Libra New Moon: Lazy Libra

The new moon tonight is in Libra at 8:11 PM (EST). It's at 8 degrees Libra, next to Jupiter. Yum.

Sun sign astrology assigns all kinds of traits to people based on which Zodiac sign the sun was in when they were born, ignoring the rest of the chart: Pisces are artistic, Leos are performers, Geminis are chatty. And then there are the negative generalizations: Taurus people are stubborn, Cancers hold grudges, and Virgos are too critical. These are the generalizations that stick with people. They come into my readings with a vague, guilty knowledge that their sun sign has given them too much or too little of something. And they're amazed when their natal chart tells a much more complete, specific story about themselves.

Libra has its negative generalizations too: According to sun sign astrology, Libras are indecisive and lazy. Ouch. It's harsh, but OK - I'm a Libra - sun sign generalizations do reference larger archetypal truths. Making decisions is one of the tasks Libra is both gifted and burdened with. We have to see all sides. It takes longer! And we're all getting better at it with practice.

Lazy? That one I'm not sure about. I think the alliteration is what makes it stick: Lazy Libra. So many Libras are definitely not lazy. I know Libra people who run their own companies, people who have joined the army, people who are hardworking teachers. I suspect that this particular accusation is leveled at Libra because, in a culture so out of balance, balance looks radical. A true balance between activity and relaxation would look like laziness to a culture of constant busy-ness and sleep deprivation. And Libra does know how to relax. Venus-ruled Libra is a sign of luxury and aesthetic pleasure. Venus thrives in an atmosphere of beauty -- watching a gorgeous sunset from the porch, wandering aimlessly through an art museum, taking a soothing bubble bath with candles -- these are all Venusian activities. Libra says it's ok to indulge sometimes; it's allowed. We have to balance our actions with rest.

Jupiter, the planet of big, better, more, is down with being "lazy" too. Joy and pleasure are some of Jupiter's favorite things, and so is indulgence. So this Jupiter-enhanced new moon in Libra is looking grand! Because wherever you want to balance something out, Jupiter is there to help. Would you like to do something easy and fun? How good can you stand it? Think like Jupiter and make your wish even bigger.

In a culture that encourages overwork and self-criticism, especially for women, truly enjoyable relaxation is rebellious. That's why the Rebel Astrology recipe for this Libra new moon is: relax. Do something you enjoy. The new moon is a good time to start things, so maybe you can even begin a new relaxation routine that creates more balance in your life. Then, whatever you decide to do, put a Jupiter spin on it: add something to make it even better for yourself! Maybe you want to really enjoy your days off instead of working all the time, and to make it even bigger, you use some of your vacation days to book a beach vacation. Maybe you just want some shut-eye -- amp it up Jupiter style and sleep in as late as you like! Stay in bed all day if you feel like it. Maybe you need more social time. So make it even better for yourself and throw a big party! The only rule is that your relaxation time can't secretly double as a self-improvement exercise. So if you truly love yoga, great, but if you're really just making yourself do yoga because everyone says it's good for you, no. Do what you actually want to do. For once, be a Lazy Libra. And enjoy!

Want to tell us how the New Moon relaxation exercise went? Feel free to comment below!

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