Aries New Moon: Prepare for Takeoff

This new moon is at 26.02 Aries on April 15th at 9:57 pm


Mercury stations direct in Aries on the day of this new moon--a moon that is conjunct Uranus. We're leaving Mercury retrograde behind with a bang. This is a moon cycle that launches you into the future. Mercury delayed the start of spring a bit, plus Saturn and Mars in Capricorn wanted to prolong the winter chill. Tonight, Uranus will blast you into the Now, so get ready.

Mars is the ruler of this moon. Since he's been with Saturn in Capricorn for the past couple of weeks, we've experienced Mars as a grind. Mars here gives us the desire and determination to do well despite obstacles. People with Mars and Saturn conjunct in the natal chart have serious survival skills. In the frigid, wintry landscape of Saturn in Capricorn, they're building shelter, rubbing two sticks together to make a fire, and sharpening arrows for their next hunt. Even if the Mars-Saturn native doesn't literally have outdoor survival training, her sheer force of will and natural hardiness help her to thrive in the most austere conditions. You've had to survive some kind of life test since the full moon in Libra two weeks ago. Now that Mars is separating from Saturn, you can take what you learned from that period and move on.

Now, Mars is conjunct Lilith and Pluto in Capricorn. We're driven not just to success, but to authority, in this lunar cycle. Power is the motivation. With this kind of aspect forming, it would be easy to desire power over others at any cost. So let's make this lunar cycle about personal empowerment instead. If you've done your self-reflection during the Mercury retrograde, you've cleared out something old that wasn't working for you. This is the time for you to reclaim your power and pull in the new. The changes will come fast. They could be out of your control. Uranus advises you to just run with it. Stay agile, and look for ways to use this energy to propel you into the future you want. Because this rocket ship is taking off, whether you're ready for it or not. Best to claim your seat.