug. 25 from 2:58 am – 5:05 pm

Moon enters Cancer: Aug. 25 at 5:05 pm

What does VOC Moon mean?

Horoscopes: Week of August 12, 2019

Aries, one of your central tensions is your desire for unlimited enjoyment matched with your desire to win at everything. It’s hard to be footloose and fancy free and aim for such high accomplishments at the same time. You’ve been having a lot of fun lately. This week, with the full moon in Aquarius, your attention turns to your goals. Where do you want to go with this? If you’ve been creative, who do you want to share it with? An audience or community begins to form, ready for your leadership if you are. Share the win.

Taurus, this week’s full moon puts the spotlight on you. What are you known for, publicly? Your home and family have benefited from your attention lately, and now it’s time to think about yourself. Where are you going with this? What, in the depths of your being, do you really want to say? You may be inspired to speak this week. There may be some tension between your past and your future—think carefully. Your passions inform your actions, but they don’t have to control your actions.

Gemini, whatever you’ve been learning or communicating to others is leading you in an interesting direction. This week’s full moon invites you to explore. Go weirder. Use your intellect to tackle questions of philosophy, to tell incredible stories, or to investigate a brand new place. If you’re doing this socially, choose a group of people who are interested in healing and comfortable with the edges. Unusual ideas surface now.

Cancer, you love to collect things, and it seems that you have increased your passion for doing so lately. This week’s full moon invites you to develop a rational approach to finances. You’re still in a harvesting period—make sure you’re getting what you want, and that you’re keeping at least some of it. If you share finances with a significant partner, their opinions are likely to come into play this week. Consider what will benefit you most in the long-term.

Leo, this week’s full moon puts a friendship or partnership front and center. You have high expectations for love right now, and you’re not afraid to express those desires. The people who benefit from your affection and joy are so lucky! Just make sure that other humans can live up to your standards. Some potentially sound ideas: gain some distance from a situation, get another person’s opinion first, or spend some time really listening to a partner’s perspective. Your thoughts are wild and original, but they’re all over the place right now, too—you may want to ask for some help getting them in order before you share.

Virgo, healing is a priority for you right now. Think carefully about what you need for your health. You probably want some more rest, at the very least, and some time to attend to the dreams in your head. Your inner knowing is especially active this week; strange signals come through in your sleep. Pay attention. Write things down and sort through them in a waking state, balancing rational thought with your intuitive understanding. This is an awakening process for you. You’re making your own vision of the future, day by day.

Libra, this week’s full moon in your fellow air sign of Aquarius brings some cool, fresh ideas to fan the flames of your passion. Have fun with this. Explore unusual avenues; follow weird thoughts to see where you end up. Conversations inspire new visions. Take the ideas home and work with them creatively before sharing with other people, who may not understand what they cannot see. What you make will probably be well-received by your community eventually, as long as you think it through first.

Scorpio, relationships with family members and/or a significant other are a bit unpredictable right now. You’re on fire in your career, shining a beacon out into the world, and that’s wonderful. This week asks you to balance your passion for a vocation with some more attention at home. Think carefully about what your home and family need. Have considerate conversations about it. This way, you’ll be able to keep achieving with the support of the people who know you’re thinking of them.

Sagittarius, get outside and move to think this week. You need a chance to free up your mind, and Wednesday’s full moon in Aquarius is it. Without some freedom to explore and express yourself, you’re likely to feel a bit irritable. Better to make room for your thoughts and communicate your ideas. You could have some interesting conversations with people who excite you. Be patient with a loved one now. There is still more to learn here.

Capricorn, joint finances may warrant some rational discussion this week. There are always so many emotions brewing under the surface when it comes to money; yes, even for you. Pay attention to what you feel, and note where your passion or irritation are coming from before bringing it up. You may decide together to make a purchase that brings you comfort and joy. If you’re the only one in complete control of your finances, you may be mulling over this by yourself—sleep on it and make a thoughtful decision based on your values.

Aquarius, this week brings a full moon in your sign. Time to focus on your happiness! What would contribute to your well-being? Share this with a partner or close friend. Your relationships have been an important focus lately, and hopefully a source of great joy. There is so much to celebrate here. Your own needs and desires are just as important as theirs though, and you may struggle to communicate what you want sometimes. Try to tell others what you need this week. Let them give something to you.

Pisces, you’re full of vitality and it’s showing in your schedule—you’re incredibly busy right now. Even if you’ve been keeping up with it well, and even if it’s been fun, you could use some rest. Take some time out for your health. This week’s full moon in Aquarius illuminates your dreams, bringing weird ideas out of your subconscious and beckoning you to follow. Inspiration strikes, if you give your muse the time and space. Try to balance your desire to chill with the fullness of life.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Sun at 14.31 Leo trine Jupiter Rx at 14.31 Sagittarius: Aug. 7 at 3:31 am 

Sun conjunct Venus at 21.11 Leo: Aug. 14 at 2:07 am

Full Moon at 22.24 Aquarius: Aug. 15 at 8:29 am

Mercury at 5.20 Leo trine Chiron Rx at 5.20 Aries: Aug. 15 at 5:14 pm

Mercury at 6.36 Leo square Uranus Rx at 6.36 Taurus: Aug. 16 at 1:07 pm

Mars enters Virgo: Aug. 18 at 1:18 am

Weekly Moon


Waxing Gibbous Moon enters Capricorn: Aug. 11 at 12:49 am

VOC Moon in Capricorn: Aug. 12 at 6:11 pm – 11:35 am Aug. 13

Moon enters Aquarius: Aug. 13 at 11:35 am

Full Moon at 22.24 Aquarius: Aug. 15 at 8:29 am

VOC Moon in Aquarius: Aug. 15 from 9:01 pm – 11:49 pm

Moon enters Pisces: Aug. 15 at 11:49 pm

VOC Moon in Pisces: Aug. 17 at 6:34 pm – 12:32 pm Aug. 18

Waning Gibbous Moon enters Aries: Aug. 18 at 12:32 pm

What does VOC Moon mean?