Leo New Moon: From Offstage to Center Stage

The next moon cycle begins today, at 4:45 PM (EST), with the new moon at 10 degrees of Leo. Leo the Lion is the sign of creativity and performance. Even Leos who don’t consider themselves artistic perform their activities of choice with a certain flair. Boldness and the natural ability to inhabit the spotlight are Leo’s birthright. At her best, Leo is both the star of the show and the generous leader of the entire cast.

Leo is also known for its dark side: drama, egotism, self-centeredness, and hedonism. There are certainly people whose self-expression becomes unhealthy self-absorption. But all too often, people’s healthy creative expression is shamed out of them by others who fear and resent their creativity. Fear is what keeps many people from expressing themselves to their fullest potential. We think that the people in the spotlight are just gifted with a natural talent, but as the people in the spotlight will tell you, hard work is the key to a fantastic performance.


If you ask me, the reason so many famous actors and musicians are Leos is not because Leo is more talented than the rest. It’s because Leo knows she’s talented, she’s confident about it, and she won’t give in to the fear of not being enough. Talent is common; we all have natural abilities. What’s uncommon is the confidence and the discipline to polish talent until it shines.

One of my favorite actresses and comedians, Kristen Wiig, was born under the sign of Leo. In a 2008 interview with Women’s Health, Wiig told the story of how she became an actress. She was about to start a job at a plastic surgeon’s office in Tucson when she realized it wasn’t the life she wanted. If she could do anything, she thought, she would move to L.A. and try to act. So that’s exactly what she did. She had only ever taken one acting class.

Wiig is reportedly shy offstage. In any case, she is not without self-doubt. In her story about suddenly driving to Los Angeles, she says she was “freaking out the whole way.” When asked what she likes least about herself, she says she wishes she was less afraid of creating her own parts. But as we know, that fear hasn’t stopped her from creating memorable SNL characters and bringing her comedic personality to major film roles.

This new moon is in harmonic aspect to Saturn, the planet of hard work. It’s a new moon that invites us to showcase our talents…but also to practice first. The sector where Leo sits in your chart is where you are talented, generous, and fun. You just need to find the confidence to try. Use this cycle to face any fears you have and practice that talent, over and over again, until you’re ready to share it with others.