Sagittarius Full Moon: Tell it Slant

The full moon today (Saturday, May 21st) is at one degree of Sagittarius, right on top of Mars, which is still retrograde. Sagittarius is the sign of the knowledge seeker, the philosopher, the wanderer...and the truth-teller. If you have some Sagittarians in your life you know that they're great fun, and at the same time, they're famous for being brutally honest. With the full moon right on top of Mars retrograde in this sign, the truth you want to tell might have some extra blunt force behind it. But consider that this weekend, honesty may not be the very best of policies. It might be a good night to just hold your tongue.

Take Emily Dickinson's word for it: "The Truth must dazzle gradually." A poet who spent much of her life writing about her ideas on the Truth, Dickinson was born with the sun, Venus, and Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius. Poem 1263 reads:


Tell all the truth but tell it slant —

Success in Circuit lies

Too bright for our infirm Delight

The Truth's superb surprise

As Lightning to the Children eased

With explanation kind

The Truth must dazzle gradually

Or every man be blind —


At this full moon, the truth could be revealed to you like Lightning. Because Mars retrograde is involved, you should resist the temptation to blind the people you care about with a Truth Rant. Consider how you might tell your truth "slant" - or better yet, wait to tell it. Honesty may be right, but it can also be harsh. If someone else decides to give you a dose of Truth, try to take it in stride and respond carefully instead of reacting immediately. Truth, in this instance, is better manifested as a Higher Truth, an inner truth, that you seek or discover at the busy and emotional time of the full moon.

Some ideas for using the energy of this full moon: check in with your emotions and your personal desires, review the areas of life where Mars is retrograde, pursue knowledge and higher education, have an adventure, get out in nature, enjoy time with good friends (but avoid potentially hostile people), play sports, go to a comedy show.

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