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Virgo Full Moon: A Gardener First

This full moon is at 11.22 Virgo on March 1 at 7:51 pm (ET)

from Emily Dickinson's Herbariam,  Houghton Library, Harvard University

from Emily Dickinson's Herbariam, Houghton Library, Harvard University

Emily Dickinson was known locally as a gardener long before she was known as a poet. "I was reared in the garden, you know," she wrote once in a letter to her cousin. Her north node (her destiny, and what she hungers for) was next to Saturn in Virgo, the sign of the gardener, herbalist, and writer. Her herbarium, recently digitized by Harvard University, is arranged with a Virgoan sense of elegance and attention to detail. The scientific names are pasted on each one in a charmingly Piscean scrawl (nodes come in pairs; her south node was in Pisces.)

If women's botany was seen as a contribution to science and not only as a hobby back then, perhaps Dickinson's meticulously curated herbarium would have been noted as a professional achievement, rather than only a personal one. Between Pisces and Virgo runs a current of art and science, both quite alike in their attention to the details of life, their responses to the wonder of it all. With Saturn conjunct her Midheaven, she was powerful, serious, lasting, even if other people in her world had no idea at the time. 

This full moon is opposite Neptune and a full stellium of other celestial bodies floating through Pisces, the sign of the poet and bard, and trine Saturn in Capricorn. Virgo is the unassuming sign, the person who is likely to be known as a home gardener, even as she's privately creating a legacy of poetry that will still be read over a century after her death. This is a full moon that reminds us, however we're known, however humble, anything we dream is worth doing. Saturn in Capricorn, in a time when women seem to be rising to power, supports you in achieving what you set out to do. Done is better than perfect, practical Saturn reminds us, and it can still be done well. At this full moon, turn your attention to whatever your own private herbarium might be. Work on it without seeking permission from the outside world. Small work, unseen work, can be powerful. It may still outlast the time when you thought you were doing it purely for your own enjoyment.

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