Virgo New Moon Eclipse: The Magic of Simplicity


The new moon today was at 5:03 AM EST, a solar eclipse at 9 degrees of Virgo.

Of all the signs in the zodiac, I think we understand Virgo the least. It's no wonder why. The symbol for Virgo is "The Maiden", which basically means that Virgo is the sign of women, and our society definitely doesn't understand or accurately represent women. Virgo is often misrepresented as "the virgin." As such, she becomes the librarian or the secretary, capable of filing, organizing, and managing the details. Then, because of the virgin/whore dichotomy, she is represented as the naughty librarian. Often we ascribe to Virgo the qualities of shrewishness, nagging, overanalyzing, and criticizing. So many of our cultural problems with women are heaped on this one sign. How can we ever feel good about the Virgo parts of ourselves?

Mercury-ruled Virgo is a sign that shows up in the charts of many writers. So let's re-write the story. Virgo - mutable earth - is a sign of healing. She can isolate a point of pain, diagnosing the illness, and prescribe the remedy that will once again make someone whole. This applies to all kinds of healing, and especially herbalism. Virgo is the original kitchen-witch, able to identify all kinds of herbs and use them as medicines. She possesses a practical sort of magic; a simple magic. This healing magic can apply to anything: technical issues with computers, interior design, you name it. Virgo is the editor who can remedy a writer's first draft by taking out all of the unnecessary words, simplifying the sentences. This sign is not about criticism for the sake of criticism; it's about improvement. It's about helping others to achieve wholeness. Virgo analyzes, separating the wheat from the chaff (the maiden is often depicted holding wheat). She simplifies things. Because ultimately wholeness is about simplicity. Nothing extraneous, nothing missing: just the thing. Just the wheat.

With this solar eclipse forming a T-square with Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, while Mercury is retrograde in Virgo at the same time, your life might feel anything but simple. The new moon is amplifying the signature astrology of the moment: the final Saturn-Neptune square. Anything false, no matter how beautiful it might seem (Neptune), melts under the glare of Saturn's realism and honesty. This is astrology that pushes us to be authentic. In doing so, we can put some hard work into our real dreams. But initially, the death of anything inauthentic can feel like loss.

Think of it this way: this new moon is separating the wheat from the chaff. Authenticity is just simplicity. Review the situation at hand: does it need to be this complicated? Or could you easily discard what no longer has worth to you? What is left will be the grain.