Horoscopes: Week of September 30, 2019

Aries, the important people in your life are a part of your legacy. Choose those who transform you for the better. This week you are focused on balancing your own big changes and needs for healing with a partner’s desire for your attention. Act to keep things fair between you. You are entering a period of greater intimacy, sharing some of your well-kept secrets. Has this person earned your trust?

Taurus, so much of well-being is about mindset, which is not to say that it’s all in your head, but only that focusing on limitations keeps us limited. There may be new possibilities to consider. Long-term self-care could transform the way you think. Attempt to find some balance for yourself this week. Listen to the body’s pain, treating that as a source of knowledge rather than a hindrance. You are entering a period of intensity in a partnership or friendship. Prepare by attending to your relationship with yourself first.

Gemini, creative play is transformational. Social time with someone may start out as a simple, fun activity and end up unlocking something deep within you. You never know when games could heal you on a soul level. Open yourself up to playing with others this week. Make time for creative inspiration or face-to-face social engagement. Attend to the body, as you enter a period of surprising revelations about your health and routine. This is about choosing joy.

Cancer, one of your roles to play is that of the family memory, the keeper of ancestral wisdom. This week, ancestral communication transforms something about a partnership or friendship. You may develop a deeper relationship with a family member, or take another step in the creation of your own family. Respect is essential. Require fairness and honesty, for yourself and others. You are in the process of creating some important gifts.

Leo, what you learn from other people could transform your daily routine this week. New knowledge, and new questions, may end up affecting your health, your work, or your personal ritual style. You are in a long-term process of restructuring something here. Keep your mind as open as it was last week, looking for the conversations that surprise and heal you. You may need to argue for what you think is right—do it with some class. Towards the end of the week you start to transition into a period of less activity and more attention on the home.

Virgo, do you feel confident enough to engage yourself in play? Putting your talents into action could be transformative this week. You’re in a process of restructuring your ideas of what bring you joy, which means you must attend to your values. Look for your personal balance between material and spiritual needs. You are being called to manifest something of your spirit—your ideas, your unique beingness—into reality.

Libra, truth has a way of shaking foundations that we once thought were solid. Pay attention to power dynamics this week. Any actions taken to address inequality can lead to powerful ripples in relationships with partners and family members, at work, and in the world. You carry the sword of truth right now. Wield it with empathy. Look deeper and ask more questions before you conclude that you know everything. There is valuable information to be obtained yet.

Scorpio, much of conscious relating stems from the inner work that we do for ourselves, without the other person present. Too often we want to change other people to “fix” a dynamic, instead of working on our own patterns. Do your own work this week, and then bring what you have gained to the relationship. You may be surprised by the strength of healing you can provide on your own. When in doubt, find a good teacher.

Sagittarius, the ability to make and keep many friends is a natural talent for some, and for others, a skill that can be cultivated. A strong sense of self-worth, coupled with a willingness to navigate the vagaries of intimacy, will serve you well in this project. Weaving the web of community is your task. There is an old battle wound, likely from childhood, that can be healed with the balm of friendship. Take the risk to put yourself out there.

Capricorn, you have powerful ideas to express to the rest of the world this week. Art, culture, and beauty are deeply grounded in your life right now. You have the potential to transform others with the intensity of your understanding. Share what you know. You may be surprised by the depth of the community that congregates around your more unusual utterances. Restructure for radical creations.

Aquarius, the knowledge you are gaining now is changing you from the inside out, whether you are currently conscious of it or not. Jailbreak the philosophy you’ve been given. There is something worth fighting for here, and though it hurts to have opposition, it’s ultimately healing to consider an alternative point of view. Peer into the depths of your tradition. Following the winding paths of your many questions is a form of self-care right now.

Pisces, intimacy reveals the power structures in play this week. Relate to others on a deeper level. Do you feel that you are treating each other as equals? Do you feel worthy of this access to such richness? Begin flying higher so as to scope a wider vision; start investigating what you see below. The gifts you create from this transformational period are worth caring for.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Venus at 20.38 Libra square Pluto Rx at 20.38 Capricorn: Oct. 1 at 12:17 am

Pluto stations direct at 20.38 Capricorn: Oct. 3 at 2:38 am

Mercury enters Scorpio: Oct. 3 at 4:14 am

Mars enters Libra: Oct. 4 at 12:21 am

Sun at 13.12 Libra square nodes at 13.12 Cancer and Capricorn: Oct. 6 at 2:28 pm


Weekly Moon

First Quarter

Waxing Crescent Moon enters Scorpio: Sept. 30 at 5:41 am

VOC Moon in Scorpio: Oct. 2 from 5:45 – 7:44 am

Moon enters Sagittarius: Oct. 2 at 7:44 am

VOC Moon in Sagittarius: Oct. 4 from 3:33 am – 1:43 pm

Moon enters Capricorn: Oct. 4 at 1:43 pm

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn: Oct. 5

VOC Moon in Capricorn: Oct. 6 from 7:25 – 11:42 pm

Waxing Gibbous Moon enters Aquarius: Oct. 6 at 11:42 pm

What does VOC Moon mean?