Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius: True Belonging

This partial solar eclipse happens at 27.08 Aquarius on February 15th at 4:05 pm ET

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This eclipse follows the most recent total lunar eclipse in Leo on January 31st. It's the fifth in our Leo-Aquarius eclipse cycle, which will continue with eclipses in July and August 2018, and January 2019. Because the Leo-Aquarius axis is about giving and receiving gifts, about belonging to society and the courage to be an individual, about ideal visions and big hearts, I think this recent episode of On Being with Brene Brown is remarkably well timed.

This one is next to Mercury, god of conversations, and squaring Jupiter in Scorpio, a sign which represents (among other things) fear and darkness. In the interview, Brene Brown and Krista Tippett discuss the concept of true belonging, and the "strong back, soft front" we all need to have if we're going to make space for our fear and pain, and transform through this series of social crises without severing our connections to each other. Here are some highlights from their conversation, edited for length and clarity.

...[belonging] is the spiritual practice of believing in ourselves and belonging to ourselves so fully that we find what’s sacred in not only being a part of something...but also, we find sacred the need, on occasion, to stand alone in our values, in our beliefs, when we’re called to do that, as well. And so, to me, this idea of true belonging is a type of belonging that never requires us to be inauthentic or change who we are, but a type of belonging that demands who we are — that we be who we are — even when we jeopardize connection with other people, even when we have to say, ‘I disagree. That’s not funny. I’m not on board.’
...we’ve sorted ourselves into ideological bunkers. And what’s so crazy is how that social demographic changing — of sorting into those ideological bunkers — tracks exactly with increasing rates of loneliness...[When] our connection is just an intimacy created by hating the same people, it’s absolutely not sustainable. It’s counterfeit connection.
The first practice of true belonging is, ‘People are hard to hate close up. Move in.’
When I asked...the participants for the research, what are the limits of moving close to people that you disagree with? The two big pieces were physical safety and dehumanization. And to not understand that that’s a truth for people — is privilege.
Feeling vulnerable, imperfect, and afraid is human. It’s when we lose our capacity to hold space for these struggles that we become dangerous.
The research participants who had the highest levels of true belonging sought out experiences of collective joy and collective pain. Durkheim, the French sociologist, called this experience ‘collective effervescence’’s the coming together in shared emotion.”
...we’ve got to stop walking through the world looking for confirmation that we do not belong, because we will always find it. It’s the confirmation bias. If you are looking for confirmation you don’t belong, you’re gonna find it. We don’t negotiate our belonging externally. It’s not something that we negotiate with other people or groups of one can give us this. We carry this in our heart.

For those who are interested, we are almost exactly 6 months past the American Eclipse of August 2017. Tomorrow's eclipse is in direct conversation with that one, because it's exactly opposite Donald Trump's Mars in Leo. It's also opposing his ascendant and Regulus, then, and it falls on his Part of Fortune too. I also noticed that Uranus is conjunct his Mars this year by solar arc. That Mars rising represents his ego, the bluster and aggression that he's known for; Uranus exacerbates such outbursts and brings surprises. The traditional ruler of this eclipse, Saturn (reponsibility, consequences) is opposing his natal Mercury (speech, communication). Without going into too much detail on this one, I would expect to see something to do with his health, a bluster or adaptive strategy having to do with fear or secrets around the January 31st eclipse, one of his so-called "great friends" or an enemy who shows up at this time. The part of fortune is considered a chart's "pot of gold," something that brings one good fortune when done right. But since his suggests that he would do well to let go of his ego and develop equal partnerships...let's just say he's not earning that gold. I would expect the opposite of good fortune for him. However, I'm biased, and since he seems to thrive in the center of chaos, again I make no promises.

A series of eclipses all aspecting someone's natal planets and points exactly would only happen if that person had a ton of sensitive planets/points on the axis of the eclipse cycle. So I do think it's significant that the last three have hit his chart so precisely.

These are uncertain times. We all have to carry with us the courage and vulnerability of true belonging, not to make ourselves vulnerable to those who threaten our physical safety or dehumanize us, but to find the many who can share our common humanity. I highly recommend using this post-eclipse-season new moon cycle to make a new beginning in this way.


As always, you can find more specific advice for this eclipse in the horoscopes.


Image credit: Foreigners, Claudia Fontes

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Astro Class: What kind of rebel are you?


Uranus is the cosmic rebel, the force of innovation and even genius that causes people to question the status quo and look at the world differently to create surprising changes. Uranus, along with Saturn, rules Aquarius, the sign of the Water Bearer. Often Aquarians are those people who bring the floods of change to the world. Rosa Parks was an Aquarius, as were Thomas Edison and Galileo. But not all Aquarians are Uranian (some definitely express Aquarius in a more Saturnine way). And people who don’t have the sun in Aquarius can still have a strong Uranus signature in their chart.

Uranus moves slowly, making its way around the zodiac only every 84 years. This means that groups of people have Uranus in the same zodiac sign. Most Baby Boomers have Uranus in Leo, while Millennials have Uranus in Sagittarius or Capricorn. But depending on your rising sign, the house in which Uranus lives can tell you a lot about where you are a rebel. In what part of your life are you unconventional? In what part of your life do you question the accepted norms and seek to do things differently?

To find out which house Uranus is in, follow directions here. You will need to know your time of birth.

First House: You were born a rebel. The closer Uranus is to your ascendant, or first house cusp, the more fully you express the unconventional energies of that planet. You may have always felt that you were different; maybe you find that other people think you’re a little bit weird. This can be an uncomfortable feeling, but don’t worry: anything that makes you different from other people is one of your greatest gifts. You have a unique way of seeing and approaching the world; a truly innovative way of being. Everything you touch is blessed with your one-of-a-kind signature. Embrace what makes you different.

Second House: Money rebel. You have a unique talent and/or an innovative way of making money. You may be unconventional where money and possessions are concerned, choosing a lifestyle outside of the mainstream. You may have some very special possessions and collections. Or you may simply have an unconventional income stream that comes from an unusual line of work. Money can move in unpredictable patterns for you, stopping and starting without warning. Mine your rare talents and see how you can work them to your advantage.

Third House: Rebel messenger. You have a rebelliously unique way of communicating. You could be unusually skilled with words and languages. You might have strange siblings and friends, and/or you prefer to live in a diverse or otherwise interesting neighborhood. You require an interesting day-to-day life that is populated with fascinating people and punctuated by frequent short trips out of town. Through all of these interactions, you have messages to communicate to others, and they are likely to be unusual, or you may communicate them in interesting and creative ways.

Fourth House: Ancestral rebel. You’re a rebel at home, and maybe only privately. The closer Uranus is to your imum coeli (IC), or fourth house cusp, the more interesting your roots. You may create an unconventional home for yourself, or a different kind of family. Your home and family growing up may also have been different in some way; perhaps one of your parents is unusual. If you trace your family tree, you’ll probably find some fascinating characters in your genealogy. You’ve inherited an unconventional identity.

Fifth House: You’re a rebellious creative and a genius of fun. This is the house of games (including games of chance), play, sports, artistic pursuits, self-expression, and children. You probably have unusual talents in one or more of these areas, and you may enjoy unusual pursuits. What is “fun” may be very different for you than it is for others. Your children -- whether they’re human children or creative projects -- are unconventional. You may have a rebellious child who needs a lot of freedom. Give your child and/or yourself as much freedom as possible to rebel in constructive ways. Play with your eccentric tendencies for new and exciting results.

Sixth House: You’re a rebel in the office – or more likely, you don’t work in an office because you need your freedom. Your work and routines are likely to be unconventional, and you may have many different jobs. You might also have unconventional pets. This placement in the house of ritual can indicate a unique magical ability. You understand that our lives are made up of a series of days; therefore, you demand that your days will be interesting, because you desire an interesting life. Create a series of rituals and routines that liberates you from the mundane.

Seventh House: Either you’re a rebel in relationships, or you attract rebel partners, or both. The closer Uranus is to your descendant (seventh house cusp), the more clearly this resonates in your life. This house placement can refer to unique romantic partnerships, business partnerships, and close friendships. However you end up partnering, it’s going to be unusual. You enjoy spending time with eccentric people. You may get bored easily when dating and move on quickly. Monogamy might not be your thing – if you do end up partnering monogamously, your partner will need to be endlessly interesting.

Eighth House: Taboo rebel. It may not be immediately apparent to others, but your rebellious streak runs deep. You might have unconventional attitudes about intimacy and sex, and let’s just say you’re probably not boring in bed. Uranus in the house of shared resources can also play out so that you attract other people’s resources in unexpected ways. This placement can sometimes indicate a genius for investing and working with other people’s money. You may be a rebel because of an interest in the occult, a talent for divination, and/or spiritual beliefs that are far from mainstream. Research your hidden, most vulnerable interests to mine the gold in your chart here.

Ninth House: Wandering rebel. You have a keen curiosity that leads you to seek out unusual beliefs. This may take you literally on the road less traveled, to countries most people would never think to visit. Your particular brand of rebellion could come from choosing to wander instead of settle, always immersing yourself in the foreign. Or, you might be more of a spiritual wanderer, seeking religious knowledge from unusual sects. However you choose to seek knowledge, you keep an especially open mind. It’s likely that you’ll broadcast your unique ideas to the wider world once you’ve gathered them.

Tenth House: Public rebel. Like people with Uranus in the first house, your difference is readily apparent to others. In fact, it’s even more so, because whatever it is that makes you special ends up informing the public's perception of you. Your genius can show up in your career, and you could become widely known for what you do. You might have unusual entrepreneurial ideas that break the mold for business. You might be a performer who turns his/her individuality into a superpower, or the inventor of a game-changing technology. Or perhaps you’re simply known about town for being part of a very interesting family. The closer Uranus is to your Midheaven, the more notorious your particular brand of innovation is.

Eleventh House: Networking rebel. This is the natural house of Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus, so the rebel planet is right at home here. You probably move in many interesting social circles and have unique friends. Staying in one clique doesn’t make any sense to you -- you need the freedom to mingle with whoever you please. With this placement, you’re the most likely to be plugged into social networks and using them to innovate. When it comes to the future, you’re a visionary. Not only can you see further into the possibilities of the future than others, but you’re able to communicate your vision to others, drawing people in to a likeminded group. Your vision is likely to be altruistic and progressive, so you’ll be able to use your networking abilities to promote tolerance for all different kinds of people.

Twelfth House: Hidden rebel. Your eccentric tendencies may not be immediately apparent to others, or even to yourself, but you do have them. You’re gifted with flashes of insight that come through your intuition, dreams, and imagination. You need solitude for contemplation to receive these ideas. This might lead to unusual patterns, like odd sleeping hours. You may be gifted with psychic ability, or have strange paranormal encounters. With time and effort, you can access hidden worlds. The invisible is made visible to you in surprising ways. 


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