Horoscopes: Week of September 9, 2019

Aries, dreams and journeys hold the right kind of knowledge for you this week. The Pisces full moon bids you to rest and contemplate the larger questions in life. Virgo season has no doubt been busy for you, but it has also required you to adapt and shift what you know. In order to truly learn, you have to make time to sit with the lessons, letting them sink in and become a part of you. Doing more is overrated. Sleep on it.

Taurus, dreams don’t work unless you do. You have so many ideas to create right now. Choose at least one and do something with it this week. Behind the scenes, you’ve got luck at your disposal, even if it’s not looking as good as you would like. Periods of transformation rarely seem like blessings, but after the fact, they often are. Have fun with the process of manifesting your wish. Piece by piece, it begins to come together.

Gemini, Friday’s full moon highlights your legacy. Your dreamy creativity, acts of deep service, mystical gifts, and expansive vocational explorations are all in the spotlight right now. You have a great deal of support from partners and friends as well. Make sure your big dreams have a few milestones to celebrate along the way. You want a series of achievable goals, not pipe dreams. Knowing what you can accomplish helps to heal something about your sense of deserving. Some hard-earned abundance is on its way.

Cancer, words are magic. You could speak a powerful spell this week, with Friday’s full moon in Pisces adding her lunar gravity to the work. Seek to know, and to say what is right. There is a singular service you are doing here, for yourself and for others, as you make room for the life of the spirit. You’re exploring realms you may never have thought you’d find. Record the journey.

Leo, get quiet this week and make some space to access the deep waters of the unconscious. There may be some pollution to cleanse from the waters this week, so that you can drink the nourishment of dreams without hindrance. You want to clear what is not healthy, so that you can take advantage of this time, because you are bursting with creativity. With only 2 ½ months left of Jupiter in Sagittarius, what do you want to make? Draw from that well of images floating through your mind. You are as worthy of this project as anyone.

Virgo, it’s still your season to shine, so long as you don’t get too overwhelmed in the pursuit of perfection. This week, be aware of who is supporting you and who is holding you back when it comes to your dreams. You are a helper by nature. This can be a fabulous service to humanity when you give to others in appropriate ways, with boundaries. Without boundaries, your sensitivity leads you to find people who need fixing and drain your resources on them until you’re the one who needs help. Be the High Vibe Virgo: a self-care role model who uses her skills to better others’ lives after she’s filled her own cup.

Libra, this is a season of adaptation for you—a few changes are in order, and maybe some rest and healing. Try to go with the flow, as much as you might like to put “productivity” at the top of the list. The communication going on behind the scenes is more important at the moment. Inspiration, dreams, and imagination are highly active right now. Consider what big things you want to say before the year is over. What kind of communication do you want to put in place? What rituals will serve you in achieving this? Make your personal magic an everyday affair.

Scorpio, this week, like last week, is about giving and receiving. You have many gifts to offer. You may also receive something with this full moon. Don’t discount the smaller packages—in fairy tales it’s always the tiny or unassuming gifts that turn out to be the most valuable ones in the long run. Confidence is crucial to recognizing the worth of your own gifts and being able to receive from others. Do you feel worthy now? Enjoy the abundance that is already here.

Sagittarius, you are being called home this week. The deeper waters of your self, your unconscious, and your history beg to be explored. Modern people have thrown so much of the past away, discarding it and allowing it to sink. But the treasure is not as far below the surface as you might think. It’s waiting to be discovered. Look into the truth of what happened. Find out more about the ancestors and the old ways. Dispel illusions to get a stronger understanding of who you are. This is how you will expand the opportunities.

Capricorn, you try as much as possible to make sense, but what you’re learning now requires imagination and intuition more than it requires logic. Consider other ways of understanding what you know. Make some peace with not knowing, as well. This is a process of discovery, one that you have primarily been encountering in secret. What poetry do you want to explore? What spiritual experiences do you long for? Feel your way into unknown territory.

Aquarius, as you reach a new understanding of your interior landscape, you must come to terms with your belief in yourself. The time is ripe for you to move closer to your goals. Luck is on your side. What doubts and fears get in the way? Where do you get overwhelmed, and more importantly, why? Look deeper this week, to find the real reason for any self-sabotage that’s been holding you back. You have the resources you need to make the dream happen.

Pisces, Friday night’s full moon is in your sign, shining the spotlight on you. What do you wish to be known for? Which career dreams have you not yet finished exploring? Embrace the expansion and abundance that comes with this moon. Notice who in your life is available to help you, and who supports you. An observant critic can be helpful as you’re crafting an important project, but too much criticism deflates your self-esteem. Look for those who can assist you in positive ways. Play big.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Mars at 13.58 Virgo trine Saturn Rx at 13.58 Capricorn: Sept. 9 at 12:13 am

Sun at 17.18 Virgo opposite Neptune Rx at 17.18 Pisces: Sept.10 at 3:23 am

Mars at 16.01 Virgo square Jupiter at 16.01 Sagittarius: Sept. 12 at 5:05 am

Mercury conjunct Venus at 28.50 Virgo: Sept. 13 at 11:10 am

Sun at 20.43 Virgo trine Pluto Rx at 20.43 Capricorn: Sept. 13 at 3:42 pm

Full Moon at 21.05 Pisces: Sept. 14 at 12:33 am

Mars at 17.12 Virgo opposite Neptune Rx at 17.12 Pisces: Sept. 14 at 1:25 am

Mercury enters Libra: Sept. 14 at 3:14 am

Venus enters Libra: Sept. 14 at 9:43 am

Weekly Moon


VOC Moon in Capricorn: Sept. 9 from 4:30 am – 5:23 pm

Waxing Gibbous Moon enters Aquarius: Sept. 9 at 5:23 pm

VOC Moon in Aquarius: Sept. 11 at 1:22 am – 5:51 am Sept. 12

Moon enters Pisces: Sept. 12 at 5:51 am

Full Moon at 21.05 Pisces: Sept. 14 at 12:33 am

VOC Moon in Pisces: Sept. 14 from 12:33 am – 6:32 pm

Waning Gibbous Moon enters Aries: Sept. 14 at 6:32 pm

What does VOC Moon mean?