Gemini New Moon: Spell-ing

The moon is new in Gemini today as of 3:44 PM EST.


I'm just back from vacation, so this will be a short post...

Welcome to the Gemini new moon cycle! Gemini is the sign of wordplay and wit. When the moon is in Gemini, we seek out every possible source of amusement. Mercury-ruled Gemini is the sign of intelligence, reading and writing, chatter and storytelling. In Old English a story or fable was called a spell, and the same word referred to a magical enchantment. Words can enchant us; they can build entire fictional people and take us to fantastical worlds. This is the root of the word spelling. To spell out words by writing them down is to enchant.

The best way to use this Gemini new moon is to write. Write your new moon wishes, your intentions for this cycle, or the story of how you want things to be. Spell it out in detail. Read it out loud if it helps you, but you don't need to. Everything you need for the spell is in the written words themselves. When the moon is new, it's the time for simply setting the intention.

This cycle culminates with the full moon in Sagittarius on June 9th, a moon that makes a nice aspect to its ruler jolly Jupiter, and pairs with serious Saturn in the sign of wildness. Halfway through the cycle, you'll be called to work on creating your own freedom. How could more discipline actually give you more time, more space for yourself, more of what you want? You can work your way up to that in the next two weeks, after you set your intentions. For now, use this new moon to write down your own magic words.

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