June 2019 Forecast

When I look at the aspects for June of this year, I see two overarching themes playing out. One is shown through the mutable energy of Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces: gathering knowledge and remaining open to change, and therefore resilient. The second theme is a reason to cultivate resilience: the lead-up to our especially hard-hitting Cancer-Capricorn eclipse season in July.

June, then, is a time to stay flexible and shift course a bit if necessary, in the spirit of resilience. What challenges you in these next two months will be similar to the challenges you faced in January of this year, when we had our first round of 2019 eclipses. Trust your intuition to tell you whether it’s better to move to high ground or stay and ride out the storm.

If you follow other astrologers and people who occasionally reference astrology in their writings, you will hear them talking about the challenges of this cycle. Be aware that June and July will probably be hard, for some more than others. If you have seen me for a personal consultation this year, you will remember that we talked about this! But also be aware that active cycles are not always “bad,” and tranquil cycles are not always “good.” For example, I have some exciting personal commitments scheduled for this month. Self-development like this always requires effort. My hope is that my endeavors will change my life in positive ways, but I also know that inner work is challenging. A lot of productive change happens in the grind of active astrological conditions. This is an active cycle. Consider that for a moment in a neutral light, and decide what sort of action you need to take. Stay agile. Cultivate resilience.

On June 2, Venus in Taurus is trine Pluto in Capricorn. Take stock of the resources at your disposal. Trust in your ability to change the status quo and overcome your obstacles. Early in the morning on June 3 (at sunrise in Brooklyn), we have our astrological new moon at 12.34 Gemini. This moon is ruled by Mercury, also in Gemini, so it’s all about gathering information, questioning what we know, and communicating ideas. With the moon square Neptune in Pisces, we do have to take care with the information we receive, asking ourselves: is it accurate? Does it come from a reliable source? Is there self-delusion here? However, with our critical faculties in use, this can be an excellent new moon for imagining original, dream-worthy intentions to act on throughout the lunar cycle.

Get ready to say goodbye to that brief period when we had Mercury in his home sign of Gemini AND Venus in her home sign of Taurus. On June 4, Mercury leaves Gemini for Cancer. Mercury in Cancer is empathetic and emotional, able to speak the languages of poetry and feeling. Mercury will also be involved in this strong series of Cancer-Capricorn oppositions, so sometimes those feelings are going to be intense. On June 8, Venus leaves Taurus for Gemini. Venus in Gemini is attracted to variety and inspired by good conversations. She’s here to show you all of the many attractive options that will help you stay agile and resilient.

Both the sun and Venus in Gemini are involved in a series of mutable T-squares, squaring Neptune in Pisces while opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius. The sun makes this T-square first, on June 9 and 10. Venus follows on June 23 and 24. This series of aspects bookends our second exact Jupiter-Neptune square of this year, on June 16. So all throughout this month, you are being asked: is your optimism helping you to manifest a dream or are you engaged in self-delusion? Use the information you gather to make thoughtful choices that help you to actualize your dreams...not just dream them. Regarding the first Jupiter-Neptune square on January 13th, I wrote: In its most positive form, Jupiter square Neptune will spur us to seek out our dreams. This can actually be a wonderful transit to pair with all of Capricorn’s structure. Anchor yourself with a plan that keeps you from floating too far out to sea.

Speaking of anchoring yourself with Capricorn’s structure, we get a whole lot of Cancer-Capricorn opposition mid-month. Mars meets the north node in Cancer and makes an opposition to Saturn in Capricorn, as well as a trine to Neptune, on the 14th. Then Mercury follows suit on the 16th. This is all happening at the same time as the Jupiter-Neptune square, so mark mid-June for “hot” spaceweather. Anything involving Saturn in Capricorn is going to be a reality check. Delusion is not an option in 2019; we are dealing with reality like true adults. Remember that as I have said before, “The north node points the wise way forward. It is a council of wise elders convening; the matriarchs speaking up to remind us what we care about.” Orient yourself in the direction of practical wisdom.

Early in the morning (EST) on June 17, we have our full moon at 25.53 Sagittarius. This lunation is conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius for some excellent luck, and still involved in that dream-seeking Jupiter-Neptune square. While you’re orienting yourself in the direction of wisdom and making all those thoughtful choices to realize your dreams, why not do a little magic for some good luck to help you out? Seeking knowledge, understanding, abundance, good fortune, and glamour are all options for this lunation.

It doesn’t stop there. Mercury and Mars form an exact conjunction in Cancer on June 18 and make an exact opposition to Pluto on the 19th. Pluto in Capricorn is all about old-fashioned power. With the planet of communication and the planet of action in a sign that deals with emotions, we have some potentially powerful, emotional talk happening on these days. It could also be a struggle to communicate. There could be barriers to action, since Mars in Cancer is less potent than Mars in other signs. For mastery of this transit, look to empower yourself and protect those who are vulnerable.

On June 21st, we have the summer solstice, when the sun enters the sign of Cancer. Neptune also stations retrograde on this day. Neptune will appear to travel back over the degrees from 19 to 16 Pisces before stationing direct on November 27th. As with all outer-planet retrogrades, this happens once a year and is unlikely to feel personal unless you have personal planets or points between 19-16 degrees of mutable signs, in which case you may encounter some additional “fog” on your course.

Saturn makes another exact conjunction to the south node on June 23rd. This happened on May 20th. Look to that day for an indication of what might be coming. The cycles repeat, but always in a spiral, so that you receive the lesson in different variations as you learn. Saturn with the south node in Capricorn is about dealing with the shadow-side of tradition. We haven’t finished yet, and we’ll still be doing it in July. So continue to ask yourself, which traditions must be protected, and which ones need to evolve? What’s lurking in the shadows of our traditions? And again, listen to wise elders who can show you the way forward.

Lastly, Mercury enters Leo on June 26th. Mercury here is a creative communicator: loud, performative, and fun. Yay for some fun! In the last week of June, use what you’ve learned to prepare for our upcoming eclipses on July 2 and 16, as well as the next Mercury retrograde in Leo-Cancer, from July 7th through the 31st. The biggest challenge comes in July. Use June for preparation, agility, and resilience.

May 2019 Forecast


The lusty month of May is packed with active aspects all the way through. We begin with cardinal squares from Mercury and Venus in Aries and Saturn, the nodes, and Pluto in Capricorn, from May 1st – 9th. In the first third of this month, the drive to act independently comes into conflict with powerful structures. We have to find a way to express our original thoughts and assert our independence within the finite limits of time, or despite the limits imposed by global or national systems. In a helpful way, Mercury sextile Mars in Gemini on May 1st sparks some ideas, and Mercury trine Jupiter on the 2nd inspires us to think even bigger. We can change existing systems of power, and we’re going to need lots of independent, original thinking to get there.

On May 4th we have a new moon at 14.10 Taurus. The Taurus lunar cycle is always a nice time to ground ourselves and remember that we are embodied. If it’s spring where you are, this may also be the very beginning of a season when you can actually go outside and put your bare feet on the earth without freezing your toes off. The new moon, exalted in Taurus, is sextile Neptune in Pisces. This friendly exchange from earth sign to water sign echoes throughout the month, with the sun sextile Neptune on May 8th, Mercury sextile Neptune on May 15th, and Venus sextile Neptune on May 30th. It’s a reminder of your capacity for manifestation. Everything that is now real first existed in the imagination. This cross-fertilization of the real and the imaginal is the cycle of creativity. Consider what you will create in this lunar cycle.

Mars, still in Gemini, opposes Jupiter on May 5th. Mars opposite Jupiter speaks of big enthusiasm, impulsivity, and increased drive. Lots of ideas begin to flower following the new moon! Just exercise caution so you don’t overdo it. On May 6th, Mercury leaves Aries for Taurus. Mercury really slows down in Taurus. In this sign, he takes a lot of time to think over things, and even more time to speak. That old saying, "Don't speak unless you can improve upon the silence,” applies here. Mercury meets Uranus here on May 8th. When the sun met Uranus in Taurus just a couple of weeks before this, we celebrated Earth Day, had conversations about the urgency of climate change, and discussed the radical proposal that the U.S. government address income inequality partly by forgiving student loan debt and providing debt-free higher education. Expect these topics to be relevant through 2026, and expect a spike in conversation every time there is a major aspect like a conjunction involving Uranus. Throughout May, we’ll be discussing the sensible, radical innovations we can make around Taurean themes of money, earth, pleasure, sex, food, possessions, and value.

Venus trine Jupiter on May 9th is a fun aspect that somewhat augments the Venus-Pluto square happening on the same day. A fire trine (unlike a cardinal square) is an invitation to adventure, passion, and joy. Assert independence and refuse to engage in Plutonian manipulation. From May 11th through the 31st, we have a series of earthy trines from planets in Taurus to planets in Capricorn. Following the tension of the cardinal squares in the first third of May, this is the opportunity to change the systems that were cramping your style. With a trine, there is always the possibility of taking the easy route or ignoring the possibility, so how you use it is up to you. If you take what is offered, then you can use your creativity to sculpt some of the realities you want to see in the world. Earth trines are excellent supportive aspects for real, practical, embodied action.

At the same time, aiding us in our practical endeavors, we have a series of sextiles from planets in Taurus to the north node in Cancer, starting with sun sextile north node on May 11th, then Mercury sextile the north node on the 16th, and Venus sextile the north node on the 31st. That north node points the wise way forward. It is a council of wise elders convening; the matriarchs speaking up to remind us what we care about. When personal planets make contact with the north node from the sign of Taurus this month, it’s a call to create and nurture what you care about in a very real, practical, embodied way. Mama Bear what matters to you.

Venus in Aries sextiles Mars in Gemini on May 14th, signaling a fun last fling before she moves into her home sign of Taurus on the 15th. Venus in Taurus loves natural beauty and physicality. She’s sensual in this sign, but she also values dependability and stability more than anything else. It’s not just about stopping to smell the roses while she’s here – it’s about growing a rose garden that she can sit in to smell the roses all. day. every. day. Venus meets Uranus on May 18th, so we have another little spike in the conversation I mentioned above, about those radical, sensible innovations of Taurean themes.

On the 15th, Mars leaves Gemini for Cancer. Cancer is the sign of Mars’ fall, which means that he has difficulty expressing himself in his naturally assertive/aggressive way here. Mars in Cancer usually doesn’t want to fight, which can lead to passive-aggressive behavior instead of assertive action if we’re not self-aware. But a planet in fall is not always terrible—Mars in Cancer can be peaceful, and uses his drive best to protect others. This ingress represents the very tip of the Cancer-Capricorn season that’s going to hit hard in July’s eclipse-season, so pay attention to what comes up for you mid-May.

Our full moon is at 27.38 Scorpio on May 18th. The moon opposes Mercury in Taurus, making this a balancing act for the head and the heart. Scorpio is Mars-driven and passionate, constantly engaged in a process of transformation, while Taurus is all about creating beautiful, unchanging surroundings. Your heart may want to burn it all down and start over, throwing yourself into the next phase, but your head may be telling you to hold on to what you have. If you can listen to both, this is a dynamic full moon for magic, celebration, and creation.

On the 20th, Saturn meets the south node in Capricorn. We will need to deal with the shadow-side of tradition, which is something we’ll be doing a lot over the next couple of years, and especially in July. Which traditions must be protected, and which ones need to evolve? What’s lurking in the shadows of our traditions? On the 22nd, Mars in Cancer sextile Uranus reminds us that sometimes protecting what we care about requires us to make changes.

The sun moves into Gemini on the 21st with Mercury, who rules this sign. While Mercury in Taurus is more of the strong, silent type, Mercury in Gemini is a total Chatty Cathy. Mercury here loves smart conversation (sometimes including juicy gossip), jokes, wordplay, and reading anything and everything. Mercury echoes some of the aspects that Mars will have recently made in Gemini, squaring Neptune on the 29th and opposing Jupiter on the 30th. Mercury square Neptune is an aspect that could be parlayed into fantastic, imaginative uses of language or signify outright deception. Mercury opposite Jupiter, with both of these planets in the signs they rule, is all about the healthy tension between belief and questioning, Truth with a capital T and multiple perspectives, philosophical knowledge and trivia.

And still we see our aforementioned earthy trines and earth-water sextiles continue to play out at the end of this month. There is a very strong, stable theme running through May that is about protecting what you care about, and taking practical steps to give your imaginary creations real form. Embody your values. Bring the imaginal into the material. Enjoy the beauty that life has to offer right here, right now.

Gemini New Moon: Chiron in Aries Checks In

This new moon is at 22.44 Gemini on June 13 at 3:43 pm ET


The ruler of this Gemini new moon, Mercury, moved into Cancer yesterday, where he immediately began to make a challenging aspect to the fresh, bloody wound of Chiron in Aries. If Cancer’s sign represents the ocean and saltwater, then cleansing with salt water can heal a wound, but the salt stings. Words--the purview of Gemini and Mercury alike--may sting at this new moon. Cleansing, yes. But, ouch! This new moon is also square Neptune in Pisces, signifying that we may be thinking our way through some confusion or delusion.

Chiron in Aries, remember, is showing us how to be authentic. Where are you hiding and how can you find the courage to be yourself in that part of your life? We are healing the wounds of toxic masculinity, anger, war, destruction, and self-abnegation. We are healing the wounds of perfectionism that hold us back from an authentic life.

I’m beginning this lunar cycle by gathering insights from a profoundly useful consultation with Ivy over at Circle Thrice. Ivy is a project manager, witch, and tarot reader combining these three skills to help people plan strategic goals and navigate projects to success. When I work with a business consultant like this, I have to be vulnerable. I have to show this other person all of the numbers behind my business, and tell them about my problems. If I hide the problems and pretend it’s all going perfectly, she can’t help me solve anything. It’s scary for most of us to show another human being how imperfect we are, and ask that person to tell us about the mistakes we’re making. It can feel like a risk to ask for help.

Ivy’s assessment of my business hiccups and advice for solving them was excellent. She helped me see my return on investment in various projects from a different angle, which in turn clarified some of my goals. A consultation with her showed me how I need to reorganize my time in order to get where I want to go. Her words didn’t sting me, mind you--she’s very professional and supportive of her clients. But having to look at the rational side of things when I may have been ignoring or obfuscating the details for myself stung a little, privately. It means I can’t ignore reality. Ultimately, though, doing this kind of practical problem solving is healing, helping me to do my authentic work a little better every day. A lot of things are going well in my career--most of it, actually--and now I can move anything that is out of alignment with my goals back into alignment, thanks to Ivy’s advice.

The words that come to you at this new moon may come through someone else or your own inner voice. Though they may sting a bit, consider their healing potential. It’s a Chiron-in-Aries check-in, saying: are you being true to yourself? Are you practicing self-love? Are you taking risks, even though they make you vulnerable?

Gather the insights without judgment and start acting on them in a day or two, during the waxing moon. Today is a good day for just thinking about it, and maybe setting an intention for what you want to do with these insights. It’s a good day for reviewing Chiron’s transit through Aries. If you want to know what this Chiron transit means for you, check out your monthly horoscope for April in the members’ archives. And if you want advice for this new moon, this week’s horoscopes will help.

Image Credit: Illustration from Old French Fairytales by Virginia Frances Sterrett