Cancer Full Moon: Your Study Group

The moon is full at 22 degrees of Cancer tomorrow at 6:34 am EST. This lunation completes a Grand Cardinal Cross with Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn.

A Grand Cardinal Cross, involving all of the action-oriented Cardinal signs, is a bombastic energy. This is a burst of initiative, a vibrancy that seems to move in all directions at once and can result in transformation. But I've talked about grand crosses on this blog before, and I didn't want to extend another metaphor for transformation. So this time I turned to the Sabian Symbols for guidance.

Spiritualist medium Elsie Wheeler channeled symbols for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac, with the assistance of astrologer Marc Edmund Jones in 1925. Throughout the course of one day, Jones presented Wheeler with a succession of randomly shuffled index cards, each with a degree noted on the back that Wheeler couldn't see. Wheeler reported on the picture she saw with her inner vision, and Jones wrote it down. By the end of the day, each degree of the zodiac had its own symbol.* 

The Sabian Symbol for this full moon is "The Meeting of a Study Group or Literary Society."

Community , Season 3

Wouldn't it be cool if this is what Elsie Wheeler saw in her mind's eye? Just kidding, sort of. If you didn't watch Community, here's a summary: a cast of characters meet at a community college, form a study group together, and become an unlikely sort of family. Maybe this full moon is asking you to join your own version of a study group.

Who is your chosen family? Who will you meet with to discuss ideas? Who will challenge you intellectually; who will you have respectful disagreements with? And who will help you get through some of the harder aspects of transformation that are coming? It's good to find these people. Cancer is the sign of family, but not all family is biological. We often choose family members in life, and we inevitably learn from those people. With them, you can talk about the subjects that interest you most. Those things that excite you are connected with your path.

The rest of the symbols for this grand cross are quite dramatic. The symbol for Uranus is "A boxer is entering the ring." The symbol for Jupiter is "Chanticleer's voice heralds the rising sun with enthusiastic tones" (chanticleer being a rooster). And the symbol for Pluto is "A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat." Combat and enthusiasm; sounds of victory! Globally, we are in a very uncertain historical moment, full of political clashes. Tensions rise at every full moon, but we're also getting a taste of the Uranus-Jupiter opposition that will last through most of 2017.

I rarely try to interpret aspects on a mundane level. On a personal level, we do what we can. Form your study group. Educate yourself. Expand your mind through reading. Seeking knowledge, and people with whom to share it: that is one way to strengthen yourself. As Jupiter and Uranus oppose each other, you will find that you want freedom in some part of your life, and you will find ways to make more room. This full moon presents you with an opportunity to spend time with people who share some of your values. If you were to form an actual study group or society, who would be in it, and what would it be for?


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*N.B.: When you look up Sabian symbols for your chart, round up to the nearest degree. The zodiac begins at 0 Aries, but the symbols start with 1 Aries.