About Astrology: What to Expect from a Personal Consultation with Me


The Chart

An astrological chart is a map of the sky at a precise moment in time. A chart looks like the wheel of the zodiac, divided into twelve houses with twelve signs and the positions of the celestial bodies. Your natal chart, or birth chart, is a map of the sky at the moment of your birth. The belief behind astrological interpretation is that you are a manifestation of the moment of your birth, so your natal chart tells me about your personality. As an Evolutionary astrologer, I also see the chart as a map of the Soul’s evolution through lifetimes. The way planetary movements interact with your natal chart through time tell me about your patterns of challenge and opportunity: past, present, and future. Consider your natal chart your personal mandala.

The Method

I use a system of astrology popular with contemporary astrologers called Evolutionary Astrology. This system is based on the premise that your chart is a map of your Soul’s evolution, and illustrates possibilities for your story in this lifetime. This means that I will not tell you that you will or will not get married, when you will meet The One, pinpoint the moment when your professional dreams will come true, or note exactly when someone will die. Your chart is an evolving story. You have choices about how you will use this many-layered map of self, Soul, and life. In my practice, I incorporate some traditional techniques along with some interpretations from modern psychological and Evolutionary astrology. I will come to your consultation prepared with notes on significant patterns over the course of your life. Together we'll discuss your approach to a given area of life, past experiences, and possibilities for the future. The answers are never as simple as we want them to be, but there is richness in complexity.

The Story

Astrology is a language. It's a kind of poetry, and the act of chart interpretation is an art. Think of a consultation as a story we're weaving together. The story will not be prescriptive: that is, it will not tell you exactly what is going to happen. You make things happen. When we tell this story, we focus on your possibilities. I want you to have the opportunity to explore your best self. I want you to celebrate what is working for you and how you could use your strengths to achieve your goals. I will not shy away from important warnings, because everyone has the potential to take the low road or the high road. But I work with my clients on the premise that they can take the high road, so the story is mostly about who you are when you do that. Astrology mythologizes all of us, placing us in a context of possibility and greater meaning. Come to your consultation prepared to participate in an in-depth discussion about your life, through which we build a meaningful story about you.

The Accuracy

You should know that a consultation is not a performance by the astrologer. It's a two-way discussion between the astrologer and the client. People often, understandably, come to astrology with curiosity about whether or not it "works." I started my practice by taking note of the transits to my own chart, and I found the timing astoundingly accurate. The timing and interpretations I present to my clients are as accurate as I can make them. You, like me, can be your own subject in this personal, spiritual experiment. However, I don't think there's much value in approaching astrology with the mentality that it can be proven or disproven. I believe that astrology is only one lens through which we can access the unseen, and there are many other paths. The question is, are you open to experiencing the mystery?

Vacation Time and Wedding Date Astrology

I'm giving readings at the always brilliant Cosmic Cocktail Party tonight - you should come!

Then I'm off on vacation for a week. The shop will still be open! It's awesomely automated. You can order and schedule readings without a hitch. I'll answer all customer service queries (including requests for free charts) and prepare any written reports when I return on May 25th.

My sweetheart and I are getting married on May 20th while the sun is still in Taurus. Jupiter in Libra will be rising, I finagled it so that Venus will be in the 7th house and out of retrograde shadow, the moon in Pisces fits nicely with our charts, and nothing about the astrology is outright terrible. It turns out that choosing a wedding date astrologically is the worst. There are no perfect days, unless maybe you want to wait four more years and get married at 3:12 am on a Wednesday when the moon is making good aspects and the fourth house is clear of any lurking malefics. But Jupiter in Libra until October makes a good marriage aspect for everyone, as it rains blessings on the Venus-ruled sign of love and partnership.

We had other concerns about choosing a date -- the venue, finding a Saturday, the season -- and we ended up with a chart that is good enough. I will never do wedding date consultations as an astrologer, because it's a major pain, and people only want to hear that the date they already chose is perfect. Here is the most important thing you must consider if you care to plan your wedding with astrology: is Venus direct? If she is (and she mostly is), go ahead. If she's retrograde though, don't get married until she's finished her retrograde (preferably following the shadow period). Venus rules love and marriage, and you want her to be in her best form on your wedding day. That's the biggest rule.

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See you next week!