Sagittarius Full Moon: Steady Aim

Today we have the second full moon in Sagittarius this spring. The last one, on May 21st, was right on Mars retrograde. Since then, we’ve also been riding out this grand mutable cross. I’m more interested in astrology as a personal tool for growth than I am in predicting and interpreting world events, but between one rapist’s ridiculously light sentencing and the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, it seems like there’s more bad news every day. If you’re feeling emotional about current events or navigating your way through personal changes -- or, like many people, both -- this cycle has been intense. And the grand mutable cross is once again heightened with this full moon. So until Mars turns direct on June 30th , expect to navigate the choppy waters of change. 

The second Sagittarius full moon, like the first, is about truth. I've spent the Mars Retrograde period creating a strategy to follow more of my true desires regarding work, and as much as possible, waiting to implement big changes. But with the mutable astrology of this cycle, waiting has been difficult. I've felt the pressure of change pulling me in different directions at the same time. It feels stressful. And yet, I appreciate that pressure, because there is something positive about all of this change. During a stressful time, or at a moment of real crisis: this is often when we achieve the most clarity. 


Sagittarius is the sign of the wanderer and adventurer. With Saturn in Sagittarius squaring the sign's ruling planet Jupiter in detail-oriented Virgo, it can feel like those boundless adventures have been curtailed in favor of serious, careful planning. But most Sagittarius people have some higher aim, a purpose for their adventures, that they've set their sights on ahead of time. The symbol for Sagittarius is the archer, after all. In the midst of what might feel like chaos, this is a full moon for choosing one target, drawing your bow, and taking aim.

In what part of your life can you find your truest target or goal? The house of Sagittarius in your chart can show you where to aim. Achieve your clarity and draw the bow -- and when Mars moves direct on June 30th, let the arrow fly.