Virgo Full Moon: The Power of Ritual

The moon is full in Virgo on Sunday, March 12th at 10:54 AM EST

Virgo is the sign of ritual. Traditionally, this is the sign of the 6th house, the realm of daily routines, health and healing, and practical magic. Rituals can be as big as a religious rite performed under a full moon or as small as making tea for yourself every morning. Creating a regular ritual is often important to artists, who have to carve out time to practice their craft. To this end, many artists follow Flaubert's advice: “Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.” Some artists even create a ritual to put themselves in the creative mindset: drinking the same tea while creating, eating the same food, or writing in the same place always. Maya Angelou always wrote in hotel rooms to avoid distraction.

From   Daily Rituals: How Artists Work   by Mason Currey

From Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey

Recently, I started lighting a candle in the morning before writing. It's a tall, blue candle from a bodega, encased in glass. It doesn't have a scent. I'm not using it for the light, or even for atmosphere. But there's something about the act of lighting the candle and knowing that it's burning that keeps me focused while I write. While the candle is burning, I don't check my email or my phone; I don't listen to the news. I just write. When I'm done, I blow it out and continue with my day. Symbolically, the element of fire is connected to inspiration, passion, and creative acts. Visually, I can see if I'm writing because the candle melts a little bit each day. There's no lying to myself about it. I could use apps to time myself, count my words, and even analyze my mood over time. But there's something analog about a cheap, unfussy candle that I prefer. It's part of a new, daily ritual that puts me in the mindset and keeps me honest.

New projects and commitments are best initiated at new moons, so I'm not here to say that you should make a new daily resolution with the full moon tomorrow. You can if you want to - often now is better than never. But you might just start to think about what you want to initiate at the next new moon in Aries on March 27th. For this full moon in Virgo, perform a ritual that's just for you, just today. Full moons are best for celebrating and experiencing life. The rituals done at full moons are usually ceremonies for manifesting or release. Virgo moons are especially good for rituals of healing.

Your Virgo full moon ritual could be as simple as a 10-minute meditation or a yoga class, making yourself dinner, or writing in a journal. You might do a ritual that allows you to practice self-love and let go of something while Venus is retrograde.  I'm a big proponent of creating your own rituals, because there is no wrong way, and you know what's best for you. Light a candle, make a list of what you want to release, and then burn it. Or draw a bath with special herbs or salts and give yourself some love and attention. Whatever it is, allow yourself a few minutes to go inward tomorrow. Even the smallest rituals can be powerful.