Lunar Eclipse in Leo: Shine Theory

The lunar eclipse tonight is at 23 degrees of Leo, at 7:33 PM EST.

If you haven't read about Ann Friedman's Shine Theory yet, it's worth reading the original article. Briefly, her argument is that we all shine brighter when we befriend the women who impress us, instead of getting intimidated. A woman who is confident enough to support other women, believing that her friend's success is cause for happiness and not jealousy or competition, is the friend you want to have in your corner.

Most of us know this in theory. In practice, it's much harder to access your inner confidence and excel. It can be even harder to pursue friendships with accomplished, intelligent women who appear to shine more brightly than you.

Leo knows confidence. She's the Queen of the zodiac. When everything is in balance, these individuals exude talent, warmth, and an absolute understanding of their worth. But we live in a culture that profits off of self-doubt. Too often, instead of celebrating the confidence of others, we call people who understand their own worth egotistical and selfish. How dare they stand up and ask for exactly what they want? In a culture like this, an unhappy Leo can become self-doubting instead of self-loving. She might be afraid to take risks; she might turn her self-doubt on others and become critical and domineering. Her Ego can become a flimsy facade for a damaged self-image. There's nothing sadder than a Leo who isn't allowing herself to shine.

When our Leo Queens access their own power and use their talents to perform, we are all blessed with their warmth. Yes, maybe their talents make us a little jealous. But jealousy is a useful emotion: it tells us what we really want. It's a call for us to step up and own our dreams. And if we can get past jealousy to befriend the people who impress us so much, we come that much closer to becoming who we want to be.

Tonight, the full moon in Leo makes a beautiful grand fire trine with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius, AND it's part of a mystic rectangle involving Jupiter. It's also an eclipse, so this is part of a cycle that echoes back to the solar eclipse in Leo in August 1999. What happened between 1998 and 2000 could illuminate what's happening for you now. The current eclipse cycle, along the axis of Leo and Aquarius, begins with this full moon and lasts for the next two years. The Leo-Aquarius axis is about the balance between being an individual and being part of a tribe. In other words, it's about yourself and your friendships.

This is a big, beautiful, blessed-without-apologies full moon. That's why I think we should all begin this eclipse cycle by taking the stage in our own lives and celebrating the friends we admire. We've all been inundated lately with too much discouraging news. So tonight, at 7:33 pm EST, let's find something to celebrate anyway! We all have a little bit of Leo in our charts. Where are you ready to shine?

It always helps to know where Leo is in your chart. If you don't have your chart, contact me and I'll send it to you.