Horoscopes: Week of July 22, 2019

Aries, it’s good news for you that the sun is moving into your fellow fire sign, Leo. This heralds a season of fun, play, and creativity. Not that the intensity of eclipse season is yet past: Mercury is still retrograde, and their meeting with Venus this week suggests that you’re learning from past interactions with family members. The tension between your home and your vocation, your past and your future, is still very active. Find a little time to play. It’s your escape.

Taurus, this week begins a season of home and family for you. After an eclipse season of changing perceptions and shifting knowledge, the solidity of home may feel pretty welcome. We are still dealing with the effects of the eclipses, though, and Mercury (still retrograde) meets your ruler Venus on Wednesday. Past patterns in sibling relationships and friendships are back for a review. People may even come out of the woodwork. A memory could give you pause. Whatever happens, remember that you are the king/queen of your own domain. Maintain your dignity.

Gemini, you’re entering a season of play with words, get-togethers with friends, and short summer trips. What fun! As the sun is on its way up, the shadows aren’t quite gone though, so we still have some Mercury retrograde ish to deal with this week. Mercury meets Venus in Cancer on Wednesday: old money patterns are back up for review. This goes back to self-care and self-worth. How does your money reflect what you feel about yourself? You might feel compelled to get a trusted friend’s perspective on this—while you’re having a relaxing beach day, of course.

Cancer, the sun’s move into Leo means gold for you. This can be your money-making (or money-spending) season. First, though, the most important thing has to happen: the inner work. Mercury retrogrades to meet Venus in your sign, requiring you to review your relationship with yourself. What historical patterns are you replaying here? How does your sense of self relate to your self-worth? Remember that self-love has been the key to eclipse season for you. Now see if you can apply that to your wallet.

Leo, with the sun moving into your sign, you’re moving out of your cave of hibernation and back into the light of day. Feel free to transition slowly, though. On Wednesday, you may be remembering lost loves or romantic dreams of old. What have you been keeping locked away, even from yourself? Thursday’s Mars-Jupiter trine may inspire you to do something fun after a month of rest and healing. Enjoy yourself however you like. It’s possible that some creative project is brewing, as you spend much of this week learning and thinking.

Virgo, your inner life will probably be much more active than your outer life this week, with the sun in Leo lighting up your imagination. It’s a time for rest, dreams, and thinking things over. When your ruler Mercury (still retrograde) meets Venus in Cancer on Wednesday, you may find yourself replaying memories of friendships gone by, or people from the past could reappear. How do you feel about it? Light the landscape of your interiority. Consider your own emotions before you act.

Libra, the sun’s move into Leo on Monday heralds a season of social activity for you. Enjoy time with friends, community gatherings, or performing for an audience. This week, you may be especially interested in hanging out with friends or siblings. Enjoy yourself! Eclipse season isn’t over yet, but you have a little more room to play. With Mercury (still retrograde) meeting your ruler Venus in Cancer, you may also find yourself revisiting old relationship patterns, with family members in particular. How does it make you feel? How would you like to approach it differently this time?

Scorpio, with the sun entering Leo on Monday, you’re entering a period of more activity in your vocation. Get ready to shine in the public arena. We’re not done with Mercury retrograde yet though. There is still something in your perspective that is shifting, even as you reluctantly put down your books to go out into the world. You may be reminded of something beautiful. Perhaps it will spur you to act, as you feel driven to do something this week. Take worthy action, ideally well-considered. Work can often be a healing force.

Sagittarius, the sun’s move into your fellow fire sign of Leo is a welcome shift, from the darkness of mystery and healing into the light of knowledge. You may be moved to travel, though when are you not? Your general wanderlust notwithstanding, you will probably feel especially optimistic about venturing forth this week. What do you want to know? Something mysterious still haunts you—a memory or a powerful unconscious urge that drives you. Play is the ultimate teacher and healer. Look to the light.

Capricorn, the lunar eclipse may have passed, but you still feel it. Relationship memories and patterns are replayed this week. Think of this as an opportunity for practice, which is what we do when relating to others. There is no model of perfection here, no grading system you can ace and move on from. We practice being human, tender, emotional, empathetic, and strong. We practice this best with each other. Seek a deeper intimacy with a partner or friend this week. Consider what it is to play with another, instead of “working on” the partnership.

Aquarius, you are moving from a period of rest, healing, and adaptation into a season focused on your partnerships. Friends and significant others take center stage this week. It’s not a total shift—you may still be playing out old history with a coworker, or taking care of your health. However, it is the beginning of a season of play for you and someone else. Get together with friends or make plans for a date night. You could use some fun these days!

Pisces, work is best for you when it feels like play. Your daily routine gets a lift this week, as the sun moves into Leo. You may feel driven to follow ambition. You might choose to lighten a load so you can do more of the real work. An artistic impulse from the past moves you this week, so make time to create. You could also be replaying some memories of romance gone by, or reconsidering what it is to lead a beautiful life. How could every moment be beautiful in some way?

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This Week’s Major Aspects

Dates and Times for New York, NY (EST)

Sun enters Leo: July 22

Mercury Rx conjunct Venus at 26 Cancer: July 24

Mars at 15 Leo trine Jupiter at 15 Sagittarius: July 25

Venus enters Leo: July 27

Sun at 5 Leo trine Chiron at 5 Aries: July 28

Weekly Moon

Last Quarter

VOC Moon in Pisces: July 22 from 4:34 – 6:02 am

Waning Gibbous Moon enters Aries: July 22 at 6:02 am

VOC Moon in Aries: July 24 from 10:47 am - 5:42 pm

Moon enters Taurus: July 24 at 5:42 pm

Last Quarter Moon in Taurus: July 25

VOC Moon in Taurus: July 27 from 12:27 – 2:28 am

Waning Crescent Moon enters Gemini: July 27 at 2:28 am

VOC Moon in Gemini: July 28 from 11:23 am – 7:30 am July 29

What does VOC Moon mean?