Leo New Moon: HEAT

The moon is new at 0.44 degrees Leo on Sunday, July 23 at 5:46 AM EST.

We're in the middle of a heat wave here in Brooklyn. I'm a Northern girl; I don't do well in the heat. Some of you who live in hotter places may not think 93 degrees is a big deal, but I'm spending my days with the shades pulled and the air conditioning on full blast. Last weekend my husband and I escaped the heat to visit Coney Island at night, where the ocean breeze and a cold drink made us feel like ourselves again.

Leo season, which begins officially on Saturday, ushers in the Dog Days of summer. The Dog Days were named in ancient times for the rise of fixed star Sirius, the "Dog Star," which is actually located at 14 Cancer, but becomes visible in the night sky in late July. Ancient cultures had various dates for this span of time, but for the most part, late July and August were considered the hottest part of summer. This is the part of the year ruled by the Sun. Leo's days are hot and sultry. They make it impossible to work. The only thing to do is relax. People take time off to visit the beach, swim in the pool, or just go to the movies. Leo season is all about fun and play.

Sunday's new moon is paired with fiery Mars in a fire sign. It's also at 0 degrees, a critical degree, making this lunation intensely Leo. Incidentally, it happens to be on Sunday, the day of the sun, which rules Leo. This one will be HOT. Hot like a summer fling, or hot like a flare of anger? It depends on what you do with this. Either way, there's a lot of energy packed into this lunar cycle.

Mars entered Leo first, this morning. Since Mars represents drive and action, Mars in Leo is driven to be the star of the show. Mars here is exceptionally passionate, confident, and youthful. The house of your chart containing Leo is suddenly turbo-charged when Mars arrives here. It turns on the heat in that area of your life. For example, if Leo is in the second house, the house of income and self-worth, you could feel much more confident and use that amped-up self-worth to go after bigger and better rewards. The warning here is that Mars in Leo can be overbearing and egotistical. You can access your vitality and confidence and still respect other people's needs.

Then on Sunday, the new moon meets Mars, at the critical 0 degree point. Planets at 0 degrees of any sign intensify the qualities of that sign. In Leo, these are creativity, playfulness, talent, confidence, generosity, and warmth. Shadow qualities include egotism, selfishness, immaturity, and too much pride. Any and all of this will be enhanced for you on Sunday. But you have a choice about what you do with this. Which energies will you access?

0 degrees also offers a clean slate and a fresh start. It's the very beginning, the opening of the Fool's Journey, and it carries with it the energy of fresh adventures. Think carefully about what you will choose to begin. You might write down your new moon wishes, or create a ritual to put your intentions in motion. Candles, red, and other fiery symbols work well for this particular cycle. I hope you find the daring and confidence to go after what you want!