Libra Full Moon: Both-And

The moon is full at 21.33 degrees of Libra at 2:08 AM on Tuesday, April 11th.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 12.56.27 PM.png

Libra is symbolized by the scales of justice, and Libra people are known for weighing their options. It's difficult to make a decision when all of the options are equally valid! Finding a balance between all possibilities is the key lesson of Libra. But if there's one thing Libras know well, it's that finding a balance often means we don't need to make a choice. We can have both.

We're often taught that life is either/or, and to make progress we have to choose. You can be an artist, people say, or you can choose a career that makes money. You can be a city person or a country person. You can choose science or religion, freedom or security, hard taco shells or soft tortillas.

Those are false binaries, of course. You can be an artist who makes money; you can like both the city and the country; you can rely on science for facts and still hold religious beliefs. So what other binaries are you creating in your life? Where could you be choosing both, instead of just one?

Maybe you've told yourself that you can either sleep enough or do well at work, or that you have to choose between taking time for yourself and taking care of other people. Sometimes balancing everything can be extremely difficult. But Libra knows, you can have both, even all: good sleep, career, health, relationships. To re-balance a life that is out of balance, you may have to make a change that looks radical. True balance is radical. We're accustomed to limiting ourselves; to living lives out of balance. If you really want to level the scales, you'll have to rebel against some expectations. Like the insane idea that sleep deprivation is normal.

Remember that fiery new moon in Aries, when we were ready to run towards our goals, hurling obstacles out of our paths? Now we're halfway through this moon cycle, and it's time to reassess. Where have you been choosing based on an assumption of either/or, and how could you have both-and instead? As I noted in my earlier post, we have a lot of retrograde energy this month. How can you continue to use the Aries season energy for new projects AND honor this time of reflection? I'll let you in on a secret: there is plenty of time for both.

Venus, the ruler of this full moon, is retrograde and squaring Saturn. So it's not like she's making it so easy to have everything you want right now. Venus square Saturn classically presents challenges to self-worth, making people feel they have been denied their desires. People with this natal aspect need to work a little harder to find their own worth and authority. At this full moon, you may feel the restriction of expectations, even (especially) when they're internalized. Your inner critic could make it difficult for you to choose both. I wrote recently about how Venus Retrograde presents us with an opportunity to practice self love. Choosing both is a Libran act of loving the self enough to know that you can have everything you want.

Have a lovely Libra moon! If you would like to join a fun full moon gathering and get an astrology mini-reading, I'll be at the Cosmic Cocktail Party at Bar Bolinas tomorrow night.