Vacation Time and Wedding Date Astrology

I'm giving readings at the always brilliant Cosmic Cocktail Party tonight - you should come!

Then I'm off on vacation for a week. The shop will still be open! It's awesomely automated. You can order and schedule readings without a hitch. I'll answer all customer service queries (including requests for free charts) and prepare any written reports when I return on May 25th.

My sweetheart and I are getting married on May 20th while the sun is still in Taurus. Jupiter in Libra will be rising, I finagled it so that Venus will be in the 7th house and out of retrograde shadow, the moon in Pisces fits nicely with our charts, and nothing about the astrology is outright terrible. It turns out that choosing a wedding date astrologically is the worst. There are no perfect days, unless maybe you want to wait four more years and get married at 3:12 am on a Wednesday when the moon is making good aspects and the fourth house is clear of any lurking malefics. But Jupiter in Libra until October makes a good marriage aspect for everyone, as it rains blessings on the Venus-ruled sign of love and partnership.

We had other concerns about choosing a date -- the venue, finding a Saturday, the season -- and we ended up with a chart that is good enough. I will never do wedding date consultations as an astrologer, because it's a major pain, and people only want to hear that the date they already chose is perfect. Here is the most important thing you must consider if you care to plan your wedding with astrology: is Venus direct? If she is (and she mostly is), go ahead. If she's retrograde though, don't get married until she's finished her retrograde (preferably following the shadow period). Venus rules love and marriage, and you want her to be in her best form on your wedding day. That's the biggest rule.

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See you next week!