Happy birthday, Pisces!


In honor of your season, I'm posting this week's horoscope for free.

Saturday, February 17 - Friday, February 23

You’ve just been through an intensely private eclipse season that required you to hermit, retreat to your imagination, and take care of your health even as you may have dealt with a busy work schedule. Mars makes an exact square to Neptune, your modern ruler, on Saturday, emphasizing some of the stress you feel about your vocational direction. This tense aspect challenges you to put some of your dreams into action. With Neptune in your sign, it’s not always clear where you’re going; you have to follow your intuitive compass and trust the adventure. On Saturday, you also have Mercury’s entry into your sign. This increases your powers of communication.

The sun follows Mercury into Pisces on Sunday and beckons you to come out of your eclipse season hiding place. You’re about to be the center of attention, as Venus moves towards her meeting with Neptune on Wednesday. This is a gorgeous, romantic aspect that speaks of numinous experiences, artwork, music, fairy tales, and the glow of love. Enjoy what brings you pleasure. Others may see you as especially glamorous and attractive now. Venus is also squaring Mars, an aspect that will be exact next Sunday, which amps up your passion for your vocational and public activities. Meanwhile, Mercury is getting closer to Neptune (exact next Sunday) endowing you not just with powers of communication, but with poetic words. If you perform in any capacity, you could make quite a splash this week.

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