Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: High Maintenance


The full moon (lunar) eclipse happens today at 3:05 pm EST, at 24 degrees of Pisces.

This week, I had the pleasure of listening to an interview with Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfield, the husband-and-wife team who created High Maintenance. For those who aren't familiar, the show started as a web series on Vimeo, with very short episodes, each of which involves The Guy (played by Sinclair) dealing weed to a new character. The audience gets a glimpse into the life and neuroses of a different character in each episode. With its anthology style and quality filmmaking, High Maintenance developed a cult following, and eventually HBO bought the show. The creators made six longer episodes with the network. The first premiers tonight.

After listening to the interview, I thought it was appropriate that High Maintenance would premier on a Pisces eclipse. Yes, partly because the show revolves around weed. One stereotype of the Pisces vibe is the hippie stoner. Pisces is familiar with altered states, whether he/she chooses to reach them through spiritual meditation, channeling artwork, or partaking in some recreational drug use. Or maybe not so recreational -- Blichfield cites anxiety management as her reason for smoking. But the creators are right to insist that the show isn't really about weed at all; each short story is about the featured characters. 

What I found so interesting about the interview, and so Pisces, was the process of filmmaking. Blichfield and Sinclair pushed nothing when they made this show; they worked within their limitations and allowed things to happen. By this I don't mean that they didn't do the work. It's just that they could have done this the traditional way by pushing the idea to networks. Instead, they decided to make it themselves with what they had: friends' apartments, connections with actors in the city, one day to shoot each episode. The way they do everything is loose. The scripts are loose, which invites the actors to collaborate in creating the story. They like to call their aesthetic "shaggy." Like most artists, they say daydreaming, doing nothing, and taking walks are crucial parts of the process. And as they created something they loved, and people noticed it, networks kept approaching them with ideas for partnerships. Every time something fell through or ended, they said, another opportunity came up.

Holding on to a creative project loosely, allowing it to change. Enjoying the process itself instead of focusing on the end result. Turning obstacles into assets. Allowing the rest to take care of itself. These are common themes in the success stories of many artists. 

In the week leading up to this full moon, you may have run into some obstacles of your own. The moon is now conjunct Chiron. Chiron heals, but in order to heal a wound the wound must first be cleaned. This emotional full moon and Chiron conjunction in Pisces squares Mars in Sagittarius, which want us to be bold, run wild, and shout out whatever comes to mind first without thinking about it too hard. Meanwhile, unpredictable Uranus in Aries opposes Venus in Libra. This could be anything from a surprise turn in a relationship to a sudden challenge to your values. Those who have angles or planets near 22-24 degrees of mutable signs (especially Pisces or Sagittarius) will feel this eclipse most keenly.

And remember, what the eclipse brings could be wonderful! It could be the culmination of a big effort that began in March 2015 or 2016. Sometimes letting good things happen is the hard part. Whether you're facing obstacles or rewards right now, the trick is to allow the messy process. Pisces is really, really good at this: just sitting back, taking a deep breath, and  making peace with the mess. I would recommend that we all find some time to do this tonight - maybe while watching the premier of this show? ;)

I would have loved to know where this eclipse fell in Sinclair and Blichfield's charts, but I couldn't find information about their birth dates online, or an exact date for the beginning of the show. If you know, please email me or tell me in the comments section.