Happy birthday, Gemini! Your horoscope for May 20 - 26


This week is about maneuvering around obstacles and regaining emotional equilibrium. Uranus’ move into Taurus and Mars into Aquarius last week was a cosmic jolt. If you feel like you’ve been thrown into chaos, you’re not alone! It’s the beginning of some major inner change for you. At the beginning of the week you may feel some hurt around your sense of belonging and receiving love. It’s hard to open up sometimes. Luckily, on Sunday night, the sun moves into your sign, officially beginning your birthday season! The airy energy helps you feel more confident and free. And we have Jupiter trine Neptune this week, acting like a pair of guardian angels who will assist you in reaching your career dreams.

You’re more supported than you may have felt last week, but it’s still a bit of a rollercoaster. By Friday, you may receive a transformative opportunity that could alter your image. Work with the energy by visualizing what you would like that to be and taking some action to make it happen. Do the visualizing part on Monday, as you’re not likely to feel too active then. It’s a good day to practice going easy on yourself. The rest of the week is about doing the dream. On Tuesday especially, you may feel inspired and spiritually awakened, and on Wednesday the sun trine Mars has you racing off to find out the answers to some burning questions. On Saturday, you may find your sense of worthiness tested. Difficulties in an intimate relationship or shared financial situation could make you feel emotional next weekend, so take that time for self-care. Your inner life and dreams are slowly and surely manifesting in the outside world.

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