Libra Full Moon: Resolution

The moon is full at 10.44 Libra on March 31st at 8:37 am (ET)

Tarot de Marseilles.jpg

Libra rules the Justice card in the tarot. She carries a set of scales (the Libran symbol of balance) and the sword of the air suit, symbolizing rational thought. Justice speaks of fairness, equality, cause and effect, consequences, the law, and the truth. This is the stern side of Libra. There is a people-pleasing Libra that people are familiar with: hosting parties, minding her manners, hardly ever revealing her anger. And behind the scenes, she is keeping score, to make sure everything is fair. If it's not, she'll do whatever it takes to maintain her version of harmony, and she'll be able to justify her actions...even if they cause some disharmony for you.

This full moon is a Justice moon. Here comes the effect of the cause, the consequence, the balancing, the conflict and resolution. The moon opposes Mercury (Rx) in Aries and squares Mars and Saturn together in Capricorn, creating a tight T-square in three of the Cardinal signs. Saturn, as we know, already metes out consequences and rewards. With Mars here, the stakes are that much higher. Mercury's retrograde through Aries coming in contact with the full Libra moon speaks of communication in relationships. This is a challenge. A conflict may be resolved, perhaps an issue from the past that comes up again. Mercury retrograde doesn't only bring delays; he also renews old things that were once delayed. A reward for hard work, an obstacle overcome, or a consequence for irresponsible behavior may come this weekend. The key words to keep in mind for this moon are integrity, fairness, balance, honesty, and responsibility. If you have been holding true to these values, this full moon should be a better one for you. T-squares symbolize the friction of action. While the new moon in Pisces was about a quiet kind of internal healing, this full moon is all extroverted action. Things are happening!

The "missing point" of the Cardinal cross is in Cancer. When you have a T-square in a chart, the sign that is not included is the area of resolution. What will balance all of this rational action and communication is some use of the intuition, caring, and love. Venus, the ruler of this full moon, enters Taurus early on Saturday morning. Here, Venus is stable and grounded in her love. She teaches us to value pleasure, to enjoy the world of the senses, and to welcome in abundance. Let these soft things balance the hard metal of the scales and sword. Libra is also in pursuit of pleasure, harmony, and peace. Let this be a peaceful resolution to an old conflict. Welcome in the rewards you have earned.

Image: Justice, from the Tarot de Marseille