What's NOT happening in September 2016?

September 2016 is almost here, and I have to say, astrologically it's going to be quite a month. Hold on to your hats -- everything you've been working on since February or March is coming up for review, and some surprises may be in store. Whatever happens, it will be interesting. Here's a quick rundown of all the planetary fun from today through the end of September:

August 29 (today): Venus enters Libra

August 30: Mercury goes retrograde at 29 degrees Virgo

September - October: the last intense square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces

September 1: Solar (New Moon) Eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo

September 9: Jupiter enters Libra

September 16: Lunar (Full Moon) Eclipse at 24 degrees Pisces

September 22: Mercury stations direct at 14 degrees Virgo

September 26: Pluto moves direct at 14 degrees Capricorn

September 27: Mars finally leaves Sagittarius and goes into Capricorn

And some other things happen, like the sun moves into Libra on September 22nd and Venus moves into Scorpio on September 23rd, but all of that is pretty standard.

What's not standard? Two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde while Saturn is squaring Neptune and Jupiter floats into Libra, that's what! 

Back up your computers and double check your contracts, because Mercury retrograde in Virgo is attentive to detail. I'm usually of the philosophy that because Mercury retro happens all the time, we don't need to worry about it that much, but at the same time I always back up my files just in case. It doesn't hurt. And then think "re": re-do, re-vise, re-visit, re-turn, re-think.

There is an energetic emphasis on the Virgo-Pisces axis this month! The new moon eclipse in Virgo will heighten communication, writing, health, analysis, details, and discernment. Two weeks later, the full moon eclipse in Pisces is all about compassion, oneness, and spirituality. These signs complement each other with their polarity. Pisces' gift is universal love, and Virgo's gift is love carefully applied. Think of Mother Theresa, a Virgo with Jupiter (ruler of Pisces) conjunct her Midheaven. She founded Missionaries of Charity, a Pisces-esque spiritual organization. True to Virgo, the Missionaries provided practical, needed services for the poor, including hospice care and counseling. Pisces has the beautiful ideals; Virgo has the skills to put them into practice. What will you envision and put into practice this month?

Speaking of beautiful ideals, the Saturn-Neptune square is all about fantasy and big dreams (Neptune) coming up against reality and hard work (Saturn). For some people, a bubble might burst. A lie you've been telling yourself, or that someone else has been telling to you, might suddenly be revealed for what it is. Time for some brutal honesty. Endings are difficult, but this can be a positive transit in the end, if it helps you to become more authentic in your life. And there is another bright side to this transit too: the intensity of this square can force you to put your biggest dreams into action. You can imagine the career of your dreams or a healthy, fit future you. But in order to achieve that dream, you need to take small steps every day. Saturn square Neptune holds you accountable in September and October.

At the same time, Jupiter entering Libra is a big, lovely blessing! Jupiter in Virgo was nice, but the planet of expansion and luck is never quite at home in the sign of careful details. Jupiter likes to go BIG, sometimes overdoing it, but always having fun. Jupiter in Libra emphasizes harmony, balance, symmetry, and beauty. I think this year he'll be throwing us a beautiful, luxurious party, Libra-style! More on this in a post to come.

Whew! That's already a lot. Things might feel a little topsy-turvy around the eclipses, but after Mercury stations direct on September 22nd, and then Pluto moves direct, and Mars finally leaves that whole Scorpio-Sagittarius scene he was busy with all summer, we'll be getting somewhere. Ready for September?