Sagittarius Full Moon: Volcano Sharks

The moon is full at 18.53 Sagittarius on Friday, June 9th at 9:10 AM EST.

                                                                                       I don't know who made this, but good job.

                                                                                       I don't know who made this, but good job.

This week I was reading about scientists' discovery of sharks living in an active underwater volcano. The discovery was made in 2015, but as of April 2017 they're still sending robots down and planning to tag a shark to find out more about how these creatures survive in an environment that shouldn't be hospitable to life-forms. From what I can tell, they're not much closer to solving this mystery. I realized that these days I feel kind of like those sharks, living in the cloudy, overheated water of a volcano ready to explode at any moment. And yet, somehow, making it a home.

Full moons always ramp up the intensity. This one feels especially hot. See: Comey's testimony and Britain's vote. This lunation falls on Comey's Sagittarius sun, and is conjunct Trump's (full) natal moon in Sagittarius, putting the spotlight on both of them. Just to be clear, I'm not making any truly dire predictions for volcanic activity in our political landscape or your personal one. But this year's signatures of Saturn trine Uranus and Jupiter opposite Uranus promise surprises. We are living in a volcano of our own making. While that might be a scary thing to say, I will remind you: two years later, there are still sharks.

Tomorrow's full moon is next to Saturn, the planet of limitations that has been taming adventuresome Sags since December 2014. Sagittarius the explorer loves hanging out off the coasts of remote islands, exploring active underwater volcanoes. And Saturn, the disciplined authority, would absolutely continue that exploration through serious scientific study. Where Saturn has transited through your chart in the past three years, you have tamed your explorations, making your search for truth and knowledge more disciplined. Now the energy of Saturn trine Uranus invites you to use the structure you've created to follow new inspirations. Like a scientist studying something as weird as volcano sharks, you're using disciplined methods to get to that eureka moment.

In the political landscape, this is a fiery full moon that I believe serves as a precursor to the Leo solar eclipse on August 21st, which will fall on Donald Trump's ascendant and natal Mars. Eclipses signify beginnings and endings. Something big will happen at the end of August, and it is not likely to be good for Trump, positioned as it is on the north node and fixed star Regulus, "the Little King," symbol of destructive violence. Many astrologers are predicting the fall of this little king; I hope so too, but who knows who will benefit until it happens. I can say it will be momentous. Because of the trine that eclipse will make to Saturn and Lilith in Sagittarius (on Trump's moon), and Uranus in Aries, I predict the news will contain echoes of this full moon.

What does this full moon mean for you personally? You may need to adapt to life in a volcano of sorts. Something serious, of the nature of Saturn (hard work/consequences) needs to be addressed. This doesn't mean it's all bad; for some people, the "volcano" is a busy but fulfilling project or a hot new relationship. Luckily, this lunation is part of the Grand Fire Trine that has been in effect over the last few weeks: Saturn trine Uranus and the North Node in Leo. The times might be uncertain, but we are creative. If this week or weekend is especially intense for you, take heart in the knowledge that things are looking up. Jupiter, the ruler of this full moon, moves direct tomorrow! Mercury is at home in Gemini, Venus is direct and at home in Taurus, flirting with Mars in Cancer. The slow, reflective retrograde energy of the past six months is dissipating, and we are moving forward. Keep swimming.

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