Horoscopes for the Aries Full Moon October 13th

Due to extenuating circumstances, horoscopes this week are specifically about Sunday’s full moon in Aries. Normal weeklies will resume on Monday, October 14.

Aries, this is your full moon, and it’s a big one. Bravery, that virtue that you hold so dear, is about walking through fear. It’s about being vulnerable, and as much as you would like to get everything done on your own, true bravery requires letting go of some control. Open up to a significant other or friend. You could make some headway in transforming the legacy that you’ve been knocking down and rebuilding.

Taurus, this full moon is a private one for you, requiring rest and introspection. The adventures that you have are likely to be in your imagination. Which is not to say that they are lesser or unreal, only that they are of an otherworldly quality. Something needs to be healed, and perhaps not the way you’re used to doing it. Get curious about other ways of caring for your needs.

Gemini, you may find yourself with your community at this full moon. As you risk putting yourself out there, old wounds around belonging may re-open. Notice how you’ve transformed so far in the past decade, after digging so many old artifacts out of the deep ground of your unconscious. Be aware that the restructuring is still going on. You have a lot to offer. Care for yourself first.

Cancer, your legacy is illuminated with this full moon. You may be reminded of ancestral wounds or discover previously hidden truths. You might be making career moves, or cleaning house, but however it happens, something is shifting. One-on-one relationships are where the real work lies. You’re transforming the way you relate to other people, with more maturity and responsibility than you’ve ever had before.

Leo, this full moon is about the boldness of belief. Keeping the faith in what lights your way sometimes requires bravery, especially when life is difficult. Get clear on the story you tell. Make decisions about the truths that heal and those that wound.

Virgo, the full moon illuminates something that may have previously been hidden from you, something of value. Feel into your deeper knowing What you are creating right now feels heavy, burdened by all of the difficulties that have not yet been resolved. Yet because of its seriousness, it is absolutely worthy. Continue.

Libra, this full moon illuminates some foundational truths about you and your primary relationships. Surprising revelations may be forthcoming. It’s a challenging lunation that may prompt you to act rashly. Stay steady, and keep your sword sheathed. Justice is important, but the path forward must be laid out with care. Occasional conflict is a necessary part of growth in any relationship, and it can be handled with both truth and empathy. You may be called on to act as a peacekeeper.

Scorpio, magic is dirty, adventurous work. This full moon is ripe for your own personal ritual, if you dare to create one for this intense lunation. Choose something bold. Challenge yourself to go further. If you like the way things are, do nothing except rest. If you would take charge of the situation and know more about your own power, take the risk.

Sagittarius, giving and receiving love is the theme for you with this full moon, and it’s not altogether easy. Love makes us vulnerable, and rejection leaves scars. In this long-term total restructuring of your values, money, and self-confidence, you have some goals to consider. Will you take the risk to offer your unique gifts? The shame and vulnerability that blooms under fear often began as a seed in childhood. Seek the source, so you can uproot it.

Capricorn, this full moon represents a private battle for you, one that is about your individuality and how you’re restructuring your life. You may be reminded of wounds around family, home, and your legacy. The way forward is with a partner or friend. They need your care and support right now, even though you have so much going on. Putting your energy into relationship will also help you answer some questions about yourself.

Aquarius, something you learn with this full moon could dislodge another brick from a wall you may not even be conscious of. The crack of light that shines through is a way to freedom. Think outside the bounds of what you usually know is true. There is more to life than you even have words for. Continue asking bold questions.

Pisces, this full moon presents a challenge to your confidence. How badly do you want to achieve your goals? How much determination will you put into breaking through? There is possibility here for you. You may learn something that changes your mind. Channel your heroes, the brave and the bold. Fight for what you want to achieve.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Mercury at 5.26 Scorpio opposite Uranus Rx at 5.26 Taurus: Oct. 7 at 2:16 am

Sun at 14.13 Libra square Saturn at 14.13 Capricorn: Oct. 7 at 3:06 pm

Venus enters Scorpio: Oct. 8 at 1:05 pm

Mars at 3.07 Libra opposite Chiron Rx at 3.07 Aries: Oct. 8 at 8:33 pm

Venus at 5.13 Scorpio opposite Uranus Rx at 5.13 Taurus: Oct. 12 at 6:06 pm

Sun at 20.06 Libra sextile Jupiter at 20.06 Sagittarius: Oct. 13 at 2:01 pm

Full Moon at 20.13 Aries: Oct. 13 at 5:07 pm


Weekly Moon


Waxing Gibbous Moon enters Aquarius: Oct. 6 at 11:42 pm

VOC Moon in Aquarius: Oct. 8 at 2:26 pm – 12:05 pm Oct. 9

Moon enters Pisces: Oct. 9 at 12:05 pm

VOC Moon in Pisces: Oct. 11 at 5:55 am – 12:45 am Oct. 12

Moon enters Aries: Oct. 12 at 12:45 am

Full Moon at 20.13 Aries: Oct. 13 at 5:07 pm

VOC Moon in Aries: Oct. 13 from 5:58 pm – 12:23 pm Oct. 14

What does VOC Moon mean?