Capricorn Full Moon: A Meeting with Saturn

This moon is full at 6.28 Capricorn on June 28 at 12:53 am


This full moon is like a blast of winter in the middle of the summer. With Mars stationing retrograde in chilly, Saturn-ruled Aquarius yesterday, many have the feeling of frustration that comes from being frozen, feeling stuck, not being able to move freely. The full moon late tonight is right on top of Saturn in Capricorn. This is, effectively, a meeting with him to follow up on what's been happening since he entered Capricorn in December. Yes, Saturn schedules meetings, and he takes attendance, too.

The moon wants to know how you feel about your limitations. Saturn wants to know what you're doing with them. Whether you're experiencing restriction in relationships, work, money, creativity, or somewhere else, this is a moon for pushing through. Or at least figuring out your plan. Mars retrograde in Aquarius has us reflecting on what we want, and Saturn is going to make us work for it. As I have mentioned before, Saturn transits are excellent for manifestation: not the fluffy kind often associated with law-of-attraction style magic. Attraction by itself is more of a Jupiter-Venus thing. Saturnian manifestation is the authoritative kind. The I will it to be so kind, and usually the kind that is achieved with more than a little sweat. It's a good time to review the meaning of Saturn's transit through Capricorn.

Pragmatism. Ambition. Structure. Authority. Work. These are the keywords of this full moon. As we head into eclipse season and slow down on action through Mars Retrograde this summer, it will be important to maintain boundaries and structure. Stay focused on your goals. As long as you're doing the work, Saturn will help you get there.