Happy birthday, Aries! Your horoscope for March 24 - 30.


With your ruler Mars meeting Saturn at the top of your chart, Mercury retrograde in your sign, and a full moon aspecting all of those planets from Libra on the 31st, this is a big week. There is tension between the spring waxing-moon desire to move forward and the Mercury retrograde desire to review. Try not to be hasty, rams. Give some serious attention to your vocation or life direction this week. Having Mars + Saturn in Capricorn is like forging a blade: it’s molten now, but it will soon be hardened steel, and you’ll be able to use it in battle. The sun square Mars exactly on Saturday turns up the heat in that forge. It’s burning so bright other people can’t look away. Venus meets Uranus exactly on Wednesday, creating a quirky conjunction in your sign that gives your image an unusual glamour. This could be useful, given all of the other tense aspects. Use charm to your advantage, especially if you need it at work. The sun square Saturn exactly on Thursday brings attention to your lessons in that area of your life. Make deliberate, calculated moves only. Prepare a sanctuary at home where you can replenish your energy. You may be grateful for this private space next weekend. Next Saturday’s full moon asks a lot of you in partnerships and career.

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