Dear Rebel: Ready for Romance

Dear Rebel,

As a really driven person, I’ve always managed to achieve the goals I set to myself: trying a new job, living in a new country, getting new friends. But I realized that I wasn’t as skilled when it comes to romantic relationships. I had a lot of short-lived relationships as I was battling with trust issues and low self-esteem. I had to learn to let go of control, but most importantly I learned to accept the people I dated for who they were.

Since I started this journey, I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. I know how to affirm my boundaries in a more assertive way (and I’m still learning). I am still in the process of learning to take care of the “sensitive me.” I feel ready to get to know someone and let this person get to know me. But weirdly, I feel like I do not have any interest in anyone, no excitement, no will to pursue anyone. I am not sure if this a consequence of being by myself for a long time (a few years) or anything else.

Long story short, how do I bring back some kind of balance in this area and take better care of my romantic needs?

– Ready for Romance

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