February 2019 Forecast


In February, in the northern hemisphere, the snow is piled on the ground, the skies are often gray, and the air is cold. The cold, rational quality of Aquarius is similar to Capricorn’s stony practicality. Winter is about survival in a time of scarcity, and hibernating until the earth is reborn in spring. But by the end of February a few hardy crocuses may bravely push through the frozen ground.

While the sun moves from air sign Aquarius to water sign Pisces, the astrological calendar for this month primarily features the elements of earth and fire. We are concerned overall with the material aspects of life. With Saturn, Pluto, and the south node together in Capricorn (as they will be for all of 2019), and Venus joining them in Capricorn on the 3rd, we have some bone-chilling winter cold in the emotional-mental-spiritual weather for February.

Once Venus leaves Sagittarius, she ditches her loud prints for a well-tailored suit and gets down to business. Venus in Capricorn is all about that good bone structure, aging well, beauty in maturity, and the attractive power of success. In this sign, she values achievements and the accumulation of material wealth. She commands respect with her combination of old-fashioned character and dignity. With Venus meeting Saturn on the 18th, Pluto on the 22nd, and the south node on the 24th, there is an increasingly serious theme of cold, hard truths: about relationships, about what we value, and about how far we’re willing to go to get it. Listen to the wise council of the north node in Cancer, who says “Protect what you care about; guard it with love.” Not all achievements are worth the price.

The beginning of this month still has the sun and Mercury in Aquarius, our coldest air sign, ruled by no-nonsense Saturn. So the new moon is at 15.45 degrees of Aquarius on February 4th. This lunation, conjunct Mercury in Aquarius, moves us away from the moon’s typically emotional realm and into analysis. Why do we feel the way we do, and how can we approach the problem in a practical way? Aquarius can be hyper-rational, but it is also a sign that has a different relationship to intuition, attracting unusual ideas in the absence of emotional blocks. A clear mind is an open mind. We may encounter unexpected perspectives at the beginning of this new lunar month.

It’s not all chilly, though. There are some fire transits to keep us warm, including 2019’s lucky star Jupiter in Sagittarius, who has some nice sextiles to the sun and Mercury in Aquarius on the 3rd and 7th, promoting fresh ideas and optimistic conversations. Mars in Aries is especially active, squaring Pluto in Capricorn on the 1st. This aspect challenges us to take action to transform an institution that no longer works—whether it’s a social institution or a personal pattern you want to kick. Power struggles are likely here, so pick your battles well. Mars then squares the nodes on the 7th, calling us to fight for what we care about most. The hottest aspect of the month is on the 13th, when Mars meets Uranus in Aries. This is a bombastic aspect, sure to light a few firecrackers. Take cover, unless you’re the one lighting them.

In keeping with the earthy theme of the month, as well as the emphasis on cardinal and fixed modes, Mars moves into Taurus on the 14th. Mars in Taurus is sensual, devoted, and determined. We can all use this kind of drive to stick with our commitments. In fact, the whole month has us initiating and sustaining important projects. With Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus, this Valentine’s Day will probably be understated, favoring conservative gestures and long-term partnerships. Aquarius season in general is not a wise choice for a day of romance. Since Aquarius is a sign of community and friendship, not romantic love, February is always a much better time to honor friends with a Galentine’s Day celebration.

The most important transit in February is on the 18th: Chiron’s move into Aries. The asteroid of the wounded healer will be transiting this sign for the next seven years straight. If Uranus in Aries has been a series of fireworks and explosions, Chiron in Aries is the steady hearth fire that warms you. It’s still a fire, and it can still burn. But Chiron’s crackling fireplace can represent a space of rest and healing after the intensity of a Uranus transit.

Chiron was in Aries last year from April 17th – September 25th , so we’ve had a taste of this already. This transit can help us to heal individually and collectively from the wounds of toxic masculinity. Chiron can be the key that allows us to access the purifying fire of our own anger, confront it and use its energy in healthy ways. On a personal level, Chiron in Aries is also about authenticity and identity. In the next seven years, in some area of your life, you are asked to be yourself even when it makes you feel especially vulnerable. You can read more about this long-term transit in my post here.

Fire melts cold snow into water with some Piscean transits, too: pure, refreshing liquid that offers some healing in preparation for the spring to come. Mercury moves into Pisces early on in the month, on the 10th. Mercury in Pisces is not as quick and light on his feet as he is in Aquarius, spouting off radical intellectual ideas. Mercury in this sign is a poet, floating dreamily in the oceans of the unconscious, letting one word come through at a time. The sun enters Pisces on the 18th, beginning our solar Pisces season on the same day that Chiron moves into Aries. A full moon at 0.42 Virgo follows right on the heels of the sun’s ingress, on February 19th.

Mercury, the ruler of this full moon, makes an exact conjunction with Neptune on the 19th. This colors our discerning full moon with a dreamy Piscean flavor that tempers some of Virgo’s sharp perfectionism. The moon makes a trine to Mars in Taurus and Uranus in Aries. This is a moon that can help us see our way past through the cold winter transits and into the coming spring. As I mentioned at the beginning of this forecast, Venus will be meeting up with Saturn, Pluto, and the south node in Capricorn right around the time of this full moon. In the midst of such cold realities, the Virgo moon allows us to discern what is most important. This is the crocus pushing up through the snow: determined against the odds, hardy and yet delicate, the first to herald the arrival of a new season. You may find an unusual way to get through the winter storm at the end of February.

Image Credit: illustration from p. 251 of The Victoria history of the county of Bedford, edited by H. Arthur Doubleday and William Page, 1904.