Taurus New Moon: Prosper


The moon is new at 6.27 degrees of Taurus at 8:16 AM on Wednesday, April 26th.

It seems like everything blooms in Taurus season. It's the time when trees begin to bud, flowers open, and birds start singing. The April rain makes everything lush and green. By May most of us are enjoying a sunny spring. There's a reason that Earth Day and Mother's Day both happen during Taurus season. It's a time of fertility and earthly abundance -- the original definition of prosperity.

Many spiritual and artistic people dislike thinking or talking about the concept of prosperity. Money is vital, useful, enhancing, rewarding, dirty, corrupting, and crass. In this era of vast inequality, money is ever more desirable and sinful, in equal parts. But if you try to separate money from positive or negative judgments, it's just an abstract sort of fuel that pays for the food you eat, the bed you sleep in, the home you live in. The energy of money can fuel your artistic pursuits and yoga retreats. Taurus knows this. Even better: Taurus knows there is a way to create and appreciate wealth without isolating herself; the wealth flows in to her, and back out to the community.

Taurus is the chef who plates mouthwatering dishes in the restaurant he owns, and prospers because his patrons are grateful for his talents. Taurus is the fashion designer who makes beautiful, affordable clothes for more diverse bodies, and prospers because her community appreciates the gift. Taurus people know that luxury isn't only about mansions and private islands; it's about living in appreciation for the sensory world. Soft fabrics, rich colors, floral scents, fresh fruit, beautiful music -- these are the ways Taurus defines prosperity.

New moons are times for new beginnings, for writing down new intentions or wishes. This moon, which makes no aspects to other planets, is perfect for a ritual to manifest prosperity. You can define prosperity however you like -- an abundance of money, time, love, fun, or maybe all of the above. Jan Spiller, author of New Moon Astrology, calls new moon days Power Days. She recommends handwriting up to ten wishes on the day of the new moon to align your manifesting practice with the astrological energy.

Today is a beautiful day for a ritual. It's best done within 24 hours of a new moon, but you could do this effectively anytime until Friday. As the moon waxes, intentions come to fruition. How you perform your ritual is a personal choice. You can simply find some quiet time to write what you wish for, or light candles and incense and call on a higher power. You could use Victoria Young's blank check prosperity ritual, if you would like a guide. After some difficult astrological patterns, this new moon offers some healing generosity. So go forth and prosper.