March 2019 Forecast


March is going to be weird this year. It’s one heady, cosmic ocean of feelings and psychedelic spiritual experiences, with some retrograde time travel thrown into the mix. Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Mad March hares. It’s like we’ve all been pushing ourselves so hard with our Saturn-in-Capricorn work ethic for the past two months that now we’re going way past taking a mental health day and disappearing into another universe for a tight three weeks. There are opportunities for the kind of awakening healing that takes ages of pain and releases it all at once. So leave the desk early; get some sleep. Listen to your dreams, schedule some reiki, read your rhymes at a poetry slam with accompaniment from a theremin ensemble–whatever it is that you do to vibe with the deeply sensitive energies of Pisces season. Just don’t get lost in the ether.

Venus starts the party on March 1st when she moves into Aquarius. In Aqua, she’s a lot less traditional than she is in Capricorn, but equally as distant. Venus here needs space from others to think, because this is the sign of genius flowing fresh inspiration to the masses. Venus in Aqua is out there: unconventional in love and creativity. In a recent email to subscribers, I referred to Aqua Venus as “a brilliant non-binary cyborg in an intergalactic polyamorous triad, getting direct downloads of creative genius from some future alien muse.” So that starts us off on an unusual month.

Then on March 5th, Mercury stations retrograde at 29 Pisces. He’ll be retro until he stations direct at on the 28th. As I said in February, Mercury in this sign is a poet, floating dreamily in the oceans of the unconscious, letting one word come through at a time. When he’s retrograde, he’s even deeper underwater, and the words take longer to float up to the surface. Good material for dancers, perhaps; not so great for tax appointments and conference calls. But we know this about Mercury retrograde. Leave extra time for anything to do with technology, and embrace the aspects of Mercury that are more available to you during this Pisces Rx. These are: spiritual communication, magic (especially for releasing and clearing blocks), liminality, artistic expression, dreams, and synchronicity. It’s an excellent time to detox from addictive tech anyway.

The biggest news (and #1 reason for March’s high weirdness) is Uranus moving into Taurus on March 6th. Uranus was in Taurus for a kind of trial period from May through November of 2018. Look back on that time for a clue about what’s awakening in your life. Now he’s moving in for a good, long time: this transit lasts through April 25, 2026. Uranus in Taurus will awaken innovations around the environment, food, bodies, sex, and money. On a wide scale, there are positive ways for us to use Uranus in Taurus to revolutionize pleasure, “innovate” our way back to older and better ways of living with the land, and rebel against Capitalist values. In the short term, Uranus is likely to disrupt the area of your life that is awakening, and it might not feel that pleasurable at first. You can read more about this major transit in my post here. Expect unexpected events in the first week of March

On the same day of Uranus’ ingress into Taurus (March 6th), we have a new moon at 16 Pisces. This lunation is conjunct Neptune, making it especially imaginative and sensitive. The moon is low-key squaring Pisces’ other ruler Jupiter, giving this one the flavor of the Jupiter-Neptune square that challenges us to go forth and attempt to create our big dreams. Sextiles to Saturn in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus give this lunation a much-needed gravitational pull down to earth. Vesta, goddess of the sacred fires, is conjunct this moon too, giving it an added sense of the sacred. A ritual would be highly appropriate.

Mid-March is busy with transits from the Pisces sun, retrograde Mercury, and Mars in Taurus. The sun and Mercury Rx square Jupiter on the 13th - 16th, while also making a sextile to Pluto. These combined transits speak of accessing your inner sunlight to remove blocks, some of which are probably mental and/or emotional. Mars makes a trine to Saturn on the 14th, supporting the slow, grounded process of achieving these goals.

Spring Equinox this year is March 20th. As soon as the sun moves from Pisces to Aries, he meets Chiron at the first degree (exact on the 22nd). It’s another awakening transit, this time from the wounded healer, who wants to suck some of the toxic poison out of our associations with masculinity and this Mars-ruled sign. Mars trine Pluto on the 20th makes the vibe that much more intense, with its power and passion. The full moon at 0 Libra on the night of the Equinox will necessarily be opposing Chiron. This lunation is about war and peace, love and loneliness, fitting in and standing out. The pain of being misunderstood is sharply felt at this time. You need somewhere safe to express your vulnerable side, so you can be your whole self. You can read more about Chiron in Aries in my post here.

On the 21st, Venus square Mars and sextile Jupiter re-emphasizes the full moon’s message about independent self-expression. Mercury is still retrograde in Pisces a week into Aries season, so between that and all of the outer-planetary Uranus/Chiron activity, it won’t feel like the straightforward green light that Aries can sometimes be. Especially with Mercury conjunct Neptune exactly on the 24th making the whole retrograde vibe even more surreal.

On the 26th, Venus enters Pisces, sign of her exaltation. Venus in Pisces is especially charming, tender, romantic, and unconditionally devoted. We all feel the love with her in this sign. Mercury stations direct at 16 Pisces on the 28th, releasing us from the extended sleep of surreal healing. It might be a rather rude awakening: with Pluto conjunct the south node on the same day, hungry power structures aim to maintain the status quo (which doesn’t mean that they’ll succeed). Bring your futuristic Uranus-in-Taurus brainstorms and all of your Piscean collective love to the earth, because it needs them.

We close the month with a breath of fresh air. Mars leaves Taurus for Gemini on the 31st, where he seeks constant stimulation. Mars here is passionate about learning, writing, words, wit, conversation, and information in any form. Awakened from our prolonged stay in dreamland, we return to the small solaces of the mundane world and its logic.

Image Credit: Vintage late 60s to early 70s Psychedelic Blacklight Poster marked as GALAXY 1600.

Gemini New Moon: Chiron in Aries Checks In

This new moon is at 22.44 Gemini on June 13 at 3:43 pm ET


The ruler of this Gemini new moon, Mercury, moved into Cancer yesterday, where he immediately began to make a challenging aspect to the fresh, bloody wound of Chiron in Aries. If Cancer’s sign represents the ocean and saltwater, then cleansing with salt water can heal a wound, but the salt stings. Words--the purview of Gemini and Mercury alike--may sting at this new moon. Cleansing, yes. But, ouch! This new moon is also square Neptune in Pisces, signifying that we may be thinking our way through some confusion or delusion.

Chiron in Aries, remember, is showing us how to be authentic. Where are you hiding and how can you find the courage to be yourself in that part of your life? We are healing the wounds of toxic masculinity, anger, war, destruction, and self-abnegation. We are healing the wounds of perfectionism that hold us back from an authentic life.

I’m beginning this lunar cycle by gathering insights from a profoundly useful consultation with Ivy over at Circle Thrice. Ivy is a project manager, witch, and tarot reader combining these three skills to help people plan strategic goals and navigate projects to success. When I work with a business consultant like this, I have to be vulnerable. I have to show this other person all of the numbers behind my business, and tell them about my problems. If I hide the problems and pretend it’s all going perfectly, she can’t help me solve anything. It’s scary for most of us to show another human being how imperfect we are, and ask that person to tell us about the mistakes we’re making. It can feel like a risk to ask for help.

Ivy’s assessment of my business hiccups and advice for solving them was excellent. She helped me see my return on investment in various projects from a different angle, which in turn clarified some of my goals. A consultation with her showed me how I need to reorganize my time in order to get where I want to go. Her words didn’t sting me, mind you--she’s very professional and supportive of her clients. But having to look at the rational side of things when I may have been ignoring or obfuscating the details for myself stung a little, privately. It means I can’t ignore reality. Ultimately, though, doing this kind of practical problem solving is healing, helping me to do my authentic work a little better every day. A lot of things are going well in my career--most of it, actually--and now I can move anything that is out of alignment with my goals back into alignment, thanks to Ivy’s advice.

The words that come to you at this new moon may come through someone else or your own inner voice. Though they may sting a bit, consider their healing potential. It’s a Chiron-in-Aries check-in, saying: are you being true to yourself? Are you practicing self-love? Are you taking risks, even though they make you vulnerable?

Gather the insights without judgment and start acting on them in a day or two, during the waxing moon. Today is a good day for just thinking about it, and maybe setting an intention for what you want to do with these insights. It’s a good day for reviewing Chiron’s transit through Aries. If you want to know what this Chiron transit means for you, check out your monthly horoscope for April in the members’ archives. And if you want advice for this new moon, this week’s horoscopes will help.

Image Credit: Illustration from Old French Fairytales by Virginia Frances Sterrett

Chiron in Aries: April 17, 2018 - April 14, 2027

On April 17th, 2018, the day that Chiron moved into Aries, I received an email from the library. An eBook hold request I had forgotten about was finally available for download. The book was Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are. It was a clear download from Chiron in Aries, sending a simple message: lose the perfectionism, embrace self-compassion, and find the courage to be authentic, even when it hurts. Welcome to the next Chiron cycle.

The Key in the Hand by Chiharu Shiota

The Key in the Hand by Chiharu Shiota

What even is Chiron?

For those who are unfamiliar with Chiron, here’s the explanation I’ve used before:

Chiron the outer-space-thing is difficult to classify. Once thought to be an asteroid, it's now considered both a minor planet and a comet, and it hangs out with other such space rocks, called centaurs. It orbits between Saturn and Uranus. It might have rings. There's a lot we don't know. 

We do know that in Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur who stood out from the other centaurs for not being a sloppy, drunk, horndog frat boy centaur like the rest of them. Instead, Chiron was civilized and learned. He was skilled in medicine, music, archery, hunting, gymnastics and the art of prophecy. (How centaurs do gymnastics is a research project for a classics major somewhere.) He mentored most of the monster-slayers of Ancient Greece. He is called the Wounded Healer because Hercules once accidentally hit him with a poisoned arrow intended for the drunk gang of centaurs who were trying to steal their wine. Seems harsh, shooting them with poisoned arrows, but maybe it was incredible wine. Chiron couldn't die because he was immortal. Living forever with a poisoned wound inflicted by his clumsy student didn't sound awesome, so he traded his immortality for Prometheus's freedom (story for another time). The point is, Chiron was wounded, and even though he was a healer, he couldn't heal himself. But he could teach other people.

The pain you've experienced, the things you've had to overcome: these are the trials that give you compassion for other people. It can be much easier to see the same wound in someone else and help to heal it for them than it is to heal your own. You also don't have to heal all of your own wounds. That's the good news. This is why we have other people; we can help each other.

The Key

Chiron’s symbol is the key. It’s a loaded symbol. The key locks and unlocks doors, giving access to those who possess it and creating barriers for those who don’t. The key clarifies solutions to problems. It’s the stone that holds an archway together, the book that holds the answers, and the musical note around which a system of tones is founded.

When Chiron enters a new sign, or touches a sensitive degree of your natal chart, he unlocks the closet where you store your wounds. These could be wounds you didn’t even know you had. Chiron shows you fears that you’ve lived with so long you’ve forgotten there was another way. By the end of the transit, Chiron will also give you the key to healing those wounds. The only way out is through.

Chiron in Pisces: 2010 - 2018

Chiron has an erratic orbit, so he spends more time in some signs than others. He has been transiting Pisces for the past eight years. Both Chiron and Pisces are in many ways about suffering, compassion, woundedness, and healing. While Chiron has been in Pisces, the lesson has been about Suffering with a capital S: do you idealize it? Do you numb yourself to escape from it? Do you suffer for others as a martyr because you make it your mission to heal those who won’t heal themselves? These are all Pisces’ pitfalls, and potential wounds that may have been opened while Chiron was here. Pisces also represents the collective, the reality of our Oneness despite the illusion of separateness, and the divine. Suffering and martyrdom are certainly a part of most of the world’s major religions. Healing a relationship to spirituality, religion, and the divine may have been one of your Chiron in Pisces projects. Healing the illusion of separateness, and feeling our collective suffering has been a project too, as is compassion and healing for the wounds of others. Because Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, Chiron’s move out of Pisces is in many ways the end of a larger cycle.

Vintage Chiron in Aries: 1968 - 1977

Exact Dates

April 1, 1968 - October 18, 1968

January 30, 1969 - May 28, 1976

October 13, 1976 - March 28, 1977

Chiron was in Aries for the very end of the 60’s and most of the 70’s. The 60’s, with Chiron in Pisces for most of the decade, was about the ideal of world peace. In many ways, the 70’s was a continuation of the 60’s. The fight for equality continued. Anti-war protests continued. But there was also, predictably, a conservative backlash.

The 70’s was nicknamed “The Me Decade” by novelist Tom Wolfe, in his essay “The ‘Me’ Decade and the Third Great Awakening,” published by New York Magazine in 1976. He wrote, “. . . The new alchemical dream is: changing one’s personality—remaking, remodeling, elevating, and polishing one’s very self . . . and observing, studying, and doting on it. (Me!) . . .”

The self of the 60’s was merged with the collective, eschewing consumerist markings of identity in favor of the true self or spirit that people believed would be revealed through transcendent experience (say, tripping on LSD). The self of the 70’s was something to be alchemized, made, and polished through a series of discerning purchases and experiences. Emphasis shifted from the inner self to the outer self-image. Sound familiar? It’s not over yet. This kind of focus on the outer self-image has only become more prevalent with the rise of social media.

Chiron’s transit was not the only one shaping this period. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune are always somewhere too. From 1969 - 1975, on and off, Uranus in Libra opposed Chiron, emphasizing social upheavals including steps toward more equality for women and LGBTQ people, and fueling anti-war activism. The outer planets are in different places now, and the conditions will be different this time around. The cycles do not repeat exactly, but they do echo each other.

Chiron in Aries Now: 2018 - 2027

Exact Dates

April 17, 2018 - September 25, 2018

February 18, 2019 - June 19, 2026

September 17, 2026 - April 14, 2027

On a broad scale, we can expect some of the same themes to arise. The sign of Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, does represent the self. Aries is ego: me, myself, and I. Aries understands the value of their unique, individual identity. Aries is brave, always trying new things, putting themselves out there, and diving in headfirst. Aries is masculine fire: motivation, assertiveness, and righteous anger. The lesson of Aries is to be yourself, love yourself for who you are, and do what you want to do. The pitfalls of Aries are egotism, selfishness, and aggression.

Healing the Wounds of Toxic Masculinity

One of our collective experiences as Chiron left Pisces and entered Aries has been the chorus of women’s voices as we tell stories of harassment and abuse at the hands of men. We finally reached a tipping point where our stories are being heard, and men have to listen. Bridging the shift from Pisces to Aries, Tracee Ellis Ross recently gave a short TED Talk titled “A woman’s fury holds lifetimes of wisdom,” a title that acknowledges generations of collective experience (Pisces) and the resulting fury of every individual woman (Aries).

Her advice to men is to “be accountable, self-reflective, compassionate, open; ask how you can support a woman and be of service to change, and get help if you need it.” This is Chiron in Aries territory: calling on each individual man to alchemize toxic masculinity into divine masculinity. Look inside yourself to reflect. Look outside yourself to see and understand another point of view.

Her advice for women: “Acknowledge your fury, give it language…your fury is not something to be afraid of. It holds lifetimes of wisdom.”

Healing the Wounds of Anger, War, and Destruction

It is hard for women to be angry, because we are not supposed to be. But we have to acknowledge and give voice to our fury. When we use it wisely, anger is not bad. It tells us (and others) where our boundaries are, and when they have been crossed. It is often the spark that fuels action, and subsequently change. It is cleansing, in the way that fire can be, burning through the old to make way for the new. It is clarifying and transformative.

War is another story. Centuries of empire, the industrial-military complex, and patriarchy have put us in a state of perpetual war. Chiron in Aries, the sign of the warrior, may spark another much-needed wave of anti-war activism. The wounds are global. I don’t need to spell that one out for you. On another level, blaming, shaming, and starting a two-sided war is not the answer to healing the wounds of toxic masculinity either. We are all in need of this healing: victim and victimizer, oppressor and oppressed. Accountability is necessary, but if anything is really going to change, we will need a collective solution. Similarly, healing environmental destruction has been and will continue to be a focus, especially with Uranus moving into Taurus next month. Think eco-feminism. It’s all connected.

Healing the Wounds of Self-abnegation

When Chiron transits here, we are called to heal the wounds caused by denying ourselves in favor of pleasing others. This is the more personal side of the transit, but I also think it's radical activism for women to practice putting themselves first.

Perfectionism, as defined by Brene Brown, is “the belief that if we live perfect, look perfect, and act perfect, we can minimize or avoid the pain of blame, judgment, and shame.” Healthy striving, she notes, “is self-focused--How can I improve? Perfectionism is other-focused--What will they think?

Chiron in Aries calls on you to be brave, making your decisions based not on what others think, but on what you actually want, who you really are, and what makes you happy. Easier said than done in our world. Good thing you have years to practice this. Practice compassion for yourself. Consider self-love a radical act, in a patriarchal and capitalist world that benefits when you live to serve others. Be brave enough to be vulnerable and authentic, regardless of what others think.

A Short Guide to working with Chiron in Aries

Here are some of the keys to this transit on a personal level:

  • Find a place in your life where you are hiding because you are afraid of what other people think. Are the risks of staying hidden greater than the risks of showing up? Can you find a safe place to show this part of yourself?

  • Acknowledge your darker aspects: your anger, your shame, your fears, your flaws.

  • Accept yourself for who you are, practice radical self-love, and extend the same compassion to yourself that you extend to others.

  • Be vulnerable to be brave: risk connecting with other people, making mistakes, and showing your imperfections.

P.S. Authenticity is my coaching specialty! I help womxn figure out what they want and bravely risk flying their “freak flags.”

I also offer a free discovery session to anyone who wants to try coaching with me. Let’s chat.