I'm Offering Mini Consultations for Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter enters the sign of Libra on Friday, September 9th! The Lord of luck, blessings, and opportunity spends about one year in each sign. And while this transit is usually one of good fortune wherever it happens, Jupiter does better in some signs than others. He's never that comfortable in Virgo, where he spent this past year. When the planet of expansion is housed in the sign of details and discernment, there's some tension. There's still some good luck, especially for the Virgos, but true to the sign, those blessings are understated. The offerings are more humble.

But Libra on the other hand...Jupiter in Libra wants to throw an overblown, elegant, Gatsby-style party to celebrate beauty, harmony, and love! And then, once the weekend is over, he'll go to work as a fair and rational judge -- for the sake of balance. Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches, so this year we should expect the elements of Libra to be magnified: an emphasis on balance, fairness, and rational judgment, as well as beauty, art, and relationships. Libra is the sign of all kinds of partnerships, from true love to best friends. Some people could get lucky in love this year!

Of course, since this planet magnifies whatever it touches, that doesn't mean it always feels good. Jupiter in Libra at first may magnify imbalances in your life, or problems in relationships. The blessings might not feel like blessings until after they're over. Jupiter this year will make aspects to the Lords of Change - Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Which means that, especially for those of us with planets or angles in Cardinal signs, this could be a year of significant change. A year of expansion, a year of love, a year of balance -- what will Jupiter in Libra mean for you?

To celebrate this occasion, I'm offering mini-consultations about Jupiter's transit through Libra in your chart. We'll discuss how Jupiter in Libra could affect you based on aspects to your natal planets, aspects to other transiting planets like Uranus and Pluto, and the house Jupiter is transiting. These consultations are 30 minutes long, conducted over video chat or in person at Shambhala Yoga & Dance in Brooklyn.

This offer has been extended through September 28th!. Book online or email me. I look forward to meeting with you!