Sorry, You Were Not Born On The Cusp

I have some news. There is no such thing as being "born on the cusp" of two astrological signs.


This idea originated with popular sun sign astrology, with its oversimplified explanations that leave out the rest of the birth chart. One thing sun sign astrology glosses over is the fact that the sun doesn't change signs on the same exact day of the month every year.

Because the sun doesn't change signs on the same days each year, two people with the same birthday can have different sun signs. Here's an example: Henry is born at 10:00 AM in Brooklyn on September 22, 1968. The sun at that moment is at 29 degrees of Virgo, so Henry is a Virgo. 40 years later, Henry's daughter Elsa is born at 3:00 PM in Brooklyn on September 22, 2008. What a coincidence; they have the same birthday! But the sun was at 0 degrees of Libra when Elsa was born, so Elsa is a Libra.

To simplify this and cover all bases, some pseudo-astrologer invented the idea of the "cusp", a blend between two signs, to make it seem like the year, place, and time of birth didn't matter. Consequently, a lot of people born between the 19th and 24th of the month believe that they are born on a cusp, and it can be very hard to talk them out of it.

The truth is that you have one sun sign. You're either one or the other, not both. The moment you were born, the sun was anywhere from 0 - 29 degrees of a sign. When the sun moves from 29 degrees of Virgo to 0 degrees of Libra, there is no in-between cuspy blended energy. One moment is Virgo, the other is Libra.

It's not unlikely that you have planets in the sign you think you're "on the cusp" of. Henry, the Virgo from our earlier example, has the moon, Mercury, and Venus in Libra. Perhaps some of the qualities of Libra feel right to Henry when he's reading the descriptions of a Libra sun sign, or a "Virgo-Libra cusp" analysis, because he does have planets in Libra. But Henry is still a Virgo.

People who are unsure of their sun sign should have their birth charts cast to find out. You can book a reading with me here.

If you feel let down by my cusp-busting, think about what you're trying to distance yourself from. What qualities of your sign make you squirm? You might need to get more comfortable with the shadow side of your sun sign. And remember that the other sign is still a part of you. Your chart is made up of all twelve zodiac signs. Your sun sign is only one piece of that pie.