Your Name Asteroid

Did you know that somewhere in the solar system, there is probably an asteroid with your name on it? NASA estimates that there are up to 1.9 million asteroids in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and that's just the number that are larger than 1 kilometer in diameter. The chances are good that someone has discovered one and stuck your name on it. It's fun to see where this asteroid is in your birth chart. Does it make any significant aspects? What does the sign and house position of your namesake tell you about yourself?

I looked up my namesake, Asteroid Brittany (51599) on Astrodienst today. In my birth chart, it's exactly conjunct Black Moon Lilith at 14 Taurus, which is conjunct my North Node in the 11th House. It emphasizes the already strong energy of Lilith in my chart, signifying that me and my purpose are of the nature of Lilith. Hence the name Rebel Astrology.

If you want to know where your namesake asteroid is, Google "Asteroid [Your Name]" and see if a number comes up. You can then plug that number in to the field for "additional objects" on Astrodienst. Or you can find a list of asteroids when you click the link below that field (highlighted in red below). Scroll through, find your name, and add that number to Astrodienst to see it in your chart.

If you don't know how to create your chart using advanced settings on AstroDienst, follow instructions in my post Lilith Up.

Where's your namesake asteroid? What does it tell you about yourself? Please share in the comments!